6 Lusha's Infiltration Mission
7 Long time no see old man

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Distracted by the darkness of the night, the sound of horses running echoes. As if fleeing something, hurry, moving forward.

From nervousness, or unconsciously, the power comes into your hands.

"Yikes! Hey Hiroki, don't get hungry!?"

"Wow, bad Lucha! Sorry!!"

- I did.

As a result of the force in my hand, I was turning it around on Rousha's stomach, and, uh, it seemed a little pinched.

"Already! I said hold on tight!

Seeing Rousha swelling her cheeks slightly from behind, her ears are slightly red. Apparently, you've made me feel pretty embarrassed.

... or even me. How awkward.

He left the city as soon as he received information from the people of Daiki that Lotus and Ruru were being held captive in a hut in the undersea dungeon.

It's already midnight in the dark, but I can't even make sure you two are safe anymore.

I figured out what to do - I said it was urgent and they sold me horses in the middle of the night.

If there is a problem, is it that I ride with Lucha because I can't get on the horse that well? To be honest, getting me behind a girl is a bad outfit, but I can't help it.

For now I gently turned my hand around Rousha's stomach and I just concentrated on staring forward.

Underwater dungeons are tunnel-like dungeons that connect the human continent with the demonic continent. The demons that come out are also relatively strong, a place that is not a glimmer.

Nevertheless, me and Rousha have already defeated the boss. So it's not a problem to clear it while saying it's a tough place.

I just don't have the information that there's a cell there. I'm sure this will be the hardest time to find that.

◆ ◆ ◆

We are on our way to the undersea dungeon, we have come all the way to the Piznut Kingdom. This is the country I was summoned to, and it's a familiar city.

Before entering the city, I locked up and checked the light, and it remained pointing in the direction we were going. This is likely to help Lotus and Ruru to follow the light as it is.

"Hiroki, is the inn okay with the usual place?

"Of course! And then we need information on the undersea dungeons..."

"Right. But I wonder if I can get..."


Yes, that's the problem.

When I first went to the undersea dungeon, of course I looked it up. However, we were only able to obtain information with the dungeons leading to the Apricot continent, which is more difficult.

"The people of Oki just made it in secret."

"I've been thinking, isn't there anything like a magic force measure?

"Magic Formation Measures......"

Lucha told me, and I certainly might need that, too. If the magic formation is activated, how can I resist it?

I wish I could know how the magic team works, but that's just gonna be hard.

"Oh, yeah."


"When this happens, ask your old man!

Maybe I have some information.

"Yeah, you might want to ask! I'm dealing with magic gear, and I think someone might know something about it."


So we haven't been to Grandma's in a long time.

When I enter with Karan ringing the doorbell, I miss the store. This is the first place I've been summoned to buy gear.

Dwarf storekeepers make weapons and have special effects on their gear. I would also like to avoid more damage from a large number of demons.

When the old man who was at the counter looked at me, he said, "Oh!" He called out to me.

Dwarf blacksmith old man.

As soon as I was summoned to this world, you were kind to me, full of things I still didn't know. Blacksmiths, of course, will also provide you with the tools you need to travel.

He also shows understanding to evasive healers, he's so good... he's also a dwarf.

"Long time no see, both of you"

"I just got back from the Tangerine continent."

"I was safely transferred to hunter and had my new bow made!

Describing briefly what had happened, Grandma was delighted.

"Finally, you're a hunter too! Congratulations. Your bow is amazing. You can do it!

"Thank you! The name Shizukuishi Hana grows with me."

"Right or right. Take care of it."

"Of course!

Lucha seems to like the bow very much, a full grin. My grandfather also looks at me, saying, "Wow," so I smile and see how it goes.

"The material I use is good, and this is a bow for life."

"Right! We need to be stronger and deserve this bow...!

Lusha, who claims he's still not strong enough, is likely to say he'll still go hunting.

But now, there's too much I have to do first.

"Grandma, do you know how to counter the magic formation or something?

"Hmm? Magic formation...... Really, you guys are sticking your necks in all the trouble..."

My old man backed off to the back of the store, even as he caught his head. Could it also be a weapon against something?

Me and Rusha soften up and wait for Grandma to come back.

Soon afterwards, he returned with multiple demonic stones.

"" Demon Stone?

Occasionally demons can drop it or get it from a dungeon chest. It's familiar to adventurers like us, and it's not that uncommon.

As we were wondering, Grandma explained with a laugh.

"This isn't just a demon stone. It's a little machined, and when you throw it, you can release magic."

"Release, is it?

"I'm not that familiar with it either, but magic formations are activated with less magic, or with the magic of others, or something like that, right?

As for what Grandma said, here's the deal.

The moment the magic team activates, why don't you start some magic you didn't assume? That is. He said maybe the magic team would go underdeveloped.

"I see..."

For example, suppose I accidentally got on top of the magic team. The magic team tries to suck my magic off, but I try to bump a different magic from the side.

I don't know if that's really going to happen, but I think it's going to be good enough to give it a try.

"Okay, I'll buy it!

"It'll help. That's still a big part of the experiment, so just the cost of the material. Instead, can you tell me how you feel about using it?

"Of course."

Oh, I thought it looked expensive, but I was lucky. The cost of the materials alone allowed me to give up four processed demon stones.

"Thank you!

"Oh, you guys are going to be strong enough, but I'm going to prove you a hell of a lot for that... be careful."

"" Yes!

Grandma dropped us off, and we'll leave the store behind.

Time is still past noon, but I've been flying horses the last few days, so I've already decided to take the day off. I especially want Rousha to rest well.

- If you go to the undersea dungeon, you don't know how hard it is.

It may not be possible to get completely tired, but I want to keep the conditions as good as possible.

"Long time no see star down pavilion, fun ~! I think I'll fall asleep as soon as I get in bed"

"Oh, let's get some rest today"

Tomorrow we'll buy potions and preserved food and set off for the undersea dungeon.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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