5 Hidden dungeons have......
6 Lusha's Infiltration Mission

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I'm always helped by Hiroki, so I'll do my best today! So determined, I set foot in the place where the people of Oki were making it a research facility for the magic formation.

Pretend to be the people of Daiki and give us the information we need!

Beyond the door that suddenly appeared in the dungeon were six elves. Some of them are an elf named Clara with Luli hair decorations and an elf from the man he was with.

"Huh, I'm tired because I'm from Devil's Land."

Trying to be colder than usual, I sit back in the empty chair. The other elves look at me with surprise.

... Well, you're crazy to believe you're one of us right away.

The first man to reply though, the elf, said "tired" and made me tea. He's wearing gray clothes and a dagger on his hips.


Just pretend to take it and mouth it and pretend to drink it. If it had been poisoned, it wouldn't have stopped.

It doesn't work when you see I drank it, so maybe it's not in there.

"Isn't it too sudden that people are coming from the Devil's Lands?


I wonder what that means? And Clara came before me. Apparently, she doesn't believe I'm one of them.

But why... what should I do? I'm sure if I were Hiroki, you'd give me a good answer at times like this, but it's hard for me.

- Oh, well. You just have to keep telling me why you came.

I make my feet look boring so the Clara and the others don't suspect me. I'm not doing it because I like it, to show off that I'm ordered to do it by an elf up there.

"Suddenly, nothing, don't you understand?

"Phew...... I can't believe it hasn't been that long since we reported that we've caught the brave guys, but they're here so soon. You need a sacrifice."

"... that's what I do"

To Clara's provocative words, I dress as calm as I can. But inside, my heart is buggy, and I can't stop sweating.

Brave men are about Len, aren't they? I knew you'd be caught here! - What the hell are you talking about, sacrifice?

- But you mean Ren and the others are still safe, right?

Just figured that out, but the harvest is huge.

The gray elf also made his share of tea and sat in a nearby chair. The other elves turn their gaze here, but they haven't stopped studying the magic formation.

"... hey, what magic formation is that over there?

I've heard that magic formations are dangerous things, and sometimes the price for using them is huge. I asked Clara and the gray elves what the hell kind of magic formation they were trying to create right now, out of interest.

The answer was, Clara.

"That's an improvement on the magic formation of the counterattack. The defense works, but the part that flips and attacks doesn't work."


Oh, there's no such thing as a magic formation where an attack would be a counterattack! Even if I'm in a hurry about it, I'm heartily relieved that it hasn't worked out.

Now the gray elf looks at me and says, "That's fine."

"What are you doing over there? 'Cause it sucks that brave men sacrifice their magic formations. They won't let you know on the lower end like me... but what kind of magic team are you?"

They've sacrificed Ren and Luli and haven't been informed of what kind of magic formation they're going to make. I was really on the bottom line.

Then you don't have to leave me alone...

"You can't tell me that, can you?

Strongly so, the grey elf pounded his tongue and didn't hear any more. Here.

"So where are the brave men?"

Yes, this is the purpose of this one! Let's get Ren and Luli out of here before we go too deep and do some poking.

But Clara chuckled.

"I'm afraid I'm not here anymore. Because I sent him to jail."

"In jail?

"Yeah, it's a dungeon cell under the sea, so if you're from the Devil's Lands, you're wasted."


What, lie, what!? There's a barn in the undersea dungeon, and there's Len and Luli? I mean, I've defeated the Lord before, but there was no place to go to jail, was there?

- And it's a mayhem in my head.

But I'm sure there's some kind of secret passage or something. Even now, this is how we make aside in the dungeon.

Don't be suspicious, I make a thoughtfully grumpy look.

I stare at Clara laughing with dullness and fun, and I walk right in front of her. Clara seemed surprised by it, making her spare face a little tight.

Right, I have a bow. I'm scared, aren't I?

"If the braves aren't here, there's no use for them anymore. But yeah."

"... what is it?

As I slowly reached for Clara, I took a step back. But earlier than that, I take away the Luli hair ornament that Clara is wearing on her hair.

"... Huh!

"This belongs to the braves, right? It's a waste to you, so I'll get it for you"

Seeing Luli's heh hair decorations in my hand, I breathe. I thought it might be a little dangerous, because I really wanted it back.

Clara stared because of nature and loose cheeks.

"I wonder if it's humble to take things away from the elves down there!

"Hmm...... Huh!

I don't think they're going to argue with me like that, it's cute. The first time I took Luli's hair ornament, I used to tell you!

- No, you can't! I need to calm down.

If I disagree with anything they say, they will assume that I am not a people of the Great Tree.

"We just need to be used as good as any brave men who can't resist the magic formation in any way! Its body, its belongings, everything. I want you to tell me you're using it effectively."

As she took a deep breath to calmly reply, Clara told her to throw up her solder.

"You can't believe Ren and Luli are weaker than the Magic Formation!

"" - Huh? "


Shit - sooner than I think and act like that, Hiroki's voice reaches my ear.

"We're getting away!!"

"- Yeah!

I immediately turn myself in and run to the door. I'm sure my level is much higher, though the gray elves have stood to block the front loosely. It was easy to flatter.

"Wait...... Huh!

Clara roughs up her voice, but you don't mind that. If Ren and Luli aren't here, we don't need you here anymore.

I take Hiroki's hand waiting outside the door and run as far as I can outside the dungeon.

"Looks like you're not coming after me."

"Good! Sorry Hiroki, I..."

"Never mind, Rousha. Even if I just found out that Lotus and Ruru are in the undersea dungeon, it's enough harvest!

Hiroki says to hurry to the undersea dungeon before the people of Oki move.

"Yeah! Now, let's leave right away!

"It's the middle of the night!?"

I got stuck when I hurried, but I really want to hurry up and go help the Lullies.

Please stay safe...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

7 Long time no see old man