11 Next Destination
12 Rest between bundles

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I can't believe we're going to dive into the dungeon like this, but it's been a while since the four of us have been a little happy to be able to hunt.

"Hiroshi, over here. Food, bed, ah! There's even a hot spring-like bath!!"

From behind the room where the kings were, the lotus came out with his face shining. After all, it looks like you've been living quite a month in a cabin.

Before diving into the dungeon, let's take a break first.

Oh, the people of Oki put it in a proper hut, and they also left about a month's worth of preserved food next door, so it's probably okay.

"Was this a research facility or a residential area?"

When I went inside the room, would the pampered construction be like a living room and reception room? A carefully appointed room with a view of the kitchen in the back.

There are two other doors, one around the water such as the bath that Lotus said. The other was in the hallway ahead and seemed to be in each private or large room.

I've looked at it all the way, but I don't have much household goods. Or maybe you have a strong impression of a room where you just sleep rather than a personal room......

Back in the living space, Lotus and Ruru are sinking snugly into the couch. I hadn't noticed because I was at my temper until earlier, but we're both pretty tired of looking at each other.

"In the meantime, if you have a bath, come in first. I'll make some soup or something because I'm bringing ingredients."

"Thank you, Hiroshi. That's sweet of you to say. Lusha, why don't we come in together?


Drop the two girls off for a bath and I'll get meat, vegetables and other ingredients and seasonings out of the bag. Then in the pan, we have all the water demon stones and other things we need.

"Hiroshi, I'll help you too. What do you make?

"Hmm? Tell me, I'm not good at cooking either... with meat and vegetable soup, a little salt and pepper?

Lotus laughs when she tells me not to expect that much from the taste.

"Then can I make it?

"Huh? But you're just tired now"

I know lotus dishes are delicious, but I think that's just what makes them so... When I shook my head that I was okay, I took the ingredients.

"... I don't know. When you're cooking, it feels like a normal routine."


"So it's not a burden, and it might be easier than sitting down and resting honestly"


Look at the lotus choosing ingredients, what a voice I should speak... no words.

If you loved games like me, you could have fun with this other world, but Lotus isn't really the type to play games.

- You want to go back to Japan soon.

"Oh, I have some good ingredients over here.... Yeah, let's make it stew"

"Can you make it?

"I think I'm gonna get away with this."

So don't expect too much, Lotus looks at me with a strange face.

"Ha, he said that lotus rice would be fine. Delicious."

"I hope so. You'll be tired, too, and I hope you eat something warm and get some rest."


Lucha is always full of energy, but sometimes I get anxious if the core is firm but somewhere tight and broken...

If I told you I thought about this, you'd be pissed.

The lotus uses the cooking tools that were in the kitchen and prepares for dinner.... no heart or I feel better than when I broke up before. You're definitely speeding up the knife judgment, too.

Cut the onion with a tote tote, peel if you are in carrots, then throw it in the air and chop it with a knife and pour it straight into the pan.

... I thought it was the one I only do in comics.

"Lotus is too strong for women"

"Oh, my God, it's nothing. Women have to cook the food, right? Look, we work together a lot."

"I'd rather a girl tell me she wants to be my wife..."

When I say that, Lotus laughs.

"All you have to do is simmer."

"Oh, it looks totally stew!

Looking in the pan, he had a thick, delicious looking stew. Smells good, makes me want to eat fast.

Then just Lusha and Ruri came out of the bath.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Lotus, Hiroshi. Go ahead."

"It smells so good! I'm hungry"

"If you simmer a little more, you'll be done."

"Then take a bath in the meantime because I'll see. Let's have dinner when Lotus and Hiroshi rise."

Lucha also slaps her hand immediately "yes" to Ruri's suggestion.

"Because of that, and I'll make you a salad with us. And I'll bake some bread!

"Really? Well, let me ask you a favor"

"Yeah, let me handle it. Go ahead and take your time!

Me and Lotus got pushed on the back by Rousha and went to the bath.

It was a spacious bath if you wondered what it was like, and the five of them were big enough to get in at their leisure.

"It's good to be slow."

How dare I say that while washing my body, Lotus was similarly groaning while washing her body. Apparently, I came to take a bath and lost my mind.

"This is the one you're sleeping with if you're letting me go to the bath alone..."

Please don't let the brave man drown in the bath.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm suddenly drowsy"

"Nothing. That's fine. But don't take a long bath. Let's get up quick. So let's eat stew and rest."


Rest between the bundles seemed more important than I thought.

I enjoyed the stew so much after I left the bath.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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