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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Ian used to be famous.

Especially in Korea, even people who don't play Kailan have heard the name Ian most of the time.

However, the name Ian abroad was the name "only those who know."

Since Kailan didn't have the content itself to connect with other servers until the midterm was opened, most light users had to be out of interest no matter how good rankers were on the other servers.

But it's different now.

Integrated server concept content was created that allowed global users to compete together, and it became a "fun" for global users like E Sports.

And in the battle of God's Horse Edition, this was the beginning, Ian literally gifted Superplay to users around the world.

I could only tell by the headlines spilled by the exodus.

- Lan, the ranker of the Korean server, is at peace on the world stage!

- God's words, it was practically Ian's.

- Nation rankers' pride contest. The first winner is Ian, the ranker of the Korean server!

- No one could stop a soldier from advancing.

American Air, America's largest airline.

A man reading an article on a tablet in a luxurious first class on board muttered with a brief admiration.

“Khh! What a headline. Well, since I started as a pawn and I cut the General's throat, it's even weirder that people don't go crazy. ”

Black hair, white skin.

An exotic, early-looking man puts his tablet on the table and presses the button next to the chair.

Then the chair, which was pushed down, became a bed and made the man comfortable.

“Ian... I can't wait to meet him. ”

Like a five-year-old boy opening a gift box from Santa Claus, the man glitters with bright eyes.

On a switched-off tablet, the word Oliver comes to mind clearly, which seems to be the name of a man.

* * *

The battlefield of the Word of God, the first content of a full-blown world ranker.

Ian emerged as a world-class star because of his role here, but I didn't seem to care.

It's been almost three days since the last battle of the battlefield, but Ian hasn't stepped outside the house.

Ian barely came out of the capsule, not outside the house.

Ian's only concern was to build up the warrior village's public values a little more.

“Ugh, it's time for a promotion. ”

Ian checks the public values in the information window, muttering with a fierce grip of two fists.

Carries the God's Word Battlefield and Ian receives a public value of close to 2,000.

You didn't get that many Public Values on the last day of the Battlefield, but you succeeded in earning over 3,000 experience points in total.

I had finally reached the rank of "Elite Soldier" beyond the fighter.

Now that I'm a Elite Soldier, I can join the main quest like other rankers.

- Tyring!

- You met the requirements.

- You've been promoted to the Elite Soldier rank.

-Now you can purchase "Elite Soldier" rank items from the Equipment Store.

- From now on, you will be able to participate in the 'Giant Raid of Dimension' led by the ‘Warlord’.

…… Snapshot……

Given that fewer than ten rankers have reached the Elite Soldier yet, Ian who failed to complete the main quest has already become an Elite Soldier at a tremendous rate.

But despite this tremendous achievement, Ian was not satisfied at all.

It was still far behind his public good.

The most public of all the middle-class human users!

‘I don't know about the other user, but I have to go ahead and face him...... ’

Ian began to be even more motivated, as it was an unacceptable act of pride that left the master behind.

In fact, it was Ian's fault that Hun was still able to lead the civil war.

Thanks to Ian's fusion class with Hun in the final battle, his combat contribution has been tremendously high.

Ian has earned an immense public value of 1,340.

With Ian earning a total of 1950 public values and continuing to complete the main quest, it was perhaps natural that Hun's public values were overwhelming.

“Now, shall I put my foot in the main quest? ”

Ian smiled happily and immediately walked to the warrior town square.

More precisely, Ian's destination was the Raid Portal.

The sixth main quest of the Warrior Village, the 'Giant Raid of Dimensions’ quest.

‘The other rankers must have gotten in about 20 minutes ago, so we need to move as fast as we can. ’

The Dimensional Giant Raid Portal opens at noon every day on the north side of the Warrior Town Square.

However, until yesterday, there was no one with the Elite Soldier rank, so the portal opened today at noon was the first one.

NPC 'Prime’, who was guarding the portal, recognizes Ian and welcomes him.

“Oh, Ian. You've finally been promoted to Elite Soldier. ”

“Yes, I just got promoted. ”

“Congratulations. You were supposed to be promoted, but I was wondering if you weren't." ”

Ian felt a slight tingling moment when he heard Prime's words.

If he had put Ian in the training camp, he would have been running ahead by now, not the Huns.

However, Ian's insipid Prime spoke in a favorable voice.

“You're here to join Raid, aren't you? ”

It is only the user who loses money when dealing with NPC.

