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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"Come on!

"Whoa, shoot me, man."

When I give the OK signal, Rusha releases a massive arrow. That's the boss of the dungeon I'm holding - an arrow pouring down Curse Snake.

That number, roughly ten.

Only two of them hit and damage Curse Snake.


He groans like he's in pain, and his thick tail hits me.


But you can't even hit me with a healer like that. Though the boss of high difficulty, there's nothing we can do if that attack doesn't hit him.

The tail can swing up again, but...


"That doesn't work at all!

I look at Lucha with a bow in the back, avoiding it at my leisure. And take your hand away from the string you pulled all the way - shoot.

"[Lightning Rain]!!"

One arrow released glows in the air, splitting into twenty arrows and causing damage to Curse Snake as if it were a group of meteors.

Even Lucha, who has no hitting power, has a strong ability to deal considerable damage to his opponent.


Curse Snake is fatally wounded and shouts like an extinct demon. I can take him down a little later, where I thought so, one of Rusha's unleashed multiple arrows pierced that brain.

Curse Snake falls as-is and stares at me with a red eye close to black.

"Is this the curse?"


"It's okay!"

Something like a black mole is sticking around my body, trying to break into my body from my mouth.

But too bad.

"I'm gonna play you a curse! [Safety Circle]"

When I activated my skills, the curse scratched out in an instant. Keep Curse Snake breathless, and I'll send Rusha a buoy sign.


"Now the enemies of the lotus have fought!

Yes, this snake boss is - a curse snake who cursed the lotus before.

That said, it might be a weird story to say enemies because I also defeated Lotus and Ruru. This is my self-satisfaction.

"All you have to do is look at the chest."

"I hope you get a book on acquiring skills"

"It's a dungeon with a lot of difficulty, so I'm sure we'll get out!

Cars that are going to be material. Snake's scales are in his bag, and me and Lusha go to the next room in the boss's room.

There is a treasure chest placed in the centre and a transfer device in the back that allows you to return to the ground in an instant.

Me and Lusha put our hands on the chest together and open it with a hanging voice.

"" Ooh!

Out of the crate, a pretty good one came out.

Skill Acquisition Book (Blue) x 1

Demon Ore Shards

Cursed Dagger



"... that's kind of a mix of noisy stuff"

"Probably a bad one if I pull it out of my sheath"

"Would you like me to take this to the blacksmith's old man? We don't use daggers, maybe we can sell them."

In the meantime, I'll just leave a book on acquiring skills and put the rest in my bag.

"And the main item - Book of Skills Acquisition! And it's a bit of a rare blue cover!!"

"Wow, I'm looking forward to learning your skills."

The Book of Skill Acquisition has different rarities depending on its color. In order from the top, it is golden, red, blue, light green and light tea.

We were always just books on acquiring light tea skills, so I'm purely happy. The book of Rare Skill Acquisition says that you can acquire scarcer skills…

I can't be sure of that because unfortunately there aren't many books out there on acquiring highly rare skills. Not many adventurers can go to the more challenging dungeons.

"Well... there was only one book out there, but what do we do?

"Mm-hmm. I'm worried, but I think Heroki would be better off. It's not that I don't have enough firepower at the moment, so if I can remember Priest's top skills or anything like that, it might make fighting easier."

"That makes sense too."

As Lusha said, I'm not that much trouble with the current firepower. Then there will be an operation to improve my support skills.

Humans have little Priest and even lower ranking healers are rare. I know there's a lot there in the Demons, but skills don't have much information compared to combat positions.

"Well, don't make me use it as hard as I can."


I put my hand on the book of skills acquisition.

"Good auxiliary skills. Come on, [Heels]"

"Skill acquired [Glorious]"

Oh, that's the first skill I've ever heard.

Gloria, it means glory and glory.

As Rousha twitched, "How'd it go?" He asks.

"It sounds like a skill called Gloria."

"Mmm, you've never heard of it."

"Rousha too."

When I checked the skill details...

Glorious: Gives glorious light to the designated target audience and raises the status value for ten minutes.

