Episode 227: Those Who Can't Read the Air
Episode 228: Those Who Look Up in the Sky

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Misa Ando died on Earth and was given the ability to turn her body into a gas when she was reincarnated as Origin by Rhodocorte, becoming Misa Anderson.

Rodcorte apparently recognized the ability as a "cheat ability," but in her perception it felt like a sort of psychic ability. It might be a sloppy enough ability because it was born with the power that other talented human beings can't afford no matter how hard they try.

And in Origin, one of the Eighth Guidance, the fire-fighter, Babajagar, was burned to death without leaving any corpses.

At that time, she was unable to become colorless and transparent even if she turned her body into a gas, and most of all, she was found dead in a closed space called an underground hideout.

It was obvious beforehand that Barba Jagger and her compatibility were fatally bad.

Once the body is completely gasified, Misa cannot be hurt by physical attacks. But the fire was a natural enemy. Misa loses its body if the gas changes by combustion.

There is also a way to fight without using the power of [Sylphide], but with the magic and combat skills learned in training, but it was difficult for her to prevent Barbayaga's instantaneous and intense explosion.

So the strategy was to avoid Barbayagar thoroughly. He was expected to bring back "Eighth Guidance", especially the corpse of Pluto, while keeping his place away from Barbayagar and working with Akira Hazada of [Odin], who could see the exact future a few seconds away.

However, because Barbayaga was at an unplanned spot, she and Akira Maeda were burned down after exploding a plastic bottle with oil, a portable organic material thrown by Barbayaga.

He was reincarnated in Lambda and became Mass Anderson.

(…… and that ’s the same thing I ’m doing with Onijima …… I wo n’t let you do it.)

Now, Mass is completely gasified by the power of Sylphid, looking down from the sky above the square in the town of Moxy.

On the ground, a lot of wild horses are making a noise, and the battle between Gordon of the Arm and Michael of the Hungry Wolf, and the battle between Simon and Natania have just begun.

Not only the men in the duel, but also the surrounding horses ... Vandaloo, looking at the end of the duel in the front row, did not notice the mass.

If you think about it, you will be less likely to do it.

(Even if you try, try it)

Origin didn't make it completely transparent, and I sometimes noticed trained police and military dogs. However, Mass succeeded in raising the power of Sylphide after being reincarnated as Lambda.

It has become completely colorless and transparent, and has a stealth that cannot be detected even by high-ranking monsters with a sharper sense of smell than dogs. You can now use magic in gaseous conditions, and you can move objects to some extent.

The influence of choosing a body of the race, which has a lot of elf-like characteristics, may be part of the efforts and efforts of the past two years.

And the magic that hides the magical powers and life reactions created by Akira Hazamada of [Odin] is applied. At this point, you won't even notice in Vandalu. I think so, but Mass was careful not to look into him.

(While looking away from the subject of the survey, it is a good place to contradict it, but it is not allowed to disappear like [Death size])

In the mind of Mass is a reincarnated person who tried to outsmart themselves and monopolize his credit, Konji Miyaji of [Death Size]. He managed to stop the heart and lungs of Vandaloo, but was attacked and destroyed by crushing his soul.

At that time, Vandalu was on the ground, and Konoe Miyashi was in a place where he could not normally interfere with the sanctuary of Rodcorte even with magic. In the case of Konoe Miyashi, there was a cheat ability [death size] through the line of sight, but there should have been no ability given to Vandaloo.

Rodcorte speculated that it was an effect of some skill, and the Masses interpreted it as such.

The effect of the skill should not be so powerful that it can damage the opponent's soul just by looking at it and cause fatal injury. Maybe you have to meet a number of conditions in order to be effective, and even if Mass now gazes with Vandaloo, the skill may not be effective.

However, Mass did not intend to explore it with his own life and soul.

And it's well worth exploring the surroundings of Vandaloo. It is worth it-.

(No, no ... that Gordon is a man, he won't be a partner)

Misa appreciates Gordon's ability to fight Goandaloud's friends.

