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Good, I was able to get back properly to the other world where Lusha is. I'm relieved by that, and I can't help but think I'm about to lose my strength and crouch in.

"Hey Hiroki, hold on! No more."

Lucha takes my hand and pulls it all the way.

I can't show you just how badly dressed I am. Stand tight and watch Lusha.

"Sorry, it took me quite a while to come back... right?

"Uh... maybe five days?

"I'm sorry."

I bowed my head.

There's no way I'm keeping one girl waiting deep underground in a dungeon like this. No matter how much I apologize, I don't apologize.

And yet, Lucha laughs and forgives me.

"I was waiting here because I believed Hiroki would definitely come back"


"'Cause Heroki's not here right now. Right?"

So if you don't have to apologize for anything, Lusha before Han slaps himself in the chest more and more.

In anticipation of us settling down, Lotus and Ruru came over here in the closet.

"I'm glad you're okay, Rusha! Sorry I'm late."

"Ugh, I'm fine, Luli!

"I'm so sorry I kept you waiting......!

"So to speak, Len. Never mind everyone."

I apologize to Lucha for the momentum of being in the lotus. But it really doesn't look like Rousha cares at all.

You don't complain to us one thing, you rather say, "What about those clothes?" What a pleasure to hear.

"Yes, I did, you have to explain a lot. Just follow the order..."

"Okaerina saimase"


As soon as I thought I had to talk, a gatekeeper appeared in my sight. Besides, I spoke with one word.

"Huh? What do you mean?

Me, Lotus, Ruru, I don't know why, I see Lusha who would know the circumstances.

"Uh, the gatekeeper started talking after I attacked him with an arrow I made out of big tree leaves, right? Hiroki, who had the keys, is the" master, "and the others who are with him will be the" customers. "

"So why don't you come back to me?"

When I looked closely at the gatekeeper, I was lowering the key that disappeared from the closet from my neck. He was in a hurry to find out where he was, but he went under the gatekeeper.

"The gatekeeper, the key to it...... no, can I ask you to explain this door?

"Casico Marimasita"

The gatekeeper gave me an explanation for my words.

It seems that the doors at the bottom of the dungeon on the New Year's Eve fruit tree road here have been around for a long time. The gatekeepers were made together then, but they don't know how long ago that was.

When a magic formation is drawn on the door and magic is shed on it, it is said that it is possible to switch on and off the 'startup'. This means that you will need magic to turn the power button on and off.

When we first came to the door, the door didn't start, so we needed magic.

And when you go to the other world with two keys, the door connects only to that world until you turn it off.

With the key the gatekeeper is lowering from his neck, he can open the door to Japan from this other world.

The keys I keep are used to open doors when I come from Japan to another world.

Also, the key loses its magic once used. If we use the key again, it means we need to instill magic, just like we did in Japan.

Like for the record, the gatekeeper told me, but if I was forced to suck magic to use the door, the door would only open once with the connected location unknown.

Was the king trying to use it and bring the brave from somewhere?

"For now, okay. I mean, we're free to use our doors to get to and from the two worlds..."


This is amazing.

The fact that the entrance and exit are my room closets is somewhat inconvenient, but it may be a good idea to hide them from others.

"Athiranotovirano kagiha, sonoma omotikudasai. Cochirano Cagi Hadouna Cymaska? '

Apparently, the gatekeeper can keep the keys, but I can keep the keys myself.

This gatekeeper is strong, so there won't be anything so easy to do. There's also a reason... I have the keys and I want to prevent Lotus or Ruru from wanting to go home and not being able to.

"Can I have it?

"Kasikomarimashita. Monitouroxareteil, Len Watanabe, Luli Takanasi, Lusha Pramgaotzletasaimo, Tobila hirakimus. Yorosi Idesca? '

"Oh. That doesn't matter"

I was able to keep my keys at the gatekeeper, so now I feel safe.

"Well, let's just get back to town."

"" "Agreed!

◆ ◆ ◆

We came through the New Year's Eve Fruit Road Dungeon - the closest city on the Apricot continent.

I'm not even comfortable going back to that king's city.

I walked in the meadows for a few hours, breathing the air outside, but I even felt liberated because I had been in the dungeon the whole time.

The city we reached was no different than it used to be, and various types of lamps illuminated the city fantastically.

It's a nice, calming city, surrounded by warm brightness at night.

"Well, let's start with the inn and the... bath"


As soon as I told him that, Rusha agreed. That's right, Lusha's been in the dungeon longer than us, so you want in.

While I felt sorry for myself again, we came to the best inn in the city with money to spare.

Time to take a bath, share information, and often relieve the fatigue of your journey.