A sentence that.

"I might have sucked my skills"

"Huh? What do you mean?

"I'll call you, check your status. [Glorious]"

"Huh? Yeah...... [STATUS OPEN] Ugh!!"

As soon as I look at the status, Rusha is surprised and compares my status to mine many times.

"Hiroki, this sucks..."

That's what Lucha tells me. She shows me her status. I put glorious on myself, so I let them see my status, too.

Lusha Plum

Level: 63

Occupation: Hunter

Attack: 235 + 10 (Glorious) + 17 (Equipment)

Defense: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Hit: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Magic: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Recovery: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Avoidance: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Skills: Lightning Rain Fire Rain Chase Arrow Creative Arrow Wind Arrow Water Arrow Fire Arrow Earth Arrow Light Arrow Enchanted Arrow

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 61

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Defense: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Hit: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Magic: 1 + 10 (Glorious)

Recovery: 100 + 10 (Glorious)

Avoidance: 275 + 10 (Glorious) + 8 (Equipment)

Skills: Glorious Language Acquisition (Passive) Heel Area Heel Regene Shield Skill Rest Safety Circle Magic Search Cure

"+10 is pretty hot for all status values......"

"Yeah. Even my hitting power goes up while my attacking power goes up! I don't know what to say anymore it's too awesome... Priest is amazing. I wonder what kind of skills Hiroki would be able to use if he used a rarer book on acquiring skills..."

To Lucha's words, indeed, there is still above in the book of Skill Acquisition. I don't know where Priest's limits are, but maybe you can remember what a lizalection can bring the dead back to life.

But the only way to do that is to go to a more difficult dungeon and open the crate. Though we've gotten considerably higher levels, it's still not enough.

Or it's pretty challenging here as well... if it's any more than that, it could be in a dangerous place, like I don't even know the Adventurer Guild.

I mean, there's only a daily level increase.

Let's go home, Lucha.


We left the dungeon on the transfer device.

◆ ◆ ◆

When I went back to the city to the Adventurer's Guild, there was just a lotus and rugged figure on the counter. I went back to Japan about a month ago and I think I just got back.

"Lotus, Ruri!

"" Hiroshi!

"I've been knocking down Curse Snake with Lucha."

"Eh, get that snake! Wow, I'm so happy. Was the curse okay?

"Oh, perfect."

It's not me who gets hit when I curse.

I'm a lot more used to this world now, and I've gained more knowledge. I'm in the process of dominating a dungeon on the Loquat continent now.

I'm in the capital of the Piznut kingdom right now, but I'm here for one reason. Because the punishment for the king who summoned us will be decided.

When I see that, I'm thinking of going to a dungeon around Apricot or Tangerine.

"Yes, I just met Master Ishmel. They haven't announced yet, but they've decided to punish former King Joseph."

"! What happened?

As I say lurking my voice, me and Rusha eat up. Honestly, I just want to hear the results and relax on a different continent.

Ruru gave me the results with a bitter smile.

"Let's strip the throne and shut it underground for the rest of our lives."


"Yeah. But... according to what I've heard, the environment doesn't seem very good. Because Ishmel said there was no one left to live long."

"Oh well..."

Even if I could know the results, I was glad I took it, or make it a heavier punishment, that kind of emotion didn't come to mind.

He began using magic formations and dispatching brave men to the Apricot continent, and when he looked it up, a lot of things came up.

The nobility of this country, of course, was not well thought out by the surrounding countries, and this seems fortunate enough to have been disputed.

- Well, if that's a legitimate punishment, okay? I don't want to waste my time thinking about the king.

"Is Lotus okay?


"'Cause you're getting the most irrational eye, right? You're not gonna get mad when you go hit him, are you?

"I won't do that!

Lotus laughed dry and said, "It's okay," he said.

"If you've been judged by the laws of this world, that's fine. A lot's happened, but you've been summoned - and you're thankful to know Ruruki Hiroshi, and Rusha and the people of this world. You say your world has spread all at once..."

That's it, Lotus takes a breath and looks at us.

