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The king who summoned us still seemed to be connected to the people of the great trees behind us. I'm somewhat surprised, but I don't even think the king was able to complete the magic formation of the summons on their own.

... but what the hell are you up to this time?

The king turns a bright red face and roughs his voice against us.

"If you're not going to defeat the Demon King, you should at least make the most of the power that resides in you! I summoned you, so how could I use you!!"


Apparently, it annoyed me that the King didn't just defeat the Demon King for long, about the lotus that preached the future of hand in hand.

We're not an easy item to use, but doesn't this king even know that? I took items from different worlds, I wonder how much you think.

I'm going to say that being alone is the end of the spectrum.

I sigh loudly.

It's no wonder what's going on in the dungeon.

"When you say Demon Nation, what makes you different from us humans? Demon King - I think Tito is a better king than you?

"Hey, what...!! What are you going to say to the King like that in useless minutes! You guys!!"

When the king called the people of the great tree, he set up his weapon and turned to us. You mean you're willing to fight and end it?

"Then we won't condone it either...!

When I said that, Ruru used magic to attack the people of Oki. As if that had been a signal to the war, the people of Oki waved down their swords at me.


"Such an attack, it won't reach me - Eh, the Magic Formation!

The people of the great tree with the wand behind them were rolling out a magic formation, so I hurry and throw a demonic stone. Then there is a rebellion in how well you are.

"I need you to be a little adult...... [Paralysis]!

Using his skills to paralyze the subject, Ruru quickly renders the two Great Tree people behind him incapable of fighting.

Powerful if you use the magic formation as a weapon, but weak if you attack with that gap.

The people of Oki, who were avant-garde, had been slashed with swords by the lotus shortly after using the magic formation.

"Don't be too quick..."

"If we could fight face-to-face, well, that's about it. Because I'm a brave man and I've stepped on a lot of places in the dungeon."

Lotus laughs as relieved, tying the people of the stunned great tree with a rope around them.

The king was hunted down all the way, staring at this one with his back to the wall perfectly.

"Damn, you big tree people, it's too useless!

I tongued him and the king said, "Don't come near me!" and bark.

"How dare you? The Demons will not be evil."

When Ruri told him so, "What do you say," the king opened his mouth.

"I suppose it was the Demons who took my sister and killed her!


I accidentally opened my eyes to a sudden confession.

I just thought why the King was hostile to the Demons was because it was a good reason because he was a Demon.

What do you mean, we silently urge the king to follow suit?

"My sister, who said she would try to travel the Devil's Land, will not return after many years. The demons killed him and prevented him from stepping on the earth of Piznut."




"Your Majesty, I'll take care of this place and you won't run. [To bottom layer]"


A quiet voice sounded and Clara showed herself from the magic formation that appeared on the floor. Stand before the king and envelop his body with a cloth drawn by the magic formation.

Then, in an instant, the king's body disappeared from this place.

- The magic formation of the transfer, huh?!

Clara looked at the people of the great tree who were fainting and sighed.

"I knew it was impossible for us to sacrifice the brave. I wonder why you don't have the strength to just look up in the king's truck."

You're an idiot, and Clara told me she seemed a little lonely.

But we can't afford to intervene as deeply as we can in the hearts and minds of the people of Oki.

I know it's pathetic if it was used by the king, but that's why there are good and bad things to do.

If you leave it like this and someone asks you to summon me unreasonably like us again, I don't feel good either.

- I need information from Clara somehow.

Nevertheless, Lotus and Ri were caught, and we infiltrated Lucha pretending to be the people of the Great Tree. Furthermore, now he has defeated and tied up the people of the great tree of Clara's companion.

Hmmm...... you can't.

But you don't seem to like the king, and there's going to be a few things I think about the way my people do, maybe enough to listen.

"... we're looking into the magic of metastatic relationships. The magic formation of the brave summons the king has made... if you know anything about it I want you to tell me"

"The Magic Formation of the Brave Summons...... Oh, right. You are the brave ones, so they called you in that magic formation."