"Speaking of which, Rousha...... was the food okay? Most of my stuff was in my bag, wasn't it?


I asked you what you were doing while we were in Japan... kind of a bad tooth cut. Maybe he had little to eat.

But Lusha did, and she told me while it was hard to say.

"The demons you defeated on the lower floors became apples and minkans, didn't they? Well, I ran out of food... and it was delicious when I tried it out."

It looks like it was originally the fruit that fell from the great tree of the fruit tree, and I would argue that Rousha never ate anything suspicious.

No, yeah.

I'm so surprised, but I know very well that it's a means that I had no choice but to wait for us.

"Sorry, then thanks. Enjoy something delicious today!


Seeing Lucha happy, the dust yard soothes.

"Well, let's start with this."


Ruru took the paper bag he had received from Mr. Tsuki and placed it on his desk. What was inside was a box wrapped in pink and yellow striped wrapping paper and wrapped in a water-colored ribbon.

It's chocolate to make a souvenir for Lucia.

"It's a popular treat in our world. I hope Lusha likes it too..."

"Ah, the treats of the Ruru's world!? Wow, I'm happy, and cute......!

"Open it."


Unwinding the shrub ribbon, what came out of it was chocolate laid in a box like a jewelry box.

Available in red heart chocolate, raw chocolate with cocoa powder, and jewel-like shine on truffles.

... That's chocolate I don't know about.

"Eh, eh!? What is this! Oh, food... what is it?

He explains to Rousha that he can't believe it, or "It's chocolate". I can definitely eat them all, so don't worry.

"Can I eat this heart red, too?

"Of course. The sweetness and sourness of raspberries are delicious."

"I'll have..."

Rousha reached for the rough chocolate and threw it into her mouth after serious observation.

"Hmm... hey, this... Huh!

I closed my eyes all the time and Lucha shook her body at an encounter with an unknown flavor. Hard outside, but thick, thick raspberry chocolate melts out from inside when shattered. I'm sure you're savoring that delicious.

I would recommend more chocolate, looking happily at Rousha.

"Yes, I'll see if I can get room service in my room!

"Oh, like that. I'm coming with you."

I decided to relax in my room today, so there's no difference between me and Rousha.

Ruru and Lotus went to check, so it was just me and Lusha in the room.

Lusha eats another chocolate and stands still... looking up at me.

"... What will Hiroki do now?


"'Cause we're all free to go home now, right? As I've always wanted to see, I thought that going to the dungeon and traveling... would be gone."

I wonder if I'm going to be alone, maybe I'm thinking about that.

Speaking of which, I thought Rousha was a little surprised to see us dressed in Japanese clothes... he was thinking about that.

I'm sure you'll need me to be firm here.

It's a good part of what I've been up to. No, I'm not saying no, but I don't like it if you're just aware of me... I mean, I don't know.



I sit next to Rousha and look into those pearl pink eyes, even though they illuminate.

"I want to continue to travel this world with Lucha. There are places I haven't been yet, and there are dungeons I haven't dominated. Most importantly, I want to acquire more skills."

"That's... yeah. Me too, I want to travel everywhere with Hiroki!

Lucha smiles all the time and replies gladly to my story.

It's a very nice vibe for me, don't you think I could confess? And I think. But the other guy is Lusha in front of him, and if he fails, he won't be able to travel with him anymore.

I don't know.

"I like Rousha. So I want you to stay with me forever."

"Heh!? Huh... Huh!?"

In an instant, Rousha turned red to her ear.

Did you not expect me to say this at all, or simply because I got upset about something unexpected?

- But it's turning red.

Could I possibly count on your reply?

And I have little experience in love, so I think about it.


Lucha turns red, tries to open her mouth, but closes immediately and repeats... I think I'm worried about how to respond. I'm sure.

Oh, shit, Lusha's cute, but I honestly can't watch her face. I turn to the front and hold my fist firmly with my unconsciously placed hand on my lap.

Then Lucha's hand overlapped mine.

"-! Lusha,"

"Wow, me too! I like Hiroki..."


Red stained cheeks like apples, slightly moistened eyes. Lucha was looking straight at me, though she was just a little trembling with embarrassment.

"Lusha, that's..."

"Keep up the good work, the... Regards"

"Oh, yeah......"

I can't believe I got an OK reply, and I accidentally get a distracted reply. I think I'm not gonna say anything, but I'm full of it and nothing's floating around anymore.

So when I realized, my body was moving first.

He pulled Lucha's shoulder toward me for a long time, hugging her.

"Wow! Hiroki!!"

"Me... but I'm happy"

"~ ~ ~ ~!"

To give you an honest excuse, Rusha says nothing more. I was sweet about it and embraced Rousha as much as this was.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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