9 The Brave Man You Can count on
10 Let's get out of jail.

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When your body is free, escape next. Then we'll share information.

"We were going to the Tangerine Continent of the Beast Man, but the Lotus and Ri remained in the Loquat Continent of Man, right?

Now if we talk a long story here, it's possible that the guy from earlier will be back. Nevertheless, I kind of want to know each other's information.

"Briefly, me and Rusha can get the keys to the magic formation from the Beast King, and I want to go there because we've decided on our next destination"

"Is that true!? Wow, Hiroki... We follow the people of the great trees. But I just found out what kind of research you're doing."


He laughs that he has been kept in a locker for a long time, but had a chance to talk to the people of Oki at meals and other times.

Ruri stood up and told me the rest as she paid off the dust on her skirt.

"It seems that the people of Daiki are looking for ways to use their magic formations to gain a lot of magic from them."

"You care about less magic... But that's not a good reason to do this."

When embarrassed as the same elf, Rousha gives him a remorseful look.

"You don't have to think that way about Lucha."


'Cause when I say that, a lot of people are worse off than humans.

To Ruri's words, Rousha smiles, "Sure you do".

It was the king of man who summoned us to this world in the first place, and probably connected with the people of the great tree. A few times more human than an elf is the worst.

... When I thought about it, my anger at the King came to a boil.

You noticed that air, and the lotus changes the subject "Yes, it does".

"I don't have a lookout in this cell, and I eat once a day. I don't know who's gonna carry it, but it was three elves."

"I see..."

Given that there are still no noises, maybe there aren't that many people.... In the first place, perhaps the people of Oki themselves have a small population.

"The reason we haven't sacrificed yet is because the magic team isn't finished yet... But you said it was only a matter of time before it happened."

"Incomplete, huh? Then you might have no choice but to run away and break it."

"If it's rare, you look bad."

When I laughed and said that, I chuckled.

"We didn't just get hit, either.... Now, oh... Lotus and Rousha's weapons are being taken away..."

"But look, it's over there."


Outside the chamber, Lusha's bow and lotus sword are erected. Next to it was a scepter and my dagger.

I'm lucky I saved you the trouble of looking around.

Rusha, who saw the gear, said, "Ah!" He raised his voice and began to whisper in his bag. Could it also be some good way to escape?

Though I thought so, what came out was the hair decoration Clara was wearing.

"That, my hair decoration..."

"An elf named Clara wore it, so I took it back. I knew it was Luli's."

Lusha, smiling as she did, put a hair decoration on her slender head.

"Yeah! I knew Luli would look best on you!

"Thank you, Lusha"

The two girls are laughing, and I feel kind of smiling.

"Well, do we men figure out a way to break through this hut? I hope I can do something with the Lotus power..."

"I wonder if it's just hard to open a shop."

"Well, this"

That's right.

So I give Lotus the dagger I got from my predecessor the Demon King. With this, wouldn't it be easy to cut even the lattice in the cell? - and.

"The weapon I was equipped with was taken, but was it safe in my bag... I don't know, dumb, I trust the effects of the magic formation so much..."

"Well, I guess the latter"

Lotus smiles bitterly, but sets up the dagger I gave her.

"You're familiar with your hands, you dagger. It feels good..."

"Actually, it's good stuff."

What a dagger my predecessor the Demon King gave me. There's no way it's worth the same as the cheap stuff there.

"Okay, do what you want!

Grab a fist for a long time and send ale to the lotus. Lusha and Ruri also notice this way, pointing their gaze at the lotus.

"Shit - Ha!

When the lotus waved the dagger down against the lattice of the barn, it cut into two spatters. When I tried to cheer, the plaid that I thought had just cut once fell apart and fell to the ground.


I couldn't help but have a voice by accident.

I mean, I let him chop up the lattice so fast I couldn't chase him with my eyes. That's right, brave man, if this is about it, it doesn't have to be your own sword to do it easily?

Lucha blinked her eyes too and slapped her hand that it was amazing.

"Then let's get out of here first"

Lotus equips herself with her sword and looks at the entrance to the chamber.

We took our weapons, too, and nodded.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Still, is this a seabed dungeon okay?

"Surely the atmosphere is a lot different."

I tried to get out of the prison and down the road but there were no people and it was very quiet in the dungeon. Or maybe my first impression is that it's wider than I expected.

I see Rousha looking around for a moment, and Ruru slowly opens his mouth.

"... I think the elf who brought us here called it 'The Orchard Road'."

"Are you going to...? So you're saying it's not a submarine dungeon?

Possible possibilities are simply the name of Azito… or is it that the undersea dungeons were connected to different dungeons?

Or were you flown by a different dungeon in the magic formation?

"With only the current information, it's impossible to make a determination..."

"I wish there was something I could tell you about the location. [SEARCH]"

Ruru uses his skills and explores what's going on around him. We can position ourselves against humans, demons, living things, especially treasures when this happens.

As soon as I check the results, I seem to have a little idea with my finger on my mouth.

"... a few bioreactions ahead of us. It's going to take about five minutes to walk, so you can assume it's safe here at the moment."

