8 Hidden Paths in Undersea Dungeons
9 The Brave Man You Can count on

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Chains stretched out of the magic formation wrap around my body, and me and Rousha are dragged by a brunette man. It hurts because it's a staircase but there's no forgiveness.

I look at the wall a little down the road, and a man puts his hand around it. Then, a magic formation emerged - the next moment we were moving to a different place.

"- What is this place?

That's what I said to the brunette guy, but he just stares at me and he doesn't respond. Oh, yeah, you mean if we catch him, we don't even need to talk anymore.

The place they brought in was built entirely different from the earlier submarine dungeons.

In a nutshell, is it a sacred temple?

I feel the tingling, harsh air on my skin. Does the wall contain special ore or does it emit a light, golden light, which is not dark because the lamps are placed at equal intervals? Can I say it's more comfortable?

- In the dungeon, right?

That was enough to make me wonder.

I saw an iron lattice before I was dragged off and arrived. Yeah, definitely a bartender. I heard Gashan and the door open, and me and Rusha can throw it inside.

"Stay here with me."


That's all the man said, he just left this place. I don't even have a lookout, so I just think I'm licking this one.

No, are you actually licking it?

"What that man, it doesn't feel right!

Lucha stares at the door where the man walks out and wakes up. I'll get up too and sit on the ground somehow.

Well, let's just say that the man was upset but safely able to come to the Ajito-like place of the Great Tree people.

"[Heels] a lot. Then [Shield] all the time"

"Thank you, Hiroki"


There is a dragged and rubbed area so it heals and shields back on. This would be reassuring for a moment.

I tried to check the inside of the cabin where I calmed down and there was a noise of something moving behind me.

"" Hiroshi?


"Luli, Len...!!"

If you're looking for me because I'm going to be in a store here, what's the same store! Really, you're really licking about us...

As for this one though, it's a delightful miscalculation, so I'll be grateful.

"Good to see you both. Wow."

Lucha tried to get to the two less happy, but she fell out of momentum because she was wrapped around in chains.

I tried on the ground like a potato worm and I erupted unexpectedly.

"What are you doing, Rousha? We're captives now, aren't we?

"That's why you don't have to laugh! Ugh."

"Sorry. Sorry."

When we're laughing, the lotus with the look of despair looks at us and says, "Hey, both of you."

Oh yeah, I just had an inspiring reunion.

The brave man with the incredible expression is Lotus Watanabe.

He has been summoned with me to this other world to be used as a brave man for the king's good. But now I'm in the middle of finding a way to escape that curse and return to Japan.

Red brown hair with a neat face. Nineteen, my age.

The other one, blinking his eyes behind the lotus, is little bird play.

An eighteen-year-old high school student who was also summoned to another world together. A lady of certain muscles, with a sober appearance and a firm core on her back.

Straight brunettes have lustrous, adorable watery eyes.

"Hiroshi, Lusha! I can't believe you two got caught...!

The chain-wrapped lotus dropped disappointingly, just like us, and he made a weak sound, "Maybe not anymore," he said.

I don't know how long Lotus has been in the store, but I haven't been able to reach her for a month. You can assume I've been here for quite some time.

"[Heels] [Shields]. I'm sorry, both of you. Come late."

"Hiroshi...... sorry, thanks"

"Thanks for the heel. It would be comforting if Hiroshi came. But I didn't think you'd get caught..."

Watch as the item drips just like the lotus, and shake his head immediately.

"No, I got caught on purpose. I've been trying to find out, but I really don't know this place."

"We've been looking for this place for a week, haven't we? But I couldn't find him at all."

He then explains that he was attacked by an earlier black elf and that he had already been caught and decided to rendezvous with Lotus and Ruru.

"That happened..."

"So it's dangerous to get caught on purpose..."

The more the ridge grows, the more the lotus is harrowed.

"But now there's four of us, and we can move on."

"We're caught, aren't we? Honestly, I don't feel like I can get away with it. It didn't work, and my sword didn't break this chain."

Otherwise you wouldn't be trapped in a place like this all the time, Lotus says.

"Is it such an amazing chain, this..."

I try to touch the chains wrapped around me and pull them gently, but I certainly don't see any signs of loosening them at all. Hardness seems high.

Probably not even Rousha's arrow.

Hmm ~ What to do.

"Oh, yeah. There's that one."

"" That?

I move my body and move my bag under the chain. It contains items that may be useful in antimagic.

"Lusha, I need a little help!

"Okay! You use demon stones, don't you?


I opened my bag and Lucha took the demon stone out of me. The range of motion is narrow because the first hand moves, but is loose in chains.

The company looks at this one strangely and tilts its neck.

"Demon stones are the ones that demons drop, aren't they?

"It's a demonic stone with special processing, and it seems to release magic. The Magic Formation uses the subject's magic to activate it, so can I just say that it will be agitated with its demonic stones...?

"Oh, you mean deliberately adding more subjects and confusing"

"Yes, yes."

Fast and helpful to understand.

I think this chain stretched out of the magic formation is probably this strength because it sucks our magic. The lotus and the rururu are strong, so I guess the chains are stronger too.

Well, that's just Rusha and me.

So lets challenge.

"Lusha, throw me a magic stone."

"Okay. Shit...... Yikes!

When the demonic stone released by magic hits the chain, it rebels or the chain blinks for a moment. Apparently, they were able to interfere with the chain's magic absorption.

"Okay! Now you can win!!"

"Yay! That's Dwarf direct!

"Now we can escape!

"That's Hiroshi."

All you have to do is untie the chains - yes, untie them...



While everyone was happy that it worked.

"Even if the chain stops sucking magic out of me, I can't untie the wrapped chain in the first place..."

"You're lying!? No..."

To my word, Rousha falls to the ground. I thought I could fix everything with this, so I guess I'm in shock.

No, but this was seriously unexpected.

"... hmm?

The chains that were wrapped around the lid glowed only for a moment.


Uh, maybe not.

Looks like the chains are back together.

Pompous, rugged voices echo in the barn.

Right, right, I thought so...! Damn, I still have the Demon Stone, but this is a shake out then.

Now I go around thinking about what to do, and the lotus that was staring at me opens its mouth.

"I might be able to do something..."

"Huh? Is there any good way?

"Yeah. Lusha, now I wonder if you could throw that demon stone in my chain"

I snort at the company that says it's probably okay. Lucha replies, "Okay," too, and takes another demon stone from my bag.

"Well, how about that?

"Yeah, please"

Seeing the lotus nodded with firm eyes, Lusha throws the demon stone just like she did earlier. The subject is the lotus, not me, but whatever the hell -!?


The moment the Demon Stone hit the chain - Lotus was tempered and pulled the chain apart with overwhelming muscle strength. No, I might as well say I blew it apart.

"" "...... Huh!?" "

That idea alone makes my eyes dot.

But if you think about it normally, you do. Lotus is a brave man, or avant-garde. Good balance in both offenses, but overwhelmingly high level.

It's as easy to tear the magic team apart as it's just a chain that's been disabled.

- He's a physically horrible man if he turns to his enemies...

"Ha... good, the chains are broken properly"

I produced something very amazing, but the person in question has a relieved look. It's not the face of the man who tore the chain apart.

"Then we have to do something about the Hiroshi chains."

"... oh, please"

That's brave, you can rely so much when you're here.

"There's a demon stone in my bag, so use it to disable the magic formation while you're at it."


Lotus, who took the Demon Stone out of his bag, deactivated the magic formation of the chain and said, "Huh!" and tear the chain apart.

Not long after we started, we were free.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

10 Let's get out of jail.