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After experiencing the historic events in Paris, France, Shinyoung's students were fortunate enough to be able to return safely to Korea without anyone dying or getting hurt.

Whether it was because of Jormongand's air raid or because he had stayed abroad for almost ten days, Kang Shin-hyuk went to school normally the next day, although everyone around him felt a little refreshed to speak Korean.

“Did you really fight an SS monster? Really?”

“Hey, Red Shoes, how about a real look? Are you prettier than watching on TV? ”

“Kang Shin-hyuk, are you good with Inaheee? I saw it on TV. ”

The same class of students who were supposed to be in the dormitory while their group roamed the spectacular streets of Paris at night or fought monsters who risked their lives attacking Paris, harassed them as soon as they saw that they were educated.

Especially Kang Shin-hyuk.

“I was photographed with Alzheimer's and Inahee's side arms. ”

“What? A sneak camera? Tell me it's a stealth camera, quick. I cry if I don't tell you. Cry now!”

“I also saw white people gather and fight in the city. ”

“What's the relationship between alchemy and love? ”

“With the exception of the white man……."

No, I don't think they care more about their relationship than about Jormongand's air raid in Paris!

Kang Shin-hyuk sighed and declared resolutely absurd.

“Don't spread false rumors because I'm a fan and it's not our school. ”

“Oh, I'm just saying cut. But what do you think? ”

“I just told you not to spread false rumors!? ”

No matter how extraordinary the events in Paris happened, the students' sense of reality is relatively pale.

Maybe because of the quadruplet that happened in Seoul, Korea just a while ago, the dizziness is no longer agitating.

“It's morning watch time. Everybody be quiet.”

At the right time, Shira Bertrand entered the classroom and knocked on the table.

An unusual echo of her manna spread and caused the students to stop there in unison.

However, she was looking at adolescent students who were starving for stimuli.

“Oh, Sam! Tell me about Paris! ”

“Are you sure you're dating Kang Sin-hyuk and Senior Inahee? ”

“You're ranked number one, Shin Eun. Did the SSS Gate really show up? ”

“Wow, is Shin Eun-ah number one in the world? ”

“You didn't even know that? Did you hear about Ozu-young's death? ”

Sierra Bertrand once again taps the table at the sight of the students running like a bee.

It was a little vibrating this time. As the students held their heads together, she sighed briefly.

“Everything that's been reported is true. Let the rest of you find out for yourself. Oh, and…… I don't know if Kang Shin-hyuk and Inahee were dating, but I found out that Inahee kissed Kang Shin-hyuk. ”


Very briefly, static flowed into the classroom.

Kang Shin-hyuk couldn't believe it.

I thought you were close, but you betrayed yourself!

No, thinking about it, she tried to attach Kang Shin-hyuk and Inaheee from the beginning..! But I can't believe you speak such childish language!

However, the students who saw him panicking, not denying, and grumbling, realized that Shira Bertrand's words were true within minutes, and immediately afterwards caused a massive explosion.

“It was my first love! ”

“Kill him first. ”

“Hey, kill that! ”

“Get it, get it! ”

Kang Shin-hyuk realized that Inahee's popularity was explosive for the first time that day.

..... That's why I was the first girl to vote in the popular vote last year, so it's natural to think honestly.

“Come on, practice. Practice. ”

“Okay, practice collective tactics today. ”

“Dacopper is legal? Khh, good. I searched. ”

“Copper won't be included in the tactics! ”

@ @ @

I used to feel like I was too busy following Shinyoung's class.

In reality, he was outraged by his trait of not being able to deal with Mana.

I was crazy about filling a hole in my handwriting class.

Now that you've done that, is there any way you can have fun in school?

It was just a foothold.

Using everything you can to get what you want…… Yes, a platform to get your superhuman credentials.

It looks like you're feeling a little better.

But now I was feeling a little different.

Perhaps by the end of the gym, Shinyoung had been a delightful place for himself.

The disappearance of Janus, the cross section of the truth of this world that I heard from Halo..... made my mind a little lighter as I struggled with half the same students.

Kang Shin-hyuk felt it and smiled softly at his mouth.

“Yes, I do. I thought I'd never be friends with them for the rest of my life, and I thought I was a little bit sick. ”

It's not necessarily about understanding and communicating with each other.

“You're right. Thank you, manager. ”

You understand the manager well. If you receive this thank you, your manager will be forced to give you a bonus. 30.000 HP bonus!

“The idea that the bonus seems too big these days doesn't go away. Especially since some point……."

40,000 HP Bonus!

“Don't give me bonuses for stupid purposes. ”

Kang Shin-hyuk opened his eyes. If the manager is a contact person, he or she would like to reach out even more spiritually.

But yes, the principle of great action can be seen.

