16 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees
17 Return to Japan

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Sudden expansion, panic itself in my head.

How the hell did you get through to my room? But more than that, what happened to Lusha and the others!? It's more important that way now.

"Tsk, I'm surprised..."

"... Could this be Japan?

"Lotus, Ruri!

When I saw the one with the voice, there was a lotus and a rubbish that looked just as disgusting as I did. As he crawled to the floor, he breathed to calm his breath.

- We knocked at the door together, so you went out to the same place?

I'm relieved that I didn't get separated for one second, but I don't have Rousha.

"Lusha didn't touch the door, so she didn't come this way... you mean"

"- Speaking of which, Lucha's not here."

"Sorry, I was standing there leaning against the door..."

"No, I'm fine. Never mind, Lotus."

In addition to being near the door, there was also the wind pressure of the arrows unleashed by Rousha. That made my body almost fall behind me, so I can't help it.

"Before we sort out the situation, let's settle down first. I may be rested, [Heels] [Regene]"

I'm not honest about how sick I feel about recovering, but it's better than not.

"Then yes, water. I think it'll calm down a bit."

"" Thank you ""

Take the water out of the magic bag and drink, take a breath. I feel somewhat calm about the disgust. Take a little deep breath and connect the dead battery phone to the charger that I've been holding.

This will confirm that today's date is Japan, of course, if the radio waves are put in properly.

The charge was just sober, so it's going to take a while before it starts.

All I can do in the meantime...



When I speak up, what happened to Lotus? and tilt his neck.

"There, the key to the magic formation is falling... and I thought"

"Huh? Oh, it's true!

"I was at the door from the other side, and I was surprised it was falling on this side. Maybe he flew in with the wind pressure when Rousha attacked."

Pick up the two keys and reply, "Maybe so".

"But where the hell have we come from? I'm leaving Lucha behind, and I want to go back again."

"Right. If you don't at least tell him you're safe, Rousha will be worried all the time."

Ruri immediately agreed and looked around at my room as it was.

And stop that gaze in one respect. Me and Lotus learned a lot and saw the same place, and there were two key holes in the closet provided in the room.

"Hey Hiroshi... is this key hole what it was originally?

- No way.

"I've never seen a keyhole like that since I was ten years old and this was my room"


Hearing my reply, I found Lotus and Ruru breathtaking.

"Do you mean 'doors' on the Japanese side for this place to connect to other worlds..."

"Probably, you know what?"


- Pippi!

The moment I tried to put my hand in the closet with the key in my hand, the boot sounded from the smartphone I put on the charger.

Yeah, I was totally conscious of the keys and the closet. He said he was going to check the status quo first.

Ruru grabbed the smartphone and opened his eyes gently.

"... Hey, both of you. I've never talked about this before, and I didn't feel the need to..."

"" Ri?

"You two... remember how many years, what month and what day they summoned you?

"" - Become! "

In an instant, unpleasant sweat erupts from all over your body into the content of the question.

The smartphone has a password lock, but you don't have to unlock it to confirm the date and time. So I guess I figured out the date and time now.

- What year, what month, what day is it?

While upset, the first person to open his mouth was the lotus.

"... I was summoned on May 8, 2018. Golden Week, 'cause it was just dawn."

"I'm with Lotus, too. I don't remember exactly until the exact time, but I remember I was on a full train in the morning. What about Ri?"

"Same goes for me. It was the morning of May 8th."

relieve ourselves that our summoned days were together. Now if one says 2000, seriously, it's not funny.

Okay, here's the real deal.

"So, what year, what month, what day is it today?


When I open my mouth gently, the rubber frowns, distorting my face and making me smile. You must have smiled at us to reassure us, but unfortunately you're failing.

I was summoned to another world, and the time I spent over there...

"About a year and a half?

"562 days"


As soon as I said it, Lotus said the exact number of days. Unlike me, one day at a time, it looks like I've been counting the dates.

- The last thing I wanted to go back to Japan was Lotus.

"The king who summoned us said that if we defeated the Demon King, we could go home to the same place at the same time... well, sometimes the conditions are different, but we decided we couldn't do that in the first place"


"If time lapses between different worlds and Japan were together, it should be November 21, 2019"

Lotus gives a clear date and sees the rounds. I look around just like Lotus, and I pay attention to the answers that will be spinning.

Ruru slowly moved his arm and showed us the screen of his smartphone.

- May 31, 2018 at 15: 35.


"It hasn't been a month since we were summoned."

"Does that mean... an hour over here is a day over there?

Lotus calculates and confirms the progression of time over here and in different worlds.

Thinking about ourselves, who would be summoned to another world and missing, it's more helpful than the same flow of time... but the fact that we've been missing for less than a month won't go away.

"Sorry, I... I want to go home right away!


From what I've heard before, Lotus said she lives with her game-loving mother. I'm so worried, he wants to go back to Japan soon - the strongest of the three of us wanted to return.

I really want to find out about the closet and the keys, but there's no way I can say that to Lotus, who's worried about her mother.

I looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

"Thank you, Hiroshi, Ruru. I'll be right back when I make sure!

"Wait a minute, Lotus"

I quickly pull out the lotus that's going to pop out and pull it off, and I open the closet.

"Oh, shit, I opened it up - it's the closet I usually use"

There is a key hole in the magic formation, so I thought maybe if I opened it, the contents of the closet would disappear and the road leading up to the other world would be ready.

