15 Door Magic Formation
16 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees

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"Why didn't you find the key... no matter how much you looked for it?"

Ignore the trembling king if it's impossible, and I'll head under the door. We are slowly approaching one step at a time because we are also in danger of being attacked.

Then glowed as the magic formation and keys of the door echoed.

"If you have the keys, the chains won't attack you if you approach them."

I'll be right in front of the door.


"Hiro, Ki...... Huh!

Wanting to free the painful Lushas quickly, I put the two keys in the door keyhole. When the cachary and the key remain open, the door opens easily.

"... ha"

Look at the end of the door and breathe unexpectedly.

As if it were a water mirror, the open door was quietly rippled. I have no idea where the door is connected.

You don't have enough magic to use it and you don't see ahead?

Thinking about it, I can hear the unwinding noise of the chain... not from behind. Looking back, the chains that captured Lusha and the others were gone.

- Because I used the key to open the door in a regular way?

I guess it's no longer the kind of force the king used. I honestly relieved myself from the bottom of my heart because it seemed tough to do something about that chain.


"Lying... I can't believe this is happening"

Seeing the loose Rousha of chains, Clara gives a shout of surprise, making the king look like he chewed up a bitter bug.

"You should drink this."


I go under Rusha, who is most flustered, and I give him the magic potion.

The least amount of magic in this, so I guess the damage absorbed by the magic is also huge. Wake him up with Lucha's shoulder and support him so he can drink the magic potion.

"Mm-hmm... ha... feels alive"

"Good...... maybe rest, but this one too. [Heel]

"Thank you, Hiroki. I'm fine now."

When Lusha stood up, she saw Lotus and Ruru. Lotus is drinking the magic potion she had herself, but she is bare.

... That's a magical wizard, horrible.

They're both here, so I'll keep my heels on just in case.

"I was just in a hurry to see if I could do it anymore. Good, Hiroshi's safe."

"Thanks to the keys."

And everyone's gaze pours into the door.

"... I'm kind of scared because I don't know where it leads."

"Right. In the first place, there's a chance the magic team won't be able to use it because it hasn't glowed."

While I say I'm scared of lotuses, I'm so close to my eyes, I'm observing them still.

"If it's a door that can summon a brave man, it could be connected to something other than this world."

... Why don't you just put a few hands in it?

If anything happens, you can heal and I can avoid being attacked in the first place. Then I'll be the confirmation officer.

All right.

It's more of a spirit to try than to worry here. When I touched the water trying to just get it, the bee bounced off.

"Hey, what are you doing all of a sudden!!"


"You're making it impossible to get through..."

Lusha, Lotus, and Ruri each react, and Lotus tells me to stop acting all of a sudden with a serious face.

Looks like he surprised me with a bee.

"In the meantime, we need to make sure the magic team starts first."

"You need magic, don't you? I think it was pretty sucked... but how much more do we need?"

Next to my troubled side, Ruru touches the door. Then, the lightly magical formation glowed out.

"... apparently, you're sucking on my magic"

"Oh, are you okay? Ruri."

"There's a lot of magic, so there's no problem, but no matter how much it sucks, the magic team's not going to fill up."

The magic formations painted on the doors have yet to glow in half.

If it's all going to glow and be able to use the door for the first time, it's going to take a lot of magic and time to supply it.

Do you want me to keep you supplied with magic? If I supply it with you, it'll be over soon? With that in mind, Ruru let go of her hand all the way through the door.

Seeing it, the magic formation was about half glowing.

"Not even a little more... but half of it"

"Hiroshi, things are kind of stranger than that."


"The amount of magic sucked up, all at once. Something... ah!

When Ruri cried out, a knight wrapped around his armor appeared through the door.

"No way, brave summons......? No way."

The Armored Knight has a sword in his right hand and will fight it out now! It creates an atmosphere that

If they summon me like us, wouldn't they?

Seeing the armored knight wave up his sword, the lotus immediately takes it with his sword.

"Ugh, no... the keeper of the door really existed..."


I didn't miss Clara's words when she pounded and murmured.

When I turned my gaze to Clara, I sighed and opened my mouth like I'd given up.

"I just read it in the old literature too... it said he was the one who figured out if he deserved to have the key to this door."

"So you're saying we can't use this door without knocking him down?

"That's what's gonna happen."