"Then I'll just look for some information"

Shortly after I got out of prison, there were several rooms here. The door is finally round inside, with bookshelves, desks, and paper-like paper on top of it.

Then you can also see something like a magic formation blueprint.

"Oh, here's a map!

Lotus, who entered the room immediately next to her, found a map on the wall. There was a map of the surrounding area around the undersea dungeon, which was written 'Undersea Dungeons & Midnight Fruit Tree Roads'.

When this happens, this is a dungeon where you can go from a submarine dungeon. I didn't hear about a dungeon like this in the Adventurers Guild, so I guess the people of Oki use it as an institute without reporting it to the state.

It's reassuring to know where we are.

"All you have to do is... run, check the magic formations of the summons,"


When I squeal like that, Lotus and Ruru whisper. We both have a history of being caught in a magic formation, so I guess I'm anxious that we won't re-divide it and stay like this.

- But what would be best to do?

It is dangerous to stay here long while there is little information. But the people of Oki don't know if they'll keep using this lab knowing we've escaped.

It is also possible that we will have to look for clues from scratch again.

- That's right.

I reach for my nearby bookshelf and pack the book in my bag.

"Hiroshi!? What's wrong, all of a sudden!

"It might be a clue, but you can't afford to be reading it, can you? So put it in my bag and take it home!

"Oh well......! Me and Heroki's bags are magic backs. Luli, let's just take it home so we can get it in from one end too!


Lian packs a lot of things in my bag and Ruru packs Lusha's bag. In the meantime, books on the bookshelf and everything on the desk that looks like paperwork.

There must be some clue to this.

I put it all in, and Ruru will use the search again to check the surroundings.

"The location is the same as earlier. It's not working, so if we're gonna get out of here, we better get out of here now."


Run as fast as you can without making any noise and we'll head to the exit. But on the main road, there is no place that is divided.

Maybe or maybe not, this is where the people of the Great Tree are at the end. Such an unpleasant feeling crosses the back of my brain.

But I just have to go.

Worst of all, there's a hand in avoiding me.

After about three minutes of running, Ruru stood his index finger at his mouth. And right in front of you is a simple door made of wood.

And on the wall beside it, the magic formation and the stairs.

"... this, the magic team is right...?

"Ha, maybe? We had a magic formation out of a submarine dungeon..."

He tells me that Lucha is the magic team... but honestly, she's shaking.


"Perhaps the magic team is following the undersea dungeon...... Of course, it could be a different place."

"What about the stairs, then? Maybe this is the undersea dungeon."

"No, I don't think so"

I shake my head immediately for the lotus inquiry.

"That staircase is probably the way to the next level"

"" "- Huh!!" "

Three people breathe in my words.

I knew this was a dungeon, but I probably couldn't get my head around it until it meant there was a hierarchy to move on.

There is a strong perception of the Ajito of the people of Oki, exit or not. I think I was judging only on that point.

Nevertheless, we now - especially Lotus and Ruru - are tired. If you want to do a dungeon attack, you can go back to the ground now and come back here again.

"Then go back to the submarine dungeon with the magic formation -"

"Won't the magic formation be complete yet!!"

As I reached out to touch the magic formation, I could hear the man's anger coming from across the door.

The voice alone can tell that anger is the mind, but more surprising than that is the person. We all know this voice.

"" "The King...!

Brilliantly, I, Lotus, and Ri's voice aligned.

Lucha is originally from this world, so she is in love with the fact that there is a king.... but like us, Lucha doesn't have any good feelings for the king either.

"Well, there was a good chance that the king was connected to the people of Daiki."

"Right.... but I didn't expect to take myself to this place..."

If you're that king, you might as well call your opponent to the castle.

Nevertheless, not all humans in the royal castle share the same idea as kings. He's a nobleman with chivalry, like Ishmel.

Rusha looked at me and said, "What do we do?" and pointed to the door.

"It would be nice to keep running, but it looks like we have a terrible king here..."


If the king was in the royal castle, I'm sure it's hard to make contact from here. Nevertheless, we do not need to be involved in the King if we are to get a way back.

No, but...

"Oh, that's just fine. This is a dungeon... no matter what."


The lady at our party mentioned something outrageous.

"'Cause put Hiroshi in a cabin and take away Lotus' freedom. I'm not going to forgive you for treating my dear companion like an asshole. Right, Rousha?

"What!? Of course!!"

Lusha nodded loudly as she smiled. Though there is a sense of momentum, it is also true that Rousha does not feel comfortable about the king.

"But let's get back out here once. There are other people in there, aren't there? A king can't have no escort, and if you don't know the power of the war, it's bad for us."

"... right. We have no choice for today, so let's give it up. - Oh."

I just tried to go home because I have a lot of questions, and the door opened.


"... oh, you guys... whoa!!"

The first one to come out was the king, and as soon as he saw us in front of the door, he turned his face bright red. I can also see my nagging body trembling with anger.

"Hiroshi, back off. [Wind]!


When Ruri relentlessly activated his attack magic on the king, he stood forward so that the elf over there could shelter him. He just attacked us, a brunette elf.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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