Not bad for a C-class adventurer. As the two names suggest, power is an avant-garde that makes your strength speak.

Even if you guess from how you handle your body, you'll have a fair amount of Martial Arts skills ... probably three or four levels. The air snarls as he pulls out his fist.

“Yes, one-two, one-two!

But it is lightly decorated with Miles. On the contrary, it's a fool of being imitated as a trainer.

"Wow, jokes ...

Gordon's height was high and his fist was pushed out more and more violently.

"Tighten your armpits, did you say?"

A well-managed blow in Miles pierces Gordon's ribs without breaking. Gordon's face turns pale in the pain and shock she feels, and the power of Miles.

(It's late to notice .... No, it would be reasonable if you thought that it was just the role of coordinating the slums)

With Origin, even skilled mercenaries and members of the military's special forces will not be too alert to gangs and mafia. Even if it's a knife, it's a threat if you have a gun or a magical medium of military spills.

In addition, it's still the same person, so if you can make a blow to a crucial point, it doesn't change that anyone else ends.

However, in Lambda, the difference between gangsters and mafia from adventurers of class C or higher is staggering. Adventurers can hunt bears on a daily basis, even in the D class, and win with some safety margin. In the C class, a bear can kill a single blow.

If you look at the Origins, you're superhuman.

On the other hand, human beings in this world's criminal organizations are too large-scale organizations .... If that is not the organization behind the original vampires, direct armed forces should have a bouncer for D-class adventurer collapse. It is only.

Of course, if you look for them, there will be assassins and bouncers who are more powerful than B-class adventurers. Some former A-class adventurers may have had to guilty and have to hide in the underworld.

But if it's the role of a slum or red-light district, the difference in power with adventurers is overwhelming. Gordon would have thought so. It is said that this "Haruki" is a wooden figurine that can only be beaten by himself.

In fact, the opposite was true.

"What's wrong? Give it up? If it's okay to forgive me?"

"Shit ...!"

Gordon, moaning down, distorted her face with anger at Miles's cheap provocation, but couldn't move. I knew I couldn't win.

"What happened, Gordon's husband !?"

"Please do it quickly!"

"Hey, it's big! Is only the figure fine ?!"

Gordon's surroundings, which cannot be overlooked by Miles, and Onijima, who seems to bet on him, sing.

If he surrenders, Gordon would be considered a seemingly knockout man. It was the most inevitable thing for him.

You have to give up on Basdia and Zadiris, but at least you have to make some shows before you lose.

"That's Temee first!"

Gordon then struck at Simon and Natania, who had been waiting for their turn because of the three-to-one resistance.

He seems to have killed them and wanted to let Onujima know his cruelty.

But his fist is prevented by Simon's prosthesis.

"Gig !? Pug-oh !? Are the prosthetic hands of Piteme made of iron to the inside?"

Moreover, Gordon slammed his fist, believing that Simon's prosthetic arm was the only one outside.

"Yes, my teacher told me that I could be moved regardless of weight. Later, if the contents were empty, it would be quite easy to dent."

Gordon still had his armor on, so his fist wasn't broken, but the impact seemed to be considerable. I hold my fist and squeeze.

"By the way, my prostheses are as strong as Simon's prostheses. Be prepared, Ora!"

However, he was quickly shunted by one of the defenses, following Natana's angry turmoil, which had been accumulating anger.

(Well, it's just a good way to measure your ability to be a new friend or disciple, but iron prostheses ... Misril and Adamantite ... and if you make and hand over the Demon King's fragment prosthesis, it's also a threat There is a process.

(Well, not so much enemies for now.)

When Simon and Natania measured their abilities, Mass lost interest in the duel. I didn't think there was anything more to watch.

Mass is also an adventurer. I know the implicit rules of duel. According to it, there is basically no weapon, use of martial arts and use of some active skills such as [breakthrough] are prohibited.

Allowing the use of weapons and martial arts raises the possibility of death. …… Especially if there are strong adventurers performing duels, there is a possibility that a large number of people will die when spectators are involved. In the case of A-class adventurers, it is not surprising that the surrounding buildings as well as the onlookers collapse in the aftermath.

