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8 Hidden Paths in Undersea Dungeons

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"We're finally there, undersea dungeon!

Lucha wiped the sweat off her forehead and said, "Good luck to me!" and he is royal in front of the entrance. We're going to look for Lotus and Ruru in the undersea dungeon.

I bought plenty of food, so I can always dive into the dungeon.

When I go inside, I shake my body only for a moment in the chill air. That's just called a dungeon under the sea, cold in a cave.

Not only is it dim and damp, but there are also some larger puddles at your feet. As a result, it is harder to walk than normal roads, and as the hierarchy progresses, seawater flows in as far as the candles.

"I thought so when I got here before, but there's no one at all."

"'Cause this is a tough dungeon, right? No one's coming."

There is no such strong demon if you think only of the low tier part, but it is inefficient to come only to level because it is far from the city.

Although there are villages nearby at once, the scale is only slightly unforgivable to use as a base.

On one level of the submarine dungeon, a corner rabbit emerges. I'm not that strong, so I'll duly collect them and have Rousha attack them and knock them down.

I honestly appreciate this kind of place in a high difficulty dungeon because it's a method of warfare that people can't do without.

Once you've defeated the demon, make sure the dungeon doesn't have a way out.

That said, it doesn't look like there's anything like a way out because the interior is caved.

"I don't think it's possible to use it for hidden azitos because the demons are strong in the hierarchy ahead."

I wish they were all strong, but they just wouldn't have that. Now, the elves at the lab in the hidden dungeon the other day didn't seem very strong.

"Then you might want to think of something where the hierarchy is shallow. Two tiers are killer mogras, three tiers are goblins, four tiers are mini oaks...... hmmm...... I was wondering if it's up to two tiers?

Lusha told me that goblins would want to avoid them if they weren't skilled adventurers because of their herd-prone habits.

"Well, let's look at one and two tiers."

"Yeah. I think that's a good idea!

So first, we're going to focus on confirming a hierarchy.

"But well, walking doesn't change the scenery very much..."


The interior of the cave is full of walls and water at the foot. If there's some kind of passage-like trick down here, I also feel like I could tell by the water flow... it doesn't either.

Only droplets that sometimes fall from the ceiling are spreading ripples at the foot puddle.

When I went back and forth through one tier as it was, I found no clue, but only a lot of material in the corner rabbit.

"Mm-hmm. This is even more awesome than I thought..."

Look at me, wondering what to do while Rusha grabs the bread for dinner. Nojuku is already in a safety zone halfway through the hierarchy.

"I tried walking around touching the wall all the time, but it was all a normal wall..."

"There was nothing unusual on the ground."

"That's right..."

Where in the world is the house used by the people of the great trees?

If I had a smartphone, I would have easily gotten in touch with you both... but I can't do that in this world either. My smartphone was out of charge and fattened my bag a long time ago.

"Was it too cheap, after all, to have an aside on the ground floor?

"Well, it's where the first tier comes first. Let's go upstairs tomorrow."

I'm fine, I said that with a laugh that means I'll find you soon -.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Uh-oh, no, there isn't. Ooh!!"

Rusha's loud voice clings to the dungeon's two levels. Fortunately, the nearby demons have been exterminated and there are no other adventurers?

Actually - it's been a week since we checked the undersea dungeons. But the clues remain zero, with no progress whatsoever.

I extended my legs from one level to about five levels, but nothing.

"I wonder if it was Gaceneta..."


Lusha looks at the elf with her long ears. It's just been a week. I didn't even have a clue, so it seems to have gone away.

- Or I'm pretty dented too...

"After all, you couldn't have had an aside in the dungeon, make a door, set up a magic formation or something, if there was a demon, it could've been destroyed! It's too risky!


I try to say so haha that it may be possible.

"Yes, there was impotence in installing something where the demons were"

"Oh, I knew Hiroki thought it was Gaseneta, too?

I pretended to be Daiki's elf and got the information, but Rousha says it was a failure.

"No, it's not"


I said, "Over here! I say," Run out.

The place I am now is on one level, with a corner rabbit coming after me, but I can't stand it now. When you get to your destination, all you have to do is get Rousha to put it together and knock it down.

Lucha doesn't know what it means, so she follows me even as I float a question mark on my head.

"Hiroki, what did you find out?!?"

"Could be!


The moment you hear my words, Lucha shines her face all the time. He also has standing ears that were soggy and seems to be full of motivation.

And running for ten minutes. I arrived at my destination.

"Huh? This is a staircase leading to two levels..."

You're going to the top tier? and Rousha is tilting her neck, but she isn't. But first we take these guys down.

"Can you just knock me down?

"Oh, right! [Creative Arrow]! from, [FIREARROW]!!"

Lucha uses her skills to strike a blow. Defeat a few corner rabbits, then normally release an arrow and defeat a corner rabbit.


- Well, I don't quite hit Lucha's arrow.

But in exchange, there's a lot of firepower. Even against enemies who need a few shots if they are meant to be, Rousha is a blow.

After a while I finish defeating all the demons, I step into the next level - the safe zone.

This is also where me and Rousha have been in the wild for a week.

"Right here."


"Lucha told you, didn't she? Even if there was a hidden passage to Azit in the dungeon, it could be destroyed by demons..."

That risk was definitely there.

When he heard my words, Rousha said, "Ah!" He raised his voice and opened his eyes.

