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"Wow, what's going on!?"

Suddenly I was surprised that it glowed and wanted to get my hands off the key, but so far there's no harm here... should be.

Looking at roughly the key, I realize there is.

Right hand, left hand, one for each. Release your hands and the light on your keys will be weaker, and the opposite will be stronger if you approach them.

"Is this... resonance? So you're saying you are?

Lucha and Agrill also look at the keys and open their eyes.

"I didn't think it would glow like this. Maybe something can be done when the two keys are aligned?

"I've never heard of glowing, but there must have been some magic tools that showed how to use it when you took certain steps. Maybe it's a substitute for that hand."

"Hiroki, why don't you just match the keys?

When you get close, the keys glow, so if you touch the two, something amazing could happen, Rusha says.

I think that's a good chance, too.


... but what if something happens more than I imagined.

For example, a lass boss demon may appear at the moment of key matching, and it is possible that it will be forced to move somewhere.

Nevertheless, we have to do it in order to get a clue to move on.

"... Okay, let's do it"



When I touched the key holder in both hands - the magic formation part - the overflowing light created a single line, pointing far away through the wall.

It's like when you come here, that's what they say.

- When it comes to games, these items are common.

I'm sure you have a clue before this light leads you. My heart beats a little faster, and I get excited.

"Is the direction the light is shining in the direction of the Loquat continent? It could be the Apricot continent further ahead."

"It's a human country... well, they're studying magic formations, so can you convince me in a way"

The grille opens the window and looks in the direction indicated by the light of the key.

Certainly the line of light seems to indicate a long way further than it would be strange to be crossing the sea.

I said I just came to Tangerine, but will I be right back?

... No. To Tangerine, you just have to find a way back to Japan and then come back. There's a dungeon I want to go with Lucha - or so much so that I want to dominate all the dungeons in this world.

"Hiroki, that sounds kind of fun. Are you kidding me?

"Huh! Did you look like that?


Looking at me, Lusha giggles.

"You seem to like this kind of thing."


"I don't know, look. Hiroki is usually grown up, but there's a childish side to it in these little places."

You get excited, don't you? And it was called pitali. I don't know, I'm embarrassed...


Oh yes, I had to borrow this key from the grille to get ahead of this key.

I tried to worry about what was going on, but before that, Agrill spoke up.

"You should see the end of this light."


Permission granted.

"Are you sure? This key, it must be something important...?

When asked to explore, Agrill laughs "haha".

"Bye.... but I wouldn't have seen this light if I had"


So when I entrust you with the task of looking ahead, I say so.

You mean you can't just give it to me because you want the key, but if you're qualified for it, you'll give me permission?

"... thank you"

"Ooh. I wish I could have gone with you, but I just can't. So definitely come back once."


At the end of the discussion, me and Rousha were going to have a guest room at the castle stay. Besides, tomorrow, you think you'll have a carriage to the harbor?

I didn't mean to make a debt to Agrill, but they told me it was a natural right because I was a winner. How far is the brain muscle......

"Huh. And you're tired. Hiroki, are you okay?

"Exactly tired"

Agrill grabbed Lucha and chased her from there without time to rest. It was like practically resting in a carriage, but I was more tired mentally.

I'm sorry about Lusha sitting on the couch, but I'm gonna dive into bed. I'm fluffy, and if I lose my mind, I'm going to travel to my dream country like this.

Just a little, just a little... If I close my eyes thinking so, the fluffy thing touches my hair.


When I opened my eyes and raised my face, Lucha's do-up in front of me.

"~ ~ Huh!?"

"Fine, stay asleep."

Lucha's hand gently strokes my head. I don't know what the hell happened and my brain is a little panicky.

No, because! I've been with Lucha before, but I don't know, I never had this kind of vibe.


"Ugh, yeah?

Lusha's, I got more thrilled than usual with the voice calling me. I'm embarrassed that the voice that replied more than I expected.

But Rousha doesn't look like she cared, and she keeps saying things.

"Thank you for coming to help. I wish I could have gone back under Hiroki by myself... the grill was quick and I couldn't get away with it."

"Stop being impotent, Rusha. But I'm glad you're not hurt."

I didn't care until after Rousha was taken away, until I saw her safe like this.

"I kind of felt like a picture book princess."

"It's not a pattern," said Lusha, grinning bitterly.


"And thanks for the bow! I knew my dedicated bow would be nice, it was great! Well, I'm sorry I didn't hit the grill. But that bow... What, Hiroki?

"No, Nandemonai"

Though I thought it would be a bit of a good vibe to call my name back, what do you mean we'll be talking about weapons in an instant? Don't you think that wasn't the way it was? I think.

- Well, this is Rousha.

My partner is too Han Mae.

"Sounds like you don't have a problem using the bow. I think I should see Mr. Shoesel before we leave tomorrow and let him see how we're doing for once."

"Right. If you don't look at it, Mr. Shoesel might not stick around either."

I wonder if there was anything else to do, and speaking of which, I recall that I had completely forgotten about Anna.

Anna got a lot of help doing what she did when she chased Rousha and telling me where Agrill was.

I'm a child tame with Agrill's men, but they're always swinging and a little pathetic.

"Before I go to Mr. Shoesel, I just want to say hello to Anna."

"Mr. Anna? Sure."

I'll also tell you about all the help I got on the road until I got here because Lucha understood me comfortably.

Then Rusha twitched her eyes and said, "Mr. Anna is healthy......!" I am impressed.

"I would never like to be left swinging by the Beast King if I were you..."

"Me too. He gave me the keys, and this is how he got me a room, but I probably don't think we can get along. He seemed admired by the people."

I saw Lucha swelling her cheeks, and speaking of which, unlike me, who was with Anna, Lucha was supposed to be with Agrill.

"Hey, since Rousha was captured... well, can I ask...?

No, 'cause you'd care!

There are so many regrets I couldn't protect him, but I was kind of asexually angry at what I didn't know and only Agrill knew.

"Yeah? But it was no big deal, was it?

"That's fine."

"... yeah. Well, talk about Hiroki, too! Even I care."

That's what I said and laughed at Lusha, and we spent some relaxing time talking to each other until we rendezvoused.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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