17 Return to Japan
18 Again, to another world.

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Even this with me, I accumulate magic by using my skills all over the keys of the magic formation. Speaking of luck, is there a lot of magic with me?

I think it was probably soon out of magic when it was Lotus or Rousha.

In time, would it have been about two hours?

"That's a lot of gemstone color coming back."

"Right. My guy's totally back."

Looking at the key that Ruri has, the gem is certainly back in its initial state. I knew it was just the wizard, and it's highly magical.

I'll try harder too. That's what I thought, and Ri's smartphone rang just one call.

"Oh, looks like you're here."

"Hmm? Could it be the chocolate just now?


Someone named Tachigi, who I was just asking for on the phone, must have come to deliver it. Ruri is peeking out the window.

Which... is a very black painted luxury car... no, I noticed it thinly. Yeah.

My house is a two-story house.

Location slightly away from the city centre but unobstructed for commuting and going to school. Well, how about a common residential neighborhood?

The punch perm man who came out of the black painted luxury car, possibly Mr. Kichigi, laughed as he found himself at the window and immediately lowered his head.

"Let's go pick up some chocolate"

"Oh, oh."

When the two of us opened the front door, there was Mr. Tsuki with his head bowed.

"You're safe and above all, my lady!

"There's nothing wrong with that. Chocolate, thanks. I was in a hurry."

"I can help you. Above all! - But who's that guy?

Giragi-san stared at me.

When you're about to take a breath, Ruru cautions Mr. Tsuki, "Stop."

"Hiroshi is my benefactor. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to live like this..."

"I didn't think you were the daughter's benefactor!! Let me thank you too! Thanks!!"

"Yes, no..."

I can't help but accidentally get my face stuck. Next to Mr. Tochigi, who bows his head, Ruru has joined hands to convey his will to 'I'm sorry'.

Okay, okay, I'm not messing around with Dada in another world. "It's okay," I made him laugh.

"I still have things to do, so it's okay now"

"Okay! Call me when you need me again!


Ruri received a small bag and a paper handbag and dropped off Mr. Kugi in a black painted luxury car.

"... is something so light, or is it okay?

"My grandfather is so adorable to me, but basically my parents have some relentless things to do... no problem"

"I hope so... okay?

'Cause it's not a normal family, okay? When I think like roaring Uh-huh, I laugh at the rubbish.

"Thank you for your concern, Hiroshi. But we're fine, so don't worry about it?

"... ok. Fine if you like. But if you need anything, I can always talk to you, okay?

"Yeah, thanks"

Do you want to go back inside? At that point, I heard a distracted voice saying, "Ooh."

"Hiroshi, Ruru! I'm home!"

"" Lian!

I'm surprised you and I can make it back to Lotus sooner than expected. Besides, I didn't even hear from him.

"I really wanted to contact you, but I was wondering if I should hurry back rather than look for a pay phone!

"Uh, certainly not much these days. Go back to my room for a second."

Have Lotus and Ruru go to the room first, and I'll bring back the tea that was in the fridge. I was just lucky to have a pet bottle thing.

"Thank you, Hiroshi"

"I heard you're using your skills on keys to build up your magic. Sorry, I'm the only one home..."

When I entered the room, I was thanked and apologized for by the two people who opened the door the most.

"No, I take it for granted that you want to go home, okay?

"I'll be so brief again..."

"Did you see your parents? Were you worried?

Or I think it's something I used to come home so early.

"Yeah...... Well, you're glad I'm back. I knew I didn't get much of a job."

"I guess."

Besides, I'm a single mother, so I'll be alone when Lotus is gone. How hard could that have been?

"Well, I've barely been able to tell you the circumstances, but if you say you've left your dear friend... go now! He pushed me on the back."

That's why you were able to get back early, Lotus explained.

The mother said she was on her way to work, saying that she was okay now because she reassured me once. It's annoying.

"You're a good mother. Good for you. - Hey, [Heels]"

"Yeah. How's the key?

"Probably on the heel now, I think the gem is back to normal"

The key that Ruru just built up his magic for me and this one. The gems that were on both of them have regained their sparkle and it doesn't seem like there's a problem.

And then - can we go back to the other world where Lusha is?

Thinking about it makes me very nervous. The hands with the keys tremble, and if you can't go back...

Standing in front of the closet with the keys, maybe a few minutes have passed. Lotus and Ruru are watching me from behind without saying anything.

- It's okay, it's okay. That's what I tell myself.

"I'll give you the keys."



I swallowed the sawdust and heard Lotus and Ruru's reply, and I plugged the key into the keyhole. Until now, I'm with you.

The rest depends on whether or not the key turns.

Of the two keyholes up and down, try turning the top key. Then he made a noise with Kachan.


And when I tried to reach for the key below, thinking of the other, I disappeared into the gap for a moment when I was blinking.


"Oh, the keys have disappeared!? I should have been watching you properly, when the hell..."

When I was surprised and accidentally stepped back, Lotus also gave a surprise voice. Ruru holds his mouth and strives to be calm.

"In the meantime, let's open the closet. There's nothing you can do about the missing key."

"Right...... All right, I'll open it."

The three of us nod, and I open the closet slowly and carefully.

Maybe it's connected to an unknown world you have no idea about. Or they could be trapped in places like space-time narrows, as is often the case with games and comics.

I thought about that and opened the closet by trying to peek into the other side from the gap.

"- Hiroki!!"

In a moment, my favorite voice reached my ear.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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