Listen to Clara, I think it would be nice to be simple. If this is the case, you don't have to figure out how you can use the door or anything like that.

"But you don't have enough magic to use the door. Probably left out for over hundreds of years, so most of the magic won't work. That's why King Joseph sacrificed you brave men."

"So is that."

The missing magic thing is a problem, but there's nothing wrong with that, considering I've never had a clue at all.

That's all you have to think about after you knock down that gatekeeper.

There was a kicking strong sound, and when I looked at the gatekeeper, I saw the lotus pushed and stepped back. He's strong.

"[Shield]! Are you all right, Lotus!

"It's probably the toughest opponent I've ever had......! It's human, it's agile, and it weighs a blow."

Even if Ruru attacks with magic, it doesn't look like it's working at all because of its high Armor Defense. Rather, it's a level where you can doubt magic deactivation.

"Is there any way to defeat...?

Or is it purely our lack of firepower?

No, I don't know what to say myself, but our party level should be top notch in this world. If we can't win, no one in this world can defeat this gatekeeper.

There must be some way. Think.

"Strong, but not enough to deal with. No!

"Neither sword nor magic, this attack won't work, but isn't the gatekeeper strong enough to hurt us?

Lotus launches a series of attacks, and then the rubbing continues.

Lucha also sees it as having joined the attack, but seems to be putting up with it because an arrow could hit the lotus. But instead, I can also see you staring desperately at the gatekeeper for any weaknesses.

But I don't seem to know, I bit my lips off.

"I've never seen an opponent without such an attack. Clara, you don't know anything!?"

"Behold! You command me!?"

Rousha, who could no longer be there, stuffed Clara.

"Why do I have to tell you that!

"'Cause you read the literature, didn't you? Besides, if you stay like this, you might even die!?"

Is that okay?!? Clara distorts her expression to Lucha. She also seems to think it's a bad idea to prolong the fight without us being damaged like this.

Clara looked at the gatekeeper, desperately trying to remember something.

"... to defeat him - it said he needed a special weapon to make him admit he was the owner of the key."

"Weapon!? I can't have that ready now...!

I can't even predict how many days it's gonna take to leave the dungeon and come back looking. If it's a rare weapon, I don't even know if I can get it myself.

Lotus and Ruru, who were listening to Clara, are also in a hurry.

If this is the case, I should have used my magic bag to collect all my gear! That's what it is, like a collector.

"It's not an easy thing to go to the city and prepare. - Here, the gatekeeper at the bottom of the dungeon on Fruit Road. To be admitted to it, it is assumed that Daiki has to admit it. Because this dungeon has a large tree of fruit trees..."

Clara tells me that the great tree in this world has power and its trunks and leaves contain a lot of magic.

Because of this, it is the idea of the people of the great tree that the magic formations did not gain the least amount of magic to break and still remain?

"- Whoops!"

"" Lian!


Because Clara's story was depriving her of consciousness, or the lotus flies to the gatekeeper and crashes into the door. I rush forward to shelter the lotus and confront the gatekeeper.

He swung his sword right up, and he went straight to me.


The gatekeeper's sword was slammed to the ground without touching me. But the power seemed impeccable, and the ground crept away.

But the gatekeeper doesn't seem to care about it, and he attacks me again.



"[Shield] all the time. Lotus, are you okay?

"Oh. Sorry, I was a little alarmed... This gatekeeper is strong."

"Looks like it."

Neither the sword of the lotus nor the magic of the rugged works. It's tough to take them down on our own if this happens.

"I wish Clara had the big tree weapon she was talking about, just like that..."

"You don't think of a weapon made from a tree in the first place... a wooden knife? And then there's the magic wand or something. Is that okay with you?"

"That's right..."

If I turn it into a sword, the sharpness looks bad.

Or I can't get a big tree enough to make a weapon in the first place.


While talking to Lotus, the Gatekeeper's attack continues. I'm avoiding everything, so there's nothing wrong with it, but it just doesn't work, so I just want to find a solution soon.

"Lotus, are you okay?

Worried about the blown lotus, Ruru came to the side of the lotus.

"We had Hiroshi's shield. I'm not hurt."

"Yes, good"

"In the meantime, I want to do something about him. Why don't you and Lotus attack at once?

Individual attacks didn't work, but typing the two skills together could change the outcome.

Lotus and Ruru nodded immediately at my suggestion.