"Okay! Here - there's a path to Azito on the stairs of the hierarchy! There are no demons out here, because they're safe!

"Yes! No tricks, no demons will destroy you"

I assumed it was somewhere in the dungeon, so this safety zone was completely out of the exploration area.

Lucha gets in the mood for a hunch and bends her arm.

"Well, let's find him!

"Oh, it's safe not to have demons out here."

So I started looking into the safety zone.

Each dungeon is made up of multiple tiers, and road portions such as stairs that travel between hierarchies become areas where demons cannot enter.

The safety zone of the undersea dungeon has a slightly bumpy wall and a marble-like rugged floor. It's limp, so it's pretty cold if you don't warm up when you go to bed.

There doesn't seem to be anything on the floor, and if I were to set you up, would that be a wall? Because there's no wonder it's bumpy and something's going on...

I thought so, and I walk out touching the peppered wall.

- But isn't it just impossible to turn a dungeon wall into something different?

If you think so, it's more likely that the magic team is set up or something like that.

I started looking for it for thirty minutes.

I thought it was here, but I can't find it at all. Can't it be a glimmer, or maybe it's somewhere else, not here?

It would also be nice to go to the safety zone of the next tier. In the meantime, there was a voice of people from behind in the next hierarchy along with a reset of feelings, where I thought so.



Looking back in surprise, it was a brunette man there. Long elf ears peek from between the chopped black hair.

- Coincidence, huh?

This is a dungeon, so adventurers will remain to come.

I laugh and decide to see how it goes.

"Hi, hello. I'm an adventurer."


"... Whew!?"

I'm not talking about what's going on, the brunette elf has been relentlessly kicking me out. Apparently, he's good at physical surgery.

But an attack like that doesn't work on me as an evasive healer.

"Hey, all of a sudden!? We're normal adventurers......!

When I roughed up my voice and screamed, I noticed Lucha coming this way. From behind me, try to peek in and see the brunette elf.

"Hiroki, what's wrong?

"Thank you. They attacked me suddenly."

"... we hunted in the dungeon and now we're just resting here?

It's common to go to any dungeon to make this a rest stop. Or it can't be suddenly attacking other adventurers.

I'll try to throw an honest theory, but the other guy doesn't change one complexion.

"... whether you're adventurers or not, it's none of my business"

He told me so quietly, packing up time for me all at once.



"Can't you hit it? It doesn't seem like..."

He didn't even seem to know how he didn't hit me, and the man seems to wonder.

- Well, what do we do?

Given the power of the kick, it looks like he's coming to kill us. Or so we are not going to kill this man...

Probably or definitely a big tree folk ~! 'Cause the timing is too good.

Is it true that there's a hidden passage to Ajito somewhere in this safe zone, and they're going to find us, so they came to finish us off first...?

"Don't move!


A man frowns tingly at Rousha's voice with a bow.

You probably can't hit the offense with a low hit rate, Rousha, but a hat would suffice.

Yeah, I thought...


""...... Huh!! "

The man has turned to us and continues to attack relentlessly. He doesn't seem to have even seen Lusha's bow attacked by himself.



You didn't think you could just kick him, the man has slashed him to hold a knife with both hands and dance.


But you can't even get an attack like that on me as a dodging healer.

I punched my tongue in the face.

- It's a parallel line, though.

"... you're strong. Would this be a good sacrifice...?

I felt a mess in the dialogue that the man said Porsche.

Yeah, they're definitely the ones trying to sacrifice Lotus and Ruru, and they're doing research on the frivolous magic formations.

I step back and whisper so that only Lucha behind me can hear me.

"They seem to be trying to sacrifice us, too.... if you get caught on purpose, they'll probably take you to the Lotus"

"What!?... but it does make sense..."

You dare dive into the enemy's nostalgia, rather than being unsettled here. That's what I thought, and Lucha nodded and offered her consent.

The other guy won't think of me as a healer...... Priest. At the time you're avant-garde, you're not even supposed to think of it as a rear guard, rather than support.

I'm just equipped to hold a dagger in my hand that I don't use almost anything but cooking.... Probably full of gaps.

"Rusha, I'll stop this place, so you run."

"What are you talking about!? You can't do that!!"

- Of course, this is an act.

I made a quick decision on my own, but Rousha rode me too.

"It's okay, leave it to me and run for the exit!

That's how I scream, wielding my dagger, and I go into a man. A knee kick that can easily be avoided and rolled out quickly hits me, but...


But then we can't get caught. When I first fell deliberately, what a magic formation appeared on the ground.

"What the fuck!?"


"Damn, Lusha, you run!! Because you don't care about me!!"

I tried to scream like that, but Rousha shakes her legs and doesn't move off the spot. Nice acting.

"I can't, I can't abandon Hiroki! 'Cause we're partners."

That's what I said, Rousha, stand by the arrow and bow. Unleash it on the man, but unfortunately it's all a mistake.

…… Hmm, are you trying to intimidate me? If you don't mean it, you can't scratch me. "


A man rolls out a kick in a series of attacks, but Rousha has a shield. A man frowned at that, but laughed with his nose.

"Hmm, I'm done with shielding five times. Then we just have to attack more."

The man who said so launched another attack on Rousha. At the stage when the shield is out, Rousha screams and blows back.

At that moment, a magic formation emerged from the ground where Rousha fell.

"Well, fuck you. You will be sacrificed, thank you."

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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