Once you do that, you're a criminal, not an adventurer, no matter what the duel is. Gordon would not have crossed that line either. Even if she is swayed by Natania, she doesn't show her way to pull out an ax or activate her skills or skills.

As a mass, I would like Gordon to go beyond that line and show me more of Miles's ability, or at least a part of the power of Vandaloo ...

(Is the Vandalu in question ... completely a spectator mode? The little girl holding ... is not an orphanage kid, right?)

Mass was searching around Vandalu and from her voice.

An alchemist named Jesse has been calmed down by the two ghouls and has finally calmed down. A girl who raised a cow's horn and tail is saying "It's a knee! I will attack my knees thoroughly!"

Vandalou, in contrast to the girl, seemed to quietly observe Natania and Simon's movements.


However, I started looking around to see if something was bothering me. Mass notices Vandalou, wondering if there's something, maybe Hajime ...?

And Vandaloo turned his face up. He is looking around the void while taking a deep breath.

(……? No way, you noticed by breathing !?)

Since she was one with the air, she could hear the sound of Vandalu's breath even when she was away.

And I was able to notice the possibility.

That [Maou's nose] was sealed by Heinz and others in "The Five Colored Blades", so it should not have been absorbed by Vandaloo. But they may have already absorbed other olfactory and respiratory fragments. It may have sensed his existence, which exerts some power and is odorless, and also hides the reaction of magic and vitality with magic.

(If you do not escape, it is dangerous!)

Mass fled in the wind above the city of Morxie.

"What's the matter, Mr. Vandaloo?"

"I just worried about the strange smell, Juliana"

With that said, Vandaloo turned her face up, facing up. Weird smell ... I realize that the sign is [Sylphid].

Vandaloo has heard about Sylphide's abilities from Kanako and Doug, who were the same reincarnates and were originally members of the Mass, and Barbayagar who killed her in Origin.

According to it, the only thing that [Silpheed] can make into a gas is your own body, not anything you wear. In addition, even if the body is completely gaseous, it cannot be completely transparent. It can be seen with the naked eye like a spirit of the wind, or worse, a ghost.

However, just like Kanako's [Venus], Doug's [Hecaton Kale], and Melissa's [Aigis], the same Rhodocorte-powered [Sylphide] should be able to grow with training.

Vandaloo, who was wary of the growth of [Sylphid], made a demon king or golem that can detect the reaction of life force and magic power even if the mass turns the body into a gas, and attaches it to the outer periphery of the town and the roof of some buildings I left it.

However, they did not respond. Perhaps it was because of what I felt earlier.

"... Gufadogan, did you know anything?"

"No, Vandaloo. I don't sense anything."

Since Gufadogan did not sense it, I couldn't imagine that it might be because of my mind.

I just heard of the suspicious movement of the Blade of Flame and the presence of a suspected Hajime Inui. It's difficult to assume that it's because of your timing.

Perhaps Sylphide has made things impossible with Origin. It's not clear if this is due to capacity growth or other factors.

And if it's transparent and free of magic, it's just like air. No matter how much Gufadogan, it is impossible to sense the entire flow of air.

(But how do you watch out for someone who is transparent, doesn't smell, and can hide both magic and vitality? No way to cover the whole town with barriers and block the flow to the outside world.)

If the town of Morksey is isolated from the outside air, even if Mass evolves the power of [Sylphide], it will prevent her invasion .... If it is bad, the townspeople may die due to lack of oxygen .

…… In the first place, if you shut off the air, that is, if you create a physical barrier, people in the town will immediately notice. It is not something that can be done very much.

There is a golem, a familiar king, and a watch net for spirits, but it's impossible to tell the air from the truth.

But is there any way to prevent Mass Anderson from invading it?

"Everyone will do what's important in the dungeon in the future."

The basics were that important stories and actions were done indoors, not outdoors.