A raised lotus sets up his sword and sees the gatekeeper. I can see that you are sharpening your nerves more than ever.

Slowly stick the wand forward and align its aim with the gatekeeper.

"- [Flash slashing]!!"

"[Fire] [Wind] [Water] [Earth]!

In an instant, the line of light runs, and the gatekeeper is flown into the air to be saved from the bottom and slashed. The magic broke and slammed him to the ceiling.

Lotus and Ruru using their skills fall back, just in case I go forward again.

"Did you do it!?"

Raise your voice and look at the gatekeeper, but not one scratch on that armor. Even a series of Lotus and Ruru attacks means no damage, there's enough for a bucket of stuff!!

Damn, what can I do!

When I was worried, Lucha called my name.

"Hiroki, leave it to me!!"

"Lusha!? What? - Oh, okay! Rui, cover Lusha."

"Huh? Yeah, okay!

Lucha had 'The Great Tree Leaf' in her hand.

When we went to Devil's Lands, what Rousha got in the tree sea we went through. Besides, if I recall well, the name of the great tree should have been 'The Great Tree of Fruit Trees'.

Dungeons here and the same name. Maybe this dungeon is directly beneath the tree sea.

"Those leaves are the leaves that Daiki gave Lucha. That can be an arrow with Lucha's skills!


He also remembered Lotus and Ruru because he talked about the item himself called Daiki Leaf.


In response to Lucha's powerful voice, the leaves of the great tree turned its appearance into a single arrow.

The arrow part is a gem that resembles a deep shade of emerald. The part of the shaft is a clear ash khaki and the arrow blades are made of fresh green leaves.

Just watching, tingling, air vibrations coming this way.

From one large leaf, a single arrow...

Maybe we can do a few? I thought so, but it looks like a single arrow has all the power in it.

"If that's the case, defeating the Keeper - no, it seems we can show our strength"

Ri sips his sawdust, looks straight at Rousha and sets up his cane. And unfold one, two, three winds at the same time.

If you don't adjust more carefully than usual, the magic will be pushed back with the power of an arrow.

Not so much, those arrows are awesome.

"How Much - [Enchanted Arrow]"

When Rousha pulled the bow all the way, the flower Shizuku blossomed.

A small bud on a bow made of growing demon ore blooms a pink flower, and the handles and strings stretch out over the area.

Beautiful - that word might stick the most.

"From...... eh [Light Arrow]!!"

Enchanted with arrows, Rousha releases more light attribute skills to the Keeper.

Rousha's arrow usually flies in a hell of a direction, but thanks to the windy path made by Ri, it's a straight line to the Keeper.

Don! and the great light overflowed on one side as if even heavenly punishment had descended. Apparently the light was magic, and regained its brilliance as the magic formation of the door looked at it.

"What happened to the Keeper...... Huh!?"

Manage to open the eyes that were narrowing with glare and look for the keeper. I was in the universe with the recoil of the attack, but at a glance I could see that its armor was worn out.

"Rousha's attack went through!


"Ha, ha... I'm glad it went well"

Lotus and Ruru watching from behind me relieve and smile at Lucha, who unleashed an arrow. We could have defeated the Keeper.


"That's Lusha! That was an awesome attack!!"

As I tried to rush right under Lusha, I heard a lotus scream from behind me: "Wow."

I can see that Lucha, who is in front of me, is also surprised to do everything in her power with her eyes and mouth wide open.

"What is it? - Become!?"

Hurry and look back, there was a lotus about to be sucked into the corrugation of the door. And try to help it, as long as your arm is slipping into the corrugation of the door.

Well, the magic team is filled with the magic of the Great Tree Leaf so the door can be used! The lotus that was just standing in the form of leaning against the door fell behind me into the door, a stream that even tried to help me...?

"I'll help you right away!


I grab that hand stretched out as I hear the sorrowful voice of the rubbing. But the next moment, the three of us all got sucked into the door - and it was like a drunken sensation.

"Ugh... disgusting..."

But if I have to stand up, I wake up while I hold my mouth. There was a soft feeling fluttering in my hands on the ground, and I looked up and said where the hell am I - I opened my eyes.

Fluffy rugs, beaded cushions that deceive people. On the desk is a powered computer and writing equipment. A single bed in sight is what I've always slept in.

"Ha, you're lying, right? This is my room."

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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