Act 110 - Return Home
Act 111 - The Light of Dawn

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─ ─ Gallia Fortress

Preparing for the battle to come, on the walls of the fortress of Gallia, which houses unprecedented soldiers, were two men who looked deeply emotionally at the light of dawn slipping from the Seratonis Mountains.

One was Paul von Barza, senior general who became Royal Army No. 2 for both his fame thanks to the Karnak match.

The other is Marshal Cornelius Wim Gruning, who heads the Royal Army.

"─ But Your Excellency the Marshal is also outspoken. I didn't expect to split the old and the young so brilliantly."

"Oh, I see."

Paul laughed unwittingly when he saw Cornelius break his mouth with pleasure.

Olivia and Brad invading toward the Imperial City of Olstead, even adding to their age, fifty there. By contrast, Paul and Cornelius, who invade the Keel fortress, are on average sixty five years old.

Paul, I think you're getting old again for being above the age of two people I added up by myself.

"But I was wondering if His Excellency the Marshal was really right in his judgment. You can't be spotted as faking this invasion of the Keel Fortress. Major General Olivia is still heavily entrusted to Lieutenant General Brad, who has a sweet filling."

"The only one who would judge Admiral Brad for his skill in power is Paul."

"Because it's true the stuffing is sweet"

"Pfft. Do you mean my ex is my godchild no matter how far I go...... Still, your lord seems to be buying Major General Olivia."

"That would be so. Anyway, there's never been anything that went against my expectations."

When Paul proudly stretches his chest, Cornelius nods yeah twice.

"If that girl was here, we might have been talking in the underworld, not here."

"Nothing's that far..."

Cornelius' gaze is directed toward the flag raised on the spire. Crimson flag embroidered with lion and cup. Paul also turned his face so that he could be followed.

"There's no one here but us. You don't have to decorate the words."


"God has not yet forsaken us - the kingdom of Farnest. He sent down a daughter who could be called a god of war before us."

"... Do you think the Marshal can win this war?

After I said it, Paul reflected that it was an unsound question. Still, I put it out in my mouth, probably because I have a lot of anxiety deep down in my heart. Though it sharpened its power considerably, both Red and Tianyang Knights are still alive and well. The Empire City of Orstead is left intact with the Ethereal Knights, regarded as the finest of the Empire.

Cornelius assured me as if to reassure me of Paul's anxiety like that.

"You win. This time the empire, Mekia, will join forces."

"How far does Her Majesty the Marshal believe her... in Sofitea Hell Mecchia? To be honest, I can't grasp her intentions..."

There are two things Sofitea Hell Mekia has asked for in return for cooperation this time.

Offered free of charge of 100,000 gold coins.

Assignment of part of Kingdom territory to the divine kingdom of Mekia.

They are all quite demanding, but not enough to be considered extrajudicial just because of the furnest kingdom's progression and retreat. Gold coins and the like are critical demands as if they have seen through this kitchen situation.

It's also obvious from Alphonse's eventual acceptance.

I don't believe in one thing.

Cornelius made it clear with his face.

"Not a thing, is it?

"Mm-hmm. It's just a blind eye to the provision of gold coins and the transfer of territory. That glittering light that seemed calm but hidden deep in my eyes. Sofitea Hell Mekia definitely plots something. It's the samurai themselves trying to make their hopes come true."

"Didn't you advise His Majesty while you knew that much?

"His Majesty is already captivated by that woman. I don't even have the ears to hear what I have just said."

To Cornelius, who says bitterly, Paul reminds me of Alphonse, who was happy to take care of Sofitea without anything.

A large majority of those gathered at the dinner party as well as Alphonse had a vision for Sofitea. In the milestones of the epoch, those that fascinate people by birth - that is, those with the qualities of kings - appear strange. Sofitea is probably the most typical example of this.

"Besides, this isn't like we can afford the force either. Not to mention the strength of the empire Mekia, who has left the Stonian army with half a dozen soldiers. Even if Sofitea Hell Mecchia is plotting something, it's hard to shake the strengthened hand that has been reached out from here."

The number of soldiers prepared by the Shinto Mekia is 20,000. It would definitely be quite a help if it were the strength as rumored.

"... that's a rare number of soldiers to shake off."

"Exactly. However, what is being interpreted is an alliance in which the interests of each other have only coincided. Losing interest easily collapses away. Be vigilant."

"Be very careful. That changes the story, but I heard Major General Olivia was officially invited to Mekia, the empire. I don't think so, but I'm not gonna let you go with this one, am I?

Cornelius rocked his dull blue eyes.

"... unfortunately, no way. Your Majesty agreed to this one shortly after we stopped. I'm sure he's planning to leave for Mekia, the empire, today."

Even though he knew it wasn't Cornelius' fall, Paul let down his obvious sigh. Cornelius frowns sorry.

"Sorry...... But I don't know what kind of change of heart happened in His Majesty, but this has gotten a lot better lately."

"Indeed, the transfer of command was a blue-hearted thunderbolt. If the First Army hadn't moved, I wouldn't know what would have happened to the central front."

When Paul said so, Cornelius coughed up one with a look that reminded him of something.

"His Majesty has publicly stated that this time he also received an invitation to make the alliance stronger. The idea itself is not wrong."

"We still need to encourage maximum vigilance. No one else. Sofitea Hell Mecchia invited Major General Olivia."

I hear that the priest Mekia is in a remote western part of the continent. I just don't think Olivia's martial arts are blowing, but it's not strange to hear one or two rumors within the kingdom.

It's not so surprising that Sofitea was interested in Olivia.

(Stinks so bad)

I don't think it would harm Olivia more than just making an alliance, but Paul's sense of smell, a warring samurai, still sniffs something.

"Already alert, no matter what. I don't care if you go on a paradise."

"Well... that's just great"

"I didn't have to encourage you to be precise."

"And, okay?

"Major General Olivia understands well enough without having to urge this one. That's what I should say. Lieutenant Colonel Claudia and Major General Olivia were breathing to protect whatever was going on. It may be a little too much shoulder power, but it will be a good restraint for the Shinto Mekia. Apparently, Major General Olivia is leaving."

When I saw it, Olivia on the black horse was waving her hand toward us, with the dazzling morning sunlight on her back.

"Pfft. How dare you notice at such a distance?"

Saying so, Paul responded with a grinning wave. Cornelius also smiles and waves with a rich beard. Olivia was responding by waving even louder.

"... you can't let that girl die"

"Yes, but no. And it's decided from the old."

"Pfft. Back in the day... Then I'm the first one to die."

"You are absolutely right if I say so without abomination.... and you haven't seen it in a long time. The Marshal's face like that."

The expression of Cornelius, with his quiet fighting spirit within him, reminded him of the days he ran on the battlefield with him when he was young.

"That's the same thing as Paul. This time it's a total force battle with no deception. I've been putting you to sleep for a long time." The power of ghosts, apparently, can be worshipped. "

Without responding to Cornelius' question, Paul laughed violently.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Act 112 - Departure