[Sylpheed] has the ability to gasify the body, so if there is a slight gap, the mass may be a house or a fort, but it is possible to enter the inside. However, if she moves inside after entering, an unnatural air flow occurs indoors.

It may be able to move freely in a large building with ventilation ducts, etc., but it will be difficult in a standard detached house and in a house in Vandalu where the house itself is a golem.

And the dungeon in the basement of the house is even more perfect. After all, there is only one doorway in the basement unless Gufadogan creates it. No matter how many Masses you have, do not put them in places that are not spatially connected.

And if you only need to look at one doorway, you will be able to notice with air.

...... The easiest thing to do is to try to assassinate rather than gather information, while Mass is bragging or impatient. That way, you can notice with [Danger Detection: Death].

Well, I don't realize that I'm targeting anyone who has nothing to do with Vandaloo, so its development is not very desirable.

(I'm not going to bet on my life to help irrelevant people ... but I'm just a child of the Goddess of Life and Love, and I'm just getting social trust.)

"I understand"

"Yes, your Majesty"

Juliana and the ghost Princess Levia nodded at Vandalu, thinking so.

The duel, on the other hand, was somewhat unexpected from Vandaloo. …… Gordon is receiving less damage.

"This fucking kitten is ah ah!"

Gordon, angry red, rushes towards Natania and tries to slam her with her thick arms.

Although he doesn't use martial arts, his fist has enough power to defeat orcs.

"Let's go"

Natania gently turns around to avoid it, and at the same time, sets foot on her feet and rolls Gordon's giant on a cobblestone.

"Koo, shit!"

And Gordon falls and tries to stand up soon with more abrasions.

"Is he using the flow of that man's power to pay his feet, rather than smashing his legs with iron prostheses?"

"At first I thought I was just pounding, but it seems like I'm using my prosthesis completely as a part of myself. It would be wonderful to be able to use it in less than a month."

Natania was a man of prosthetic limbs, as Basdia and Zadiris argue so. There are some who seem to be impressed by the adventurers in the wild horse who understood it.

It is not just an inorganic substance, but a prosthetic limb that moves with a part of its own spiritual body, so it can be manipulated by conveying its own intention and sense as it is.

"Wow, that's awesome ... you can't make such an artificial limb, the alchemy dean of the magician guild in the city!"

Jessie, who considers the prosthesis a magic item, asserted while watching a duel with excitement. In fact, all that is needed to make the prosthesis is metalworking technology, so even alchemy deans would not.

"I'm glad that the disciple grew more than I thought ... Before it started, I thought I would end up hitting dozens of that man's bones with iron prostheses."

"... Boss, he's not abusive, he wasn't listening."

"That's of course. Not only did I call me a monster, but I screamed at my visible companions and disciples all over, he said.

Vandaloo doesn't care too much if others hate her words. But there is a limit to anything.

And Gordon is the kind of person who has gone through me by violence. Then it would be no problem to fight off by violence.

"I have become a good opponent of the apprentice, and I follow the rules of duel, so I will forget this time.

...... So there are no meat dumplings, fertilizers, or labyrinths. "

Quinn and Eisen, and Gufadogan, lurking in him, return a disappointing signal to Mumble in the latter half of Vandaloo.

"Natania, let's go soon"

And Vandalou calls out to keep Gordon laughing.

"Well, let me do it."

But instead of Natania Simon says so and comes out. Until then, Natania, who had been dealing with Gordon alone, gave the brothers and children a prey, saying, "I understand."

"Wow, playfully ...!"

Gordon is being treated like Natania and has no eyes to see her ability, and Gordon is saying "I'm just falling down!", "Is she drunk?"

Ghoul has given up because he can't beat Hungry, and his aim to defeat Natania and Simon to keep his face alone has broken down.

He was broken, but he wasn't as clean as he could give up.

"Temeye, you can easily beat it if you pay attention to its right arm!"

Gordon boiled her head in anger and grabs Simon. At first it seems to be a strategy of closing the movement by grasping the prosthetic hand.

"Okay, let's leave it."