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We're so strong."


I go back to Japan and live a life of going back and forth with this world... every time I hunt, I get levels, rare magic gear, etc.

"I thought if it was Japan, you'd have nothing to be afraid of. People in this world are so much worse off."

I don't care if you're Japanese, you can't win.

When me and Lotus are talking like that, I'm giggling at the rubbish.

"You're both reliable."

"" No, not so much ""

Oh, I hammered with Lotus.

I chuckled at the words I accidentally uttered. My mouth is arcing, but my eyes aren't laughing.

"No, it's a joke. Nah, lotus."

"That's right. I'll take care of it."

I don't think my race is the same as mine, because Sarasa and Lotus say good-looking things.

"Me and Ruru were talking about going to the Apricot continent, what were the Hiroshi guys planning on doing or something?

"Now it feels like you want to gather books on acquiring skills while you level up and dominate the dungeon."

"Pretty much everything."

Lotus laughs when she hears what I want to do.

"Personally, I haven't been to many dungeons of tangerine, so I thought you might like it."

"Ah, I agree with Tangerine! There's a lot of nature, so some dungeons haven't been discovered yet."

Oh, that's good.

Lightly, me and Rousha decided to travel the Tangerine continent.

No, I need to report it properly to the grill, too. After that, let's also go report to Tito the Demon King.

- Think about it like this, you're kind of busy.

"Mm-hmm. It's already past noon and I feel like staying the night, but I kind of want to leave this country now... can I leave? Lucha."


"Ah, sloppy. I don't want to stay in this country for long either."

"Right. When the king's punishment is announced, you'll hear the subject even though you don't like it... you might be right to leave now."

Unanimously, I'm leaving this city now. Yeah, I think momentum is very important.

"Dear Tito on the Apricot continent - if you're going to meet the Demon King, I think it's okay to say you're with me!

"Light!! Well, I told you before I might want you to sign... oh, at least write me a letter of introduction"

"Oh, me!?"

I've gotten myself a reference, but you never wrote it for anyone. But if it does, it could help Lotus and Ruru.

"Oh, then let's make it a letter set I bought in Japan"

Rent free space for your Adventurer Guild and start writing just now. By the way, I was buying the letterset because it's a beautiful piece of paper and I wondered if it would help or sell high.

"Dear Tito,

It's been a long time, Hiroki.

I'd like you to meet two of my hometown buddies. Len Watanabe and Luli Takanasi. I'm two strong and dependable people, but I'm glad you could help me do it if you need anything.

Me and Rousha are going around the dungeon of tangerine to see Lady Tito. Then we'll play games together again. '

Yeah, well, this would be the first reference I've ever written. Put the letter in an envelope, seal it with the included seal and give it to Lotus.

"Tell Master Tito I said hi when you see him"

"Okay. Thanks for the reference, too."


So me and Rousha are leaving for Tangerine, Lotus and Ruru for Apricot.

"Well, if you need anything, on the Guild message board! It's just that me and Rusha might not be able to get in touch if we were diving in the dungeon!

I'm going to attack as soon as I can, but there's nothing I can do without trying all this.

Ruru laughs when he says, "Sounds like Hiroshi."

"See you later!

"Luli, Ren, be careful!"

When me and Rusha waved, Lotus and Ruru also waved back loudly.

"If you need anything, you're going to the helper knife!

"Follow me!

While we turn around and walk until we can't see each other, me and Rousha head to the boarding station of the coach first.

I really wish I'd bought a horse, because I'm gonna leave it outside while I'm diving in the dungeon or something.

So our journey is still a passenger carriage.

Because the lotuses are out of sight, or Rousha's been turning her hand around my arm. It's great that you're grabbing me all the time.

"What's wrong? Hiroki."

"No, he was biting off his happiness"

…… It's a big deal! Look, let's go!

Rusha, who blushed her ears in my words, runs small. He's been clamping my hand for a long time, trying to delude me into embarrassment.

Is this the life she lives in...... Yikes.

I can't help but look forward to continuing my journey through this world.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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