12 Rest between bundles
13 Dungeon attack initiated

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Having had enough breaks, we decided to attack this dungeon - the New Year's Eve fruit tree path, which supposedly has Clara and the King.

I drink the monster potion and I'm ready.

"Well, check it out... I'm in the lead, and then Rusha. At the end of the day, Hiroshi is fine, right?

"Oh. I have to map it, so I guess I'd better be behind it. If Lotus is avant-garde, I think I can focus on support."


Greeting lightly, Lotus began to descend the stairs leading to the lower level of the dungeon.

Since the place that the people of Oki had made Ajito is the first tier part of the dungeon, is it a start from the second tier?

The demon that came out was a slime - the very first kind of slime I've ever seen. Heck on the top of my head, bright colors.

In other words, is it apple slime and minkan slime?

Lucha looks at the slimes with surprise, even as she holds her bow.

"What is this slime?

"It's like an apple and minkan mascot character, kind of hard to fight..."

"Is it the midnight fruit tree road dungeon, where fruit-based demons live?

Next to watching the slime like the lotus was in trouble, Ruru said, "Can you eat it?" What an interesting thing to say.

... I wonder if you would like to eat it if you knew it was just slime.

"In the meantime, I'm going to attack you...... Yikes!

Rousha roughly releases the five arrows at once. An arrow in it hit the apple slime and flew off and disappeared.

Apparently, I knocked him out. - Ah.

"Where the apple slime was, normal apples are falling..."

If you defeat that slime, can you get the apple as a material? But eating or not is a delicate place......

The fact that it looks like a normal apple is fine......

Look at me like Lusha's in trouble, pointing to the apple.

"Hiroki, what do we do?

"Hmm... well, take it for once. Fortunately, I can fit as many magic bags as I want."


If you think about the possibility of being shipwrecked in a dungeon and starving to death, you should keep it. If we could attack without a problem - no, let's not think about that.

I take the apple Lucha picked up and it goes in my bag.

When he defeated the minkan slime that was left of the rubbing, he left the minkan just like the apple slime and disappeared.

"Well, it's better than having a terrible looking demon...?

"Right. If you're too cute, that sounds cute to knock you down, but you're just not scared."

When I say as I pick up Mikan, I laugh that Lotus is most welcome. Though I'm getting used to it, it turns out the demons are still like objects of fear.

Even I feel dull when I'm the first one to see a scary demon.

Lotus started walking again as she strained, "Let's go guns!".

This operation, Lotus walks in the lead, and once the demon is seen, back off and Rousha strikes an arrow in. Lotus attacked the demon that could not be defeated there with Hate, and Ruru magically withheld it.

I drink demon potions while I support them at the rear, so I'm the one who deals with demons when they come from behind.

The only demons that were on the second tier were apple and minkan slimes, and when I went to the third tier - what an apple and minkan my body was growing out of.

"Seriously, sweetie..."

"That's a straight line of mascot characters..."

Even as Lotus agrees with my whining, she relentlessly slashes and lays down the apples with her sword. Since it is a shallow and weak demon with a hierarchy, there is almost no such thing as an honest appearance.

Enough to cover when the numbers are high?

Besides, Lotus doesn't eat attacks with weak demon opponents because they also shake their stats to avoid them.

High level balance type, convenient.

Moving on and on at that rate, the nut-based monsters came out more and more powerful.

Nevertheless, is it something like Trent with nuts...?

We took a break, we did a wild lodge, and we came all the way to the 20th tier.

"Ha - you've finally come this far! Apples and minkans have accumulated like mountains, but this time in what form - that?

When I thought Rusha had stretched her back, the movement stopped perfectly. I followed my gaze at what the hell I discovered, and there was a hole in the ceiling.

A muscle of light is plugged in, but it's very thin. The hole itself is very large, so is there less light on top or is this hole deep?

Given the topography while looking at the mapped map, it seems that there is no hierarchy in the upper part of that hole where we were walking.

- Like an empty hole on the ground?

Given the position, that's likely.

"What the hell kind of hole is that? There were no holes in the hierarchy above where we walked, were there?

"Right... I wonder what's going on"

Lotus and Ruru are making me wonder, so I teach them that the hole shouldn't be connected because the ground is off from the hierarchy above where we were.

"Well, I don't know what... um, I know the lights are plugged in, but I can't even see what's going on across the hole"

"Too bad. In the meantime, there's nothing I can do about not trying to attack"


Either way, you can't even go up in a hole this high. The only choice we can make is to go down towards the bottom of this dungeon.

I decide not to care about the hole and urge him to go first to Lotus.

- Potong.


The moment I turned my back on the place where there was a hole in the ceiling, I heard a noise where there was nothing.

The Rousha guys who were looking at me seemed to be watching what happened, and I'm surprised. And that gaze was directed from the hole in the ceiling to the ground.

Exactly, sounds like something's falling off.

... Looking back, perhaps, one apple had fallen there.


Apple trees were nowhere to be seen.

Suppose, if apple trees were growing - why are they falling from that height and not crumbling at all?

I don't know why, I shake my head.

No, there must be some reason. The next moment I thought so, the apple that was falling began to move slowly to roll.


"Shh, the apple moved - oh, I got apple slime...!

I'm incredibly surprised to see the apple that Lusha has slimmed into, but I'm also quite surprised inside.

Again, I looked at the hole in the ceiling - this time Minkan fell and similarly changed to Minkan Slime and began to move.

Apparently, this dungeon demon is made in these special ways.

"... in the meantime, shall I knock you down? [Earth]"

"Ruru, that's unforgiving..."

Lotus is smiling bitterly when she sees the light use of magic. Maybe he wanted a little more surprise or something like that reacting.

"I'm not such a strong demon anyway, and now I can't help thinking about it. Let's move on, shall we?

"... right. Just say it."

I was rushed around and Lotus said, "Let's go!" and started walking again.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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