However, when Gordon grabbed Simon's wrist's wrist, the prosthesis came off the elbow without any resistance. Gordon catches up with momentum and loses his position.

Then, in the jaw that has become empty, the upper left by Simon's left flanking by Simon enters. Gordon heard the screaming of her surroundings while watching the winter sky, and she fainted.

After that, Gordon, who was embarrassed in public, was not punished by the adventurer's guild, as none of the Bandarurus appealed for damage.

Normally, she tried to threaten others' followers and demanded a duel from the guildmaster's daughter who was not an adventurer. He and his surroundings would have been lucky.

Of course, it wasn't necessary to punish anymore, rather than because of passion.

The appearance of the duel in the Great Square of the trading city quickly became known to the town of Moxy and the surrounding towns and villages. He was "a C-class adventurer who lost to thugs," Gordon's son is on the ground, saying, "I was put on a D-class adventurer's beast woman," "I challenged the guildmaster's daughter and lost to a man with a single arm who fought on behalf of me." He fell.

A few days after the duel, Gordon's two names were released.

Following the flow of the wind, he returned to the hiding place where his friends were hiding while taking a detour. It is a cave built in a natural mountain, not a magical area, slightly away from the town of Moxy.

Since entering the Duke of Al Krems, he has never come to a village and has not hunted any beasts or monsters, so Vandaloo may not have noticed here yet. ...... If you notice, you should have been killed.

When Mass was relieved to have escaped safely, she released the power of Sylphide.

Then, an elven girl with a cane and leather armor appears.

When I was living at Origin, I couldn't gasify my clothes and things with them, but now it's possible to gasify with clothes, armor, and whatever I can hold in my hand.

You can't carry your luggage and you can't turn it into gas even if you wear heavy sheet metal armor.

"I'm back. It's almost the same as when I picked up the rumor about the town three days ago. I'll explain the details now."

"Oh, please."

Akira Hazamada of [Odin] and Junpei Murakami of [Kronos] take notes while listening to the report of Mass, write a sketch of the town of Moxy, and write something on a map-like thing around the town. I have.

"But what are you thinking of doing a skewered stall?-If you initially plan to annex the Duke of Al Krem to your own country, it looks like there is no such plot.

It's hard to understand what is trying to lure us out, but ... "

After listening to the report, Akira shook her head if she had no idea.

"I don't know when asked why, because I couldn't look into it. I'm able to pick up the voice of people walking outside at [Sylphide] and listen a bit, but ... indoors I don't want to, and I'm not approaching the adventurer's guild or Vandaloo as instructed. ''

The gathering of information on the mass was as simple as listening to what happened outdoors and what people were talking about, avoiding indoors as the Vandaloos thought.

And he was more vigilant than the Vandaloos thought.

"That's okay. On the contrary, if you get closer and notice it, you will be in trouble."

Murakami instructed Mass to stay away from the adventurer's guild and Vandaloo before going to the town of Moxy. At least, keep a distance away.

Some adventurers entering and exiting the Adventurer's Guild have an intuitive skill at a high level. They may notice intuitively the colorless and odorless mass.

Needless to say, near Vendaloo. And he can seal the mass at any time.

It is usually impossible to catch masses that have gasified their bodies. Even if you know about [Sylpheed] in advance, you can't immediately prepare a container that can hold the volume of gas for each person, and it's probably a bone to always carry.

However, in the case of Vandaloo, if you use [Golem Creation], you can create a sealed container with the same feeling as making clay work on the spot. Or just bleed.

He who manipulates the blood will not have difficulty trapping the captured mass in a foam made of blood. And his blood is Demon King's Blood. Once trapped, it's impossible to get out easily. On the contrary, they are killed as they are ... they are likely to be destroyed.

"But what do you do? There's obviously not enough information here."

"... No, enough information. Not enough, but I can't hope for more."

"What's the matter? It's hard to find out, but if you do the same thing a few more times, you'll get more information."

"I don't think it's possible. You've heard from Rodcorte that they defeated the" Evil God of Evil ", Hijryshkaka. No one was rumored, right?