Just as Shira Bertrand is trying to make sure that Kang Shin-hyuk and Inahee are well, the manager must.....

“Well, it's about time. ”

Time now is after school.

During the afternoon's collective tactics, his body opened without further ado, thanks to the beating of all the heavy rainbows that struck him in a position to kill him without any pieces of tactics.

There were so many rumors spreading within the school that no matter where he went, Kang Shin-hyuk walked straight without being aware of it.

Are you going to the club room?

“Yes, I heard that. ”

The conversation with Halo was profound and lengthy, but in summary, it was one conclusion.

To train the true power of Kang Sin-hyuk, you must knock on the iron.

Of course, I didn't want to say Kang Sin-hyuk.

Just as things got busy back here, I had a lot of weapons against Jormongand, so I had a chance to grow my combat abilities.

Anyway, it's time to clean up the mess, and Kang Shin-hyuk himself has also gained enough ‘minimal power’ to challenge various dimension quests.

Then there was no reason not to knock the anvil as Halo said.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: Anvil, are you ready for the next piece? Are you sick or something?

Yeah, well, Tsukuyo's urge started again a few days ago.

I'm going to make it from today.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: Oh my God, our hearts were working!

Again, Tsukuyo had been whispering to him once a day for several days.

So you can say, "I'm a heartless son of a bitch," but... Kang Shin-hyuk didn't do it.


Tsukuyo's whispering: If you call me that, I'm so heartbroken.... Anvil, why do you call me?

Kang Shin-hyuk couldn't talk for a while.

In fact, he was questioning Tsukuyo about seedlings.

She is clearly as powerful as the existing members of Hero Universe, such as Halo or Janus.

However, she conceals the ominous energy of the seedling.

She is captivating without the added advantage, but that is why she has something to be more vigilant about.

The anvil of his previous life thought Tsukuyo to be a strange brother-in-law, and he was vigilant with his own heart.

It's not all good to be a member of the Hero Universe, but it's a lot of insight from her.

‘But that would be a great excuse to think she might be involved with Jormongand. ’

She is simply a pervert who likes to use a weapon that gives her a sneaky feeling among the weapons made by Anvil.

.... This judgment may also be an exception, but it was true, so I had no choice.

Did you know that... Janus is missing?

Tsukuyo's Whisper: Phew, Anvil called my name first, but the topic that has been protruding is the story of the person who is not funny. I was very disappointed.

I'm sorry. But..... I wanted to ask you if you know anything about it.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: I can't help it. Anvil has cared a lot about Janus since ancient times. I also competed the most with me by placing things in Anvil.... Hot, which means that I can be exclusive now!

It can't be.

He knew very well that Shin Eun Hyuk was waiting for the moment that Kang Shin-hyuk made the item and put it on the Hero Universe trading board to collect the HP of monsters who had been harmed at the SSS-grade gate and ride in the atmosphere.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: I didn't really care. In the first place, he and I made a promise not to touch each other..... and he was always moving at his own pace.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: But Anvil's request is different. I will find Janus with my precious hair.

Uh... Really?

Kang Sin-hyuk was surprised in a double sense.

The first is that Tsukuyo really doesn't seem to know Janus' whereabouts.

It could be that she had no deep ties to Jormongand or that Janus' disappearance had nothing to do with Jormongand.

And secondly, I was surprised that Tsukuyo would cooperate in finding Janus for himself.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: So much for my love of Anvils, but you still don't know my sincerity.

Uh, no…… I know that, but I thought it was a separate problem.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: That can't be right? You're distressed, and I can't help it.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: I'm going to use all the numbers right now to find him, so please feel free to wait for Anvil. No wonder Janus is not going to die, and the power of the Hero Universe is not within reach.

Tsukuyo's Whisper:... Oh. Did you just get the message, Anvil?

Yes, sir.

After a short while, Tsukuyo sent a message with great joy.

Tsukuyo's Whisper: Your authority is being dissolved! If it had been before, I wouldn't have sent a message like this!

Tsukuyo's Whisper: Be glad, be really happy.... Huhu, now we can be together soon

The message was blocked in the middle because it was pouring almost in real time.

By this time, your case will have been delivered.


It's too bad for a fox. But if she's looking for a Janus member, she can rest assured. You don't have to worry about that anymore.

“Is that so…… to the extent that the powers of Hero Universe are not within reach, her abilities are diminished. ”

That means that Tsukuyo's abilities reach Jormongand's territory.

I still lack the ability of Kang Shin-hyuk to understand everything about Tsukuyo.

It's okay, you guys. Right now, Halo, you just need to focus on doing what you can.

Soon, you'll be able to work things out with your hands.

“I hope so. ”

Kang Shin-hyuk took a short sigh and headed to the club room.

Much has changed since the autumn, the coming October.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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