13 Dungeon attack initiated
14 Destinations in a few moments

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Moving on to the hierarchy ahead, there were no more fruit-like demons. Instead, there are more and more demons out there that deserve a more difficult dungeon.

Black Fenrill, Griffon, Wyburn, etc......

"Oh, isn't that too much of a demon level at once?

Even though Lotus says so in surprise, it's amazing because you can fight normally. As a brave man, he seems to be gaining strength.

I can't lose, either, but I'm here to support you.

"[Shield] [Regene] Till"

"Then Todome is mine. [Fire]"

Ruri uses magic to defeat Black Fenrir lightly. Wyburn, who was near a ceiling a few dozen meters away, also shot off lightly.

That's awesome high firepower.

Where we are now, the twenty-nine tiers of the dungeon. If there were no main room on the next thirty tiers, there would be no main room unless we went to the forty tiers.

When this happens, I think I want something magical that can make my dungeon life more comfortable. If I could come and go with Japan, I'd buy a comfortable tent.

If you look at the hand you are mapping, you can see that the twenty-nine tiers have also gone a long way. It's been about four hours since I've come to this hierarchy.

When I was thinking about that, Lotus said, "There was a staircase!" and his voice rose. It's just the timing.

"Well, if it's the bottom floor next, let's keep moving, and if there's still a way out, let's make it wild here today."

"" "Agreed!

When I suggested it, everyone just replied.

◆ ◆ ◆

I went down the stairs to the lower level and the air obviously changed. Rather than that, the body temperature was considerably lower. My breath isn't whitening, but it's a lot cooler.

Rousha and Ruru just look around and whisper their own shoulders.

"Uh-huh. It's cold in here."

"But this looks like the bottom floor.... Look, something with traces of people over there"

The spot I pointed to when I said so did have footprints like people walked. I'm sure Clara and the King because no one comes to such a challenging dungeon.

The lowest level of the dungeon was characterized by a ceiling of more than ten metres and a temple-like pillar. There are stone statues of goddesses on the walls at equal intervals, and they are mysterious.

"Yes, Hiroki, why don't you check the key to the magic formation?

"Oh, so is that"

Occasionally I checked, but the keys showed the lower layers all the way straight. If this is the bottom floor, there could be some change.

Combining the two keys removed from the bag, the light stretched straight out of front of me, illuminating the main road passage that followed.

"Apparently, we should just keep going straight"

"There's a door ahead that uses this key, you mean... don't get nervous. - Let's go."

We all walk out, signaling the voice of the lotus.

The line is the same as before, with Lotus in the lead and me in the rear. But there's no sign of demons coming out, and I kind of clap them out.

- Normally, there are demons in the hierarchy where the boss is.

Speaking of which, not a single level of demons appeared that the people of Oki had made a residential area. Is it also some strange mechanism?

Then Ruru uses magic to "leave it to me".

"[SEARCH]... Oh, I don't know if it's a demon, but there's a biological reaction behind this. It's a group of two solidified things and a dozen of them together."

"Two would be... Clara and the king"

It sticks when I think of the rest as demons that are supposed to be in this hierarchy.

"The group is closer, let's take a look at you before we go"


When I nod, I give instructions to the lotus walking forward.

"If we keep going straight, about halfway between two biological reactions, there's an organizational reaction. Maybe it's like a small room."

"Okay. I'll move on with caution."

"Yeah, please"

Ruri says he has a reaction on his right hand side by walking like this.

After walking for about ten minutes, I heard a demon roar. Apparently, the demons in this hierarchy are really being put together.

Front, a small room on the wall on your right - there are tons of demons there. It's a real monster house.

When Lotus glanced first into the room, she said, "Wow."

"Shit, this room... Fenrill is nasty..."

"Is this hierarchical demon Fenrill?"

"I can't seem to move."

It looks safe for now, so we'll take a peek inside the room, too. Then there was a magic formation painted on the floor, and Fenrir seemed to be sucked in by that light and unable to move.

Well, were you making demons immobile in the magic formation and creating a safe hierarchy?

Then I can be convinced that there were no demons on one level of the dungeon here either. I'm sure he was collecting demons in some room just like he is now.

"But when it comes to tying up to Fenrill... you're probably a strong magic formation"

I think we just want to spare ourselves eating, even if we're wrong.

Looking at the magic formation next to me, Rousha is making Elf's long ears drip with a nibble.

"If you have such an amazing magic formation, you could insist on the importance of more magic formation or something"

Lusha squeezes her hand tightly and trembles with regret.

"With this, we can protect villages and cities from demons. Then fewer people would be attacked by demons and die, and I think the people of the Great Tree were recognized with the Magic Formation"


That would have allowed us to hide and do no research like this, and do more research for the country -.

"In the end, it depends on who uses it."

"Right. Ah, already! I knew I'd be ashamed to be the same elf! There's Clara ahead, isn't there? And the light is pointing to it. Let's settle this quickly! Because I want to talk to Clara too!

"Oh, wow."

I snorted bitterly at Rousha when she burst into flames.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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