"Maybe you can use it as a closet unless you use a key"

That would be convenient, and I wouldn't have to worry about a third party accidentally opening it.

I'll take care of the proper clothes from the closet and give them to Lotus.

"It may not be a hobby, but you can't go home dressed like that, can you? And I'll give you the transportation money, so use it."

Lotus is wearing red knight clothes, so if she leaves like this, she's definitely the target of attention. The gear is real in different worlds, so swords in particular would be caught in violation of the Gun Knife Act.

"I think it's dangerous to keep the equipment in my room, so I'll put it in my bag. Is that all right?

"Ah......! Sorry, thanks. Surely you can't go home in this outfit..."

Lotus laughs bitterly when she needs to be a little more calm.

"I just don't have any women... I don't know what to do with them."

I don't have that much clothes either, so I worry.

Then Ruru said, "Can I borrow this?," he took his jersey from high school. I wasn't working so hard on physical education, so it's still beautiful.

"Of course. I'm so sorry."

"That's not true."

Somehow, you can get out of the room right away, and me, Lotus, or Ri can get dressed back to back.

I haven't taken my gear off in a long time, so my body is kind of light.

"Then I'll go back home......! Contact me if you can confirm - my smartphone stayed in the other world..."

"Then I'll give you my number, so you can look for a pay phone or something."

"I'll give you my number too."

Write me and Ruru's number in your notebook and give it to Lotus.

Ruru had her own smartphone, so she put it on the charger. You'll want to contact your family, and you should have a charge.

When I opened the door of the room to get to the front door, the hallway was dull. My family is out and nobody seems to be home.

I just want room to explain a lot, so I appreciate it. I don't even know how to explain Lotus and Ruru.

I lent my crocks to Lotus and showed them the way to the station and dropped them off.

"Let's find out a little more about the magic team keys and the closet."



"No... shouldn't we go back home once?

And as far as looking into it as it should be, on the contrary, I thought, is that okay?!?

"But Hiroshi's going to look into it, isn't he?

"Well, because Rousha's been left alone over there"

The lowest level has no demons thanks to the magic formation, but that's why we don't know if there's any danger.

I want to go over there again as soon as possible.

I smiled gladly because I felt the same way as I did.

"Lusha is a friend. I'm worried about you. Send one of my emails to my family and they'll be fine."

"Email me..."

I decided not to pursue it any further, wondering if it was really okay to go too far and ask.

When I went back to my room, Ruru opened his mouth first.

"I was wondering..."


"Hiroshi, you normally used your skills."

"Huh? Oh, speaking of which, yes..."

Probably almost unconscious, or using my skills has stained my body.

"Does that mean you can also use the lotus... haha, you're invincible"

"I don't remember all that powerful magic skills... but Lotus, unlike me, is avant-garde, and even if you get tangled up, you'll be dealing with him in no time."

"You look so sweet and so strong rear charging, you're halfway there..."

Plus, I realize the magic bag works fine.

Materials, food, daily necessities, etc. I can take it out properly, so it looks like I can use it normally even if I bring the other one back here.

"... Hey, Hiroshi"


"Why don't you bring some extraordinarily delicious treats back to Rousha anyway? Lucha loves sweets, doesn't she?

"That's good!

Rousha liked the doughnuts and ate a lot, so it might be a good idea to souvenir Japanese doughnuts.

Unlike the other side, there are many flavors and varieties.

Speaking of which, I didn't see any chocolate, so maybe some chocolate doughnuts.

I just grabbed my purse to go buy it, and I said to myself, "Calm down!" and be stopped.

"I know you want to please Lucha, but time passes differently! Let's check the keys and closet first."

"Oh, so is that"

"In the meantime, now I'll prepare chocolate. Hiroshi can buy you some doughnuts again after you've settled down."

To your best opinion, I can only snort heavily.

So is that. Now it's more important to reunite with Lucha herself than with Lucha's snacks. It's been about an hour since I've already been back in Japan.

Ruri grabbed her own smartphone and called somewhere. Then, the other person answered the phone faster than the call sounded.

Oh, no...

"Oh, Kiki? I want you to buy chocolate in Aoyama.... Yeah, nice to meet you."

That's all we had a conversation about, or we hung up.

Oh, no...

"Chocolate's fine now, so let's check the keys and closet"

"Ah, yes..."

It was falling into my room, two keys.

When I saw if there would be any change, the gems on the keys were missing color. It's like a fluorescent lamp with a dead light.

- This isn't good, is it?

He seems to have noticed, and he looks difficult.

"In the meantime, let's see if we can use the key"


Try plugging it into a keyhole that was made into a closet. … but I can't do the act of plugging it in but turning the key to the heart.

"I don't think so."

"Sounds like it... What am I supposed to do?

"Hmmm...... plainly put, power...... I guess it's close to being out of battery. Look, you needed a ton of magic when you came this way, too, right?

When I went back to Japan from the other side, it was my idea that I had run out of magic. Even in games, the development of doing something to build strength is common.

How about using magic skills for keys, like when you use a skill acquisition form?

Let's just give it a try.


"Hiroshi? Oh, the key gem's glowing a little."

Ruru should do it himself, I took the other key.


Then the same jewels on the key glowed. The light was stronger than mine, but I'm sure that would be a difference in status values.

"Good luck, then, pouring magic into the keys!


We got heartless and used our skills all over the keys.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

18 Again, to another world.