Ian nods and replies, with a brief burst of fury.

“Yes. It's a little late, but I'd still like to join the expedition." ”

In Ian's words, Prime nodded and replied.

“Well, a Elite Soldier will take care of me... All right. Let's get the gate open. ”

After speaking, Prime slowly reaches out and extends his palm toward the portal.

As the blue energy begins to envelop the portal, the gate that was closed slurps open.

Approaching him, Ian gives his final greeting to Prime before taking a step.

“Thank you, Prime. I'll come back for the Giant of Dimension or something. ”

“Huhu, make sure you don't run off before then. You won't be able to meet Giant Shadow today anyway. ”

“ ……. ”

Ian hears Prime's heartfelt words, and the bear rolls his head.

"What does it mean to not be able to see the giant's shadow? ’

And while Ian was having second thoughts, his shadow was being sucked into the portal.

* * *

- Tyring!

- You have entered the 'Fortress of Dimensions’.

- You met the requirements.

- The 'Dimensional Giant Raid' quest will start automatically.

Along with the familiar sound of the machine, he blushes in front of Ian's eyes and comes up with system messages.

And after those messages, a new type of quest window appeared before Ian's eyes.

– (F) Dimensional Giant Raid-1

Quest Category: Main Quest.

Quest conditions: User of the 'Elite Soldier’ rank.

Available Public Values: 600 - 1,200

At the northern end of the warrior village, the fearless' Giant of Dimension ’sleeps.

The fortress on the north side of the village is meant to prevent this giant from falling apart.

But after a long time, the fortress was very old.

While the Giant was asleep, he neglected to take care of it, and the place was worn out and eroded.

But a few days ago, one or two monsters started appearing inside the dimensional forest.

This clearly means that the Giant is starting to wake up.

You must repair the fort before the Giant wakes up to protect the warrior village from Giant attacks.

And in order to repair the fortress, we need to mine ‘Dimensional Magic Stone’ from all over the dimensional forest.

Support the "Dispatch" dispatching from the Fortress toward the Forest to mine enough Magic Stone.

The more Magic Stones you mine, the stronger the Fortress will be.

Quest Success Condition: Survival, mining 6 or more Magic Stones.

Quest reward: 100 Public Points per Magic Stone.

* Acquisition Public Values are deducted by 100 percent when applied during the mission process.

* Quests will fail if you die while on a mission.

* If the quest fails, you can try again a week later.

Ian was able to read the quest in a heartbeat, and he had to look suspicious at the moment.

"Raid, why the sudden fortification quest? ’

It was because the content of the quest with the modifier 'Raid’ seemed far from the meaning of the word.

But taking a closer look at the quest window, I was able to guess a few facts.

‘Once I see that the quest name is followed by the phrase -1, it seems to be a quest that is linked for a few days... …. After a week of unsuccessful challenges, it looks like the Combo Quest reset cycle is a week away. ’

I didn't know if it would help right away, but it was Ian who kept all the meaningful information in his head.

Ian quickly makes his way to the barracks inside the fortress.

It was clear that the 'Dimensional Magic Stone’ was on the outside of the fortress, but it was the order in which the minimal amount of information was collected and left.

First, I wanted to get information from Hun during the quest, but unfortunately, personal messages seemed to be blocked during the quest.

‘You might have to get a Magic Stone or something or a pickaxe to mine. ’

Ian rolls around the fortress with a complex structure and comes downstairs to the barracks where the Commander's flag is placed.

But before Ian entered the barracks,

The guards guarding the barracks took Ian seriously.

“This is the Commander's barracks. This is no place for Elite Soldiers to come and go. ”

It was an unexpected situation, but Ian was not embarrassed at all.

What Ian needed was not a meeting with the commander, but a ‘way’ to mine the Magic Stone.

Ian closes his eyes and asks the guard what he wants to know.

“I'm a reinforcement from a warrior village. I want to mine a Dimensional Magic Stone, but can you get information about it? ”

And Ian asked a polite question, and the guard answered with a slouchy face.

“Aha, a friend of mine from the village. You've never done Magic Stone mining before, have you? ”

“That's right.”

“Then go to the barracks with the red flags on them, not here. ”

Ian's gaze automatically points to where the guard is pointing, and his words continue again.

“The blacksmith 'Tiver’ is here to assist, so ask him and he will kindly explain. ”

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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