"I don't know anything," she shakes her head as Clara clenches her lips.

"I'm sorry to hear that. That magic formation has been around for a long time, and it's not our research. In the first place, because we don't want a summons."

"Then why did you lend that king a hand?!?"

Lucha lifts up her voice and returns her words to Clara. As the same elf, maybe I still have something to worry about.

Looking at Lusha with a spicy look makes me spicy too.

"Lusha, calm down"

Attract Lucha, who is still going to cram into Clara, and take that hand.


"Because you're an elf, you don't have to disturb even Rousha. I told you.

"... yeah"

Seeing Lusha snort, I glance back at Clara. She's calm, and so far there's no way she's going to attack us.

"We lent a hand to the king to get support. It doesn't matter how much money you have to study magic."


"You and I are different. Please don't come with me because I'm an elf. We have less magic and can't use all sorts of magic skills. My ancestors were so ashamed of it. So I just had to use my magic formation to get stronger"

But that's a story about a long time ago - a time when there were more fights than there are now.

"I grew up like a curse, asking parents to be strong, to gain magic. But we don't need that much strength in this day and age -"

"Then why..."


I've heard many stories about magic formations being dangerous since I came to this world. It takes some kind of catalyst to activate it, and it sacrifices humans when it's a big deal.

I can't believe I'm going on with that.

Clara said there was no such thing as a word back to me.

"Because that's all we have to live for right now. - [Bottom tier]"

And at the next moment, Clara wore the cloth of the magic formation that had transferred the king earlier.

"Damn...... Huh!

I was completely alarmed.

The lotus reacted faster than I did, but the hand I was trying to grab Clara blurs the universe.

"Sorry Hiroshi, I didn't make it"

"No, I was alarmed. It was my fault..."

Ahhh, breathe in, and I'll crouch into the ground. I can't believe we're doing so well so far, and at the end of the day, the king, instead of Clara, runs us away.

When I was overtly depressed, Rusha tried to cheer me up and said, "It's okay!" and pinched my cheek with both hands.

"When using the magic formation of metastasis, he said it was the lowest level. I'm sure it can be transferred to any hierarchy within this dungeon"

"... sure, that's a good chance"

An item that moves through a dungeon is an iron plate for the game. Wherever you like, the constraints are oh yeah, but the magic cloth Clara had was pretty lame.

... Maybe it's a magic formation that's been handed down for a long time.

So you're saying you can go down the stairs right there and chase Clara and the others?

"But why did you go to the bottom? If we went to the entrance, we'd be safe, and it'd have been easy to escape, wouldn't it?

When I say that, they all bother me.

As Lusha roars, she mouths wondering what it is.

"In the first place, here... was it a dungeon in the middle of the night? It's not public, and you don't know where it is."

"You don't even know how many hierarchies there are. But since Clara is enough with the king, there seems to be something wrong.... I think we should keep going."

"I agree with Luli too!

Ruru said we should go after the king and Clara, and Rusha nodded too.

"I do feel once I miss this opportunity, my footsteps will be interrupted... but Ruru Lotus has always lived in a hut, hasn't she?

Exactly, it's my opinion that dungeon offense is going to be difficult right now... But Ruru shook his neck to the side and ran out saying it was no problem.

"Running away here is something a woman abandons. I'll be fine. I've been to a lot of dungeons with lotus, and I've had experience, and I have no problem with that."

"... I can't tell you I don't like a man when he says he's going. Let's put these people in the hut for the lowest level of the dungeon."

If the lotus even tells you, it seems difficult to turn back. Let's at least take a short break before we leave.

"Oh, yes, Hiroshi."


"Where did you say you had a destination? I want you to tell me that too."


I was full of heads about the people of Oki, and I was accidental.

I'll take the two keys to the magic formation out of my bag and match them. Then he directed the staircase where the light of the signs leads to the basement.


"Lie, is the key to the magic formation ahead of this dungeon too?

Apparently, either way, I had to go to the lower level of this dungeon.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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