20 Continuous/Pair Party
Dating in Japan

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"Wow, is this Hiroki's room? Lots of things I'm kind of unfamiliar with..."

Through the door, me and Rousha have just come to Japan. Time is just noon and fortunately no one is home.

"This world is moving with electricity, not magic. I teach it every time because it's used completely differently."


Lusha looks out the window and says, "What is this!?" to the view.

"The road is so beautiful... I mean, wait, there's a house everywhere you look? You don't have an outer wall or something? Not attacked?

"I won't be attacked. I mean, you can't protect it like a wall..."

"Yeah-!? What horrible enemy..."

Rusha is trembling at my words, but leaning her neck and saying it's peaceful... spilling words. I have wildlife, but I rarely get out of the city in the mountains or woods.

He strokes Rusha's head pounding and calls out, "We're going out".

"But I have to get dressed before then. Oh, like I taught you, we're safe here, so I'm gonna leave my weapon behind."

"Wow, okay! I'm a little restless, but I'm fine."

So I take out the pieces and hats I bought in the mail and give them to Rousha. The hat chooses a larger one so that he can hide the ears of the elf.

Have Rousha change in her room, and I'll go out in the hallway and get dressed.

... or a date, right? This.

I've been playing games all my life, so here's the thing... I get nervous about the feeling of dating again. It was always the two of us over there, but it's more of an adventure than a date. No, it's definitely an adventure.

After a while, Lucha opened the door and came out.

"Clothes, thank you.... so cute"

I laughed as I hung around and let him grab the hem of the piece.

The white long piece is fresh and I think it would be nice to dress like this once in a while. I prefer this one to the kind of dress worn by nobles from different worlds.

"All right, let's go out"


◆ ◆ ◆

So it was the hotel dessert buffet that came.

I'm just at the fair, and there's a fashionable dessert lined up. The guests are mostly women, desperately taking pictures on their smartphones.

By the way, until I got here, it was so much fun to be surprised at all the things Rousha did.

Look at the stairs down to the subway and say, "Dungeons...?" And when I got on the train, it seemed like I wasn't about to say anything anymore.

Keep going. "Wow." "What is that?" "Wow," he came to the Vikings with Lucha, who had lost her vocabulary.

"Hiroki, is that true that you can eat as much as you like?

"True. I'm free to drink tea, and I have a little snack."

"Wow, fun!

I just went to pick up the cake and a slightly bothered voice went into my ear.

I was wondering if something was going on, and apparently Rousha is getting noticed. He's a foreigner with honey-colored hair when he sees it from the Japanese, even though he's just cute enough to choose a cake with pleasure.

Even the man who seems to be coming with her, he's looking at Rousha chills.


"Hiroki, what's wrong?

When I was upset, Lucha, who cared nothing, offered me a plate. Quick, get the cake. Go back first, you want some.

"... right"

There's no reason at all to be jealous of the person you're gazing at, even though you think so - I held Lucha's shoulder to show off.

"Wow, Hiroki? I'm embarrassed if they stick around too much..."

When I see Rousha blushing, I laugh unexpectedly.

"Hey, what are you laughing at!

"No, she's cute. Look, let's have some cake!

"~ ~ ~ ~!"

Lucha still seemed to care about the cake as she got angry, swelling her cheeks but still going for the plate.

Speaking of me, a little superiority because the guys who were watching Rousha were about to regret it.... because I never thought I'd be able to date her like this.

Now let's go to the amusement park together.

I'm sure you'll be so surprised.

With that in mind, I chose cake with you.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

To be Continued...
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