In other words, while Vandalu is in the town of Moxy, it is possible to defeat the evil god without any damage to the town and no witnesses. Obviously he's making dungeons in the town of Moxie. ''

"Dungeons throughout the town! What are you going to do with that town, like him?"

Akira is surprised at her guess at Murakami's speculation, which deviates from the common sense of this world. The appearance of a dungeon in a town is no surprise if the town is destroyed.

There are also cities around the world that were built around the entrance to the dungeon, commonly called labyrinth cities. But that's because it was originally planned as a labyrinth city.

If a monster comes out of the dungeon, a castle wall and a watchtower will be built inside, soldiers will be placed inside, and residents' living quarters will be placed outside, so that they can cope with demons coming out of the dungeon.

Because of such ingenuity, the labyrinth city functions as a place for people to live and as a base for adventurers.

If a dungeon could be created on its own without such ingenuity, it would not be possible to maintain the town unless the dungeon was of a very low grade.

"I guess I'm going to protect the town."

Murakami replied to surprised Akira.

"They must have moved the battlefield into the dungeon and fought. I don't know what the situation was, but I guess they used the power of Gufadgan, the evil god of spatial attributes."

If you fought in a dungeon, you can also explain that there was no damage to the town and no witnesses. Rather, nothing else.

"Then we'll almost certainly use that dungeon with our opponents."

"That's awkward ... and if you consult about the future in the dungeon, my infiltration will be useless."

There is air in the dungeon ... but for the same reason Vandaloo thought, Mass thought it was better to avoid getting inside the dungeon.

"Oh, so the town is better. Hajime ... I'll focus on Fitun."

"That? That's more difficult ... but ..."

Misa was infiltrating not only Vandalou but also Hajime Inui of [Marionette] by [Sylphide].

They are now lurking around the town of Moxy, just like the Murakamis.

While forming a congregation, preparing the strength.

"That Fitun is a crazy god of wind? Isn't there a lot of minions who can't be careful ..."

"I know it's dangerous, but I have to ask, because we have to use them to kill Vandaloo because of their strength," he said.

Murakami's strategy was to use Hajime.

Of course, we are not going to fight for credit. Rodcorte has received an oracle saying, "Everyone kills Vandaloo, the reward is given to everyone."

He would have thought that it would be increasingly difficult to kill Vandaloo, which was difficult even if he was struggling.

"... I think recently, can you kill him? If so, isn't it just undead and starting the second round as in" Origin "?"

"Don't be weak, Akira. You can't get out of your way while you're alive, but when you die, Vandaloo falls into the power of Rodcorte. You're forced to seal it, and that's it.

If you get undead in time ... you have to escape right away. "


Name: Gordon

Race: Human

Age: 25

Two names: [Gou Arm] (Release!)

Job: Mad Axe

Level: 67

Job history: apprentice warrior, warrior, axe, martial arts, madman, demon axe

Passive skills

Strengthening: 7Lv

Strength enhancement: 3Lv

Poison resistance: 1 Lv

Strong energy: 3Lv

Attack boost when equipped with an ax: Large

Sign detection: 2Lv

Active skills

Ax technique: 6Lv

Throwing: 3Lv

Martial arts: 4Lv

Demolition: 2Lv

Armor: 2Lv

Breakthrough: 5Lv

Defeating the ax: 3Lv

Gordon of "Go Arms". He possesses excellent muscular strength, and has a fighting style of a Berserker who uses his arm to perform [axing] and activates [breaking limit] and [breaking magic ax] skills. Its attack power ranks higher among the C-class adventurers, but she lost herself without a showground because she applied for a duel, which is a rule, with her bare hands who can't use an ax or [Limit Break]. I have.

Don't be bragging and be good at your opponent.

○ Two names commentary: Go arm

Two names that mean possession of a strong arm. Power fighter adventurers, knights, etc. are often obtained, but rarely merchants, bureaucrats, and nobles.

It is not a special two rare names, and like the stall king, there is a case that there is another owner of the "go" in each area.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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