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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

For one thing, I've decided what I need to do, so I decided to get to work on some errands I want to finish before I leave.

Ask Mr. Shoesel to confirm the bow and contact Lotus and Riri at the Adventurer Gilt. Lucha taught me that when I pay extra, they can share the message with all the guilds.

"Oh, you're finally back!"

As soon as I went to the inn, Mr. Shoesel greeted me with a smile. I look at the bow that Rusha has, and she's nodding satisfactorily.

I apologize for being late, but they kick me in the ass saying, "Never mind."

I'm a blacksmith at Dwarf, Mr. Shoesel.

A blacksmith specializing in bows, someone who created a bow called 'Hana Shizuku' that grows into Rousha. Besides, he also prepared a carriage that would come here to the city of Tanger.

I can't sleep with my feet pointed at Mr. Shoesel anymore.

"Then check and adjust the bow!"

"Ha! Regards!!"

Seeing Lusha grasp Shizuku Hana, he hacks.

"Shouldn't we move the place? Look, shooting an arrow is dangerous..."

"Oh, then I'll be fine. I hope you can target me at close range."

I told Mr. Shoesel about Rousha's hit rate that there was no chance of any of them flying to weird places, and he decided to head to the nearby woods as he was surprised, "Yeah!?"

That's why we came to the woods, and we just decided to adjust Rousha's bow.


"... if you really do it ~"

I won't forget to use my skills before Rousha's arrows are released. It's important here, I'll take the test.

"Excuse me, Mr. Shoesel..."

"No, that's fine! I could be a hunter, and I guess it's not all about hitting something."

Take it easy, Mr. Shoesel will follow Rousha as usual.

Lucha nodded one and took a big, deep breath. I guess I'm pulling my body out so I can do as I always do without nervousness.

Touch the wheel on your hips and make an arrow.

"[Creative Arrow]!

Lead it to the bow, pull it all the way - and release it immediately. I don't make for it because it's the same as my usual style of combat.

... By the way, the arrows flew a lot farther to the right than expected.

"From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a problem ~. Or I guess the bow let the lady see her and grow up. It's an awesome bow to adjust automatically."


To Mr. Shoesel's words, Rousha pounds. But soon, speaking of which, I seem to recall when I first received my bow.

I'm clearly burning myself in the back of my brain, too.

The moment Lusha first took the bow in her hand and pulled the string - I saw the bow grow. I guess that's where I became acquainted with Rousha's body.

"Hey, I don't need a blacksmith! But you can definitely say it's my greatest bow.... Hanazuki, take care of it."

"Yes! Thank you Mr. Shoesel!!"

Lucha bows her head and conveys her utmost gratitude to Mr. Shoesel. I feel the same way, so next door I thanked him for "thank you" with me.

Then we relaxed back to the city and broke up.

"All you have to do is go to the Adventurers Guild, you're on the move"

"Yeah! I hope I get in touch with Lotus soon"


The Adventurer's Guild in this world is built with a special ore in mind to become a command tower when things happen. I'm not scared of a slight or softer attack.

The guild is busy with the requested adventurers, and I admire that it's just the biggest guild in Tangerine.

Most of them are beasts, and there are elves and humans.

Me and Rusha go to the empty counter and talk to the receptionist about asking for a message.

"Yes, I did. Now fill out this form with a message. Free if only posted by our guild"

I shake my head to explain the receptionist in the dog ear.

"It's a message from one of my friends on another continent."

"Was I? How about posting a message to all guilds on one continent and 30,000 jens for a month?

I hear the receptionist explain, I see. I nod.

If you were diving into a more difficult dungeon, it could take more than a month to get back to the ground...

- Nevertheless, if you need anything, I'm going to contact you.

I'm sure you'll hear back soon.

"Except for the tangerine, then -"

That's what I'm gonna say, and I'm gonna stop talking.

Maybe there's not a zero chance that something will happen and you'll be on the Tangerine continent. I'm more afraid I won't get the message now.


"No, maybe... there's a chance he's somewhere we're not supposed to be, right?

"I thought we were both on the Loquat continent, but maybe it does mean we're on the move"


That's why it's a change.

"Message should be placed in all Adventurer Alliances on the Three Continents"

"Yes, I did. Now, in total, it will be 90,000 jens."


Take out the money and make the payment to the receptionist.

In the meantime, Lusha was asked to write a message. All you have to do is wait for Lotus and Ruru to contact you and rendezvous and go where the light points.

"I want to have an adventure with you, so keep in touch - Hiroki Rousha"

By the way, I make it look like this because it would be troublesome if I wrote the details and the kings saw me. Let's go eat! I thought there might be, but if I spent money on such a message, I could be suspicious and troublesome the other way around.

- I thought so, but after a month from Lotus and Ruru, I didn't hear back.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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