3 Contact in Adventurer Guild
4 Untraceable footprints

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Having said my early goodbyes to the Tangerine continent, me and Rousha have already crossed the sea and returned to the Loquat continent, the human continent.

"It's been a month, so I asked for another post on the guild's message board, but you're not responding in any way... Len and Luli. I don't know what's going on."

"It's about those two, so I don't suppose there's ever been anything... you're worried"

Ruru has used Guild message boards before, so you know you can only have them posted for a month.

Lusha worries with her arms together and looks at me.

"Hmmm...... if it's true, I think it would be a good idea to rendezvous with the Luli's and then go in the direction the light indicates, check it out first? I think it's okay if we just know where it is."

I think, like Lucha, put your arms together. Uh-huh.

Honestly, I tried to gather information on the Lotus in the past month, but I couldn't. At least which city - no, it might still have been better if we knew we were in the country, but it wasn't even possible for us to figure that out.

- All right.

"Right, I will"

"Yeah. We'll gather information while we're on our way. Those two are kind of prominent, so they might come out with someone they saw."

"Sure don't stand out!

Laughing at Lucha's words, I walk out "go."


Lucha also walked out to line up beside me. I guess you look a little anxious because you can't get in touch with Lotus.

It's hard for us to find, though. The ultimate purpose is the same, so I feel more likely to see the two of you if you keep looking into the magic team.

Or maybe those two are already there when the light shows them ahead... oh my god.

The strength of those two is overwhelming, and I can make some cool decisions. Lotus is twice as gentle as a person, and the liver sits still.

- No, that's likely enough.

"All right, Lusha! We have to work hard too... What's up?

Lucha, who was walking next door, stopped her legs and was gazing at a certain point. I'll look at you, too, but it doesn't look like anything's changed.

A common human street with lots of dewstores. A lot of people just come and go and shop for fun.

But Rusha pinched my hem and said, "That's it," pointing to one elf woman.

"Hey, that hair acce... not Luli's?


Surprised by what they say, I open my eyes and look at the woman.

The elf Lucha stumbled upon was an elf without a village that Lotus and Ruru were chasing.

Age is probably in the mid twenties. The brown hair is bobbed, and from the hair I can see the long ears that are characteristic of the elves.

I have the impression that very ordinary city dwellers are shopping in outdoor stores….

- But it does float hair accesses.

I think that hair acces were a good thing just because the rubies are equipped. It's a carefully crafted decoration, probably not something that ordinary people can buy so easily.

Only hair accesses are more pronounced on the evidence.

"Do you happen to think that sometimes I bought the same thing as Ruru?

"That's such a coincidence, it doesn't. If it's a simple one, it's still an elaborate decoration."

"Oh well."

If it were Japan, we could get the same thing anywhere in the country, but this is a different world. One by one is handmade by artisans, two exactly the same things...... how difficult.

... The people of Oki, who are familiar with the magic team, said they were elves.

Maybe there was something in contact with her as long as she was a people of the great trees and they got the information... it's not impossible to think that way either.

"Lusha, don't split... I'm going to try to follow you, okay?

"! Okay. I think that's a good idea, too. I'm sorry if I really just happened to buy the same thing but I find it suspicious!!"

Lucha grips her fist all the time, and she does it and she barely complains with her eyes. I nod and take a little distance from the example elf.

If we get too close, they might notice us.

Fortunately, the elves seem to keep shopping.

Speaking of what I bought, meat, vegetables, fruit, and all the ingredients. From what I've seen, I think it's the ingredient for dinner.

"So far, you don't seem to be buying anything suspicious"

"What's suspicious, for example?

"Right... you're a seemingly normal resident, aren't you? What if I was buying potions, medicinal herbs, weapons, whatever that kind of adventurer needs?" [incomprehensible]

"Oh, I see. Sure, I'd like it as a little stockpile, but basically you don't buy that much."

Thinking about it, I'm not suspicious at all right now.

Will I just go home after this? Or will you continue shopping? If that's what you think, the elf woman went into the coffee shop.

"Let's go in too."

"Huh? You're going to get close, okay?

"Maybe I can also think of meeting someone. If our faces were scattered, we'd be out, but we'll be fine. But be careful not to do anything that stands out because you don't want to impress them."

Place your finger on your mouth and let it make a good gesture. Lucha nodded in a small voice, "Okay," holding her mouth down with both hands.

When she enters the store, the elf woman orders tea and relaxes on her own.

... I thought you were meeting someone, but you weren't. Did you just want a break? No, I know exactly how that feels.

"Hey, can I ask for this!?"

"Hmm? Honey-laden doughnuts......? Well, I hope it's going to slow down over there."


"Oh, I'm apple soda."

As soon as Lucha ordered from the clerk with a groom, she received the menu she had asked for. He has been a favorite of Rousha since eating donuts on Apricot continent.

Well, I'm looking at it because it looks deliciously cute to eat. I enjoy it......

"You didn't need Hiroki?

"I had lunch full. Well, it's too late for evening, but can we have a proper dinner?


If I said so worried, Rousha answered with her chest stretched. After all, bellies by confectionery seem to be common in all worlds for girls.

Then relax for an hour, nothing's progressing.

"Wouldn't it be a long break?

"Looks like you're out of tea, and it's time to go home or dinner's over, right? I mean, it's time for a lot of people to say dinner time..."

The sun has already set, so if I cook now, dinner's going to be pretty late.

It's basically about 18: 00 for dinner in this world. Now that we've just been around that time a little, aren't you a regular resident? The idea crosses the back of the brain.

There really seems to be some contact.

That's what I thought, "You kept me waiting, Clara!," one man's elf called her.

The elf woman I was following, apparently named Clara.

"It's too late. You're tired of waiting!

"Oh, wow. I'm busy buying it out. Okay, let's go."

Apparently, Clara was waiting for him. He said he was making a buyout, so I'll meet him at the end of the job... doesn't sound like it.

Me and Rusha will finish the accounting and follow them.

A couple, you know, going home with them?

What a bundle I was thinking, they took their coats out of their bags and stepped into Slam Street.

"This is full of suspicion."

"Normally, you don't go slamming. Let's go too!

Lucha took the coat out of the bag and weaved it, so I weave the coat the same way. Just put on your hood and try not to look as good as you can, and you'll be fine.

"There has to be something, so don't ever leave me."

"... yeah!

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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