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Though he was suddenly summoned by another world to defeat the Demon King, the Demon King was actually a good guy, the one who could not eat the human king who summoned us.

- The real world, unlike comics, doesn't seem sweet.

I am now in the Tangerine continent, where the Beast Man lives and has the Beast King at the top. That aim was twofold, one of which could already be achieved.

The first is the transfer of his partner, Rousha. I was able to safely become a hunter from Archer and my battle power was increased.

The second is to find a way back to Japan. When I was summoned, the magic formations were being used, so I'm looking into things about the magic formations.

And me and Rousha got a lot closer to that lead.

Multiple footsteps echo on the marble floor.

When I turn my gaze to the side, I see Lucha looking straight ahead.

My partner, Lucha Plum of Elves.

From the gaps in honey-colored hair, long ears peek into his face. The girly pink ribbon is going to forget for a moment that she is Han Mae.

Gear based on green, with growing weapons made from demonic ore in your hands. Sleek posture is beautiful and dependable in terms of combat - but with low hit status values and low median arrow rates.

And I, Hiroshi Sakurai, was summoned as a priest of the brave.

I was a gamer. I just checked my status, made sure I was resilient enough, and then I shook all my stats into dodging healers.

I take my gaze off Rousha and look forward.

Overwhelming presence and may I say so?

Walking forward is the Beast King - Agril - who stands at the apex of the Beasts.

A forged body is like a work of art. Leopard's ears peek from gray white hair with hair tips. I think thick tails are going to be a weapon just for that.

A few minutes in silence, Agrill stopped his leg. When I opened it with my hands on the door in front of me, a tea set was already available at the table.

And because it's a secret story, people are paying for it. You wouldn't have had that much time before we got here, perfect response.


Lusha calls me with a worried look on her face.

"'Cause it's okay. We're going to talk about this."

"... yeah. What we're going to talk about is the information the heroes need to go home, right? Because I'll do my best to help too!

"You're a hundred manpower just because you have some kind of Lusha. I feel like I can definitely go."

I laugh when I see Lusha in the mood. At that time, my body was losing strength, and apparently my body was so nervous that I didn't even realize it.

Me and Rusha sit on the couch next to each other, and Agril sits across the street. We're paying people, so it's just the three of us.

To calm down for a moment, mouth on the tea served.

... ugh.

The first person to open his mouth was the grill.

"... apparently more like a translation ant than I think. How far do you know about the magic team and what are you trying to do?

Depending on your response, you feel intimidation from the grill that your fists are likely to fly right away. I spit on you and think about what to do.

- How far do we go?

Thought it was a brain muscle, but apparently not. You should keep your mouth shut that you've been summoned from different worlds and talk about some things.

Otherwise, they'll find out it's a lie. I tell the truth, but I don't tell you everything. Given my relationship with Agrill, that's about as good as it gets first.

I still have it in my roots that he took Lucha away from me.

"Talk about me before you talk about the magic team"

"Hmm? About you?... Well, so is that. Although Priest, there's no way this guy can do it on par with me."

Agrill seemed to get me into a listening position and took a sip of tea. And he looked at me and he said, "Come on, talk to me!" He raised his voice.

"- The king of man thought he was an idiot, but I didn't know he was that stupid!


Listen to what Agrill has to say and all I can do is smile back.

To summarise what I've described, here's the thing.

He was summoned from afar in the magic formation to defeat the Demon King, and he said he knew how to return, but he didn't, and the Demon King got along because he was such a good man in the first place.

I gave the Demon King the same key that came out of the bronze statue, so I told him that I had it and showed him the real thing.

Uh... it's the worst interracial summons I can remember.

... I cannot thank myself enough for being able to come to the other world.

"I'd almost kick some crap if I were you, but you guys beat me. That's it, you deserve to believe it enough. Now let's believe it."

"... you're so light."

"That's what a strong man is. The absolute thing in me is strength."

Agrill laughs with her hunch and nose, then takes a breath and looks at me.

"And you'll soon find out if you're lying to me"

"I know...?

"It's a wild one. Mine is a hit."

I don't know if I can really spot a lie, but I'm glad it's an operation where you don't lie and you don't tell everything. If he was lying, he could have been spotted.

"... the history is as it is now and let me tell you what's coming next"

It's a discussion to get the key to the magic formation from Agril.

When I said that, Agrill sat shallow on the couch and stepped out.

"So? Are you going to look into the magic formation and go home?

"Oh, I'm going to"

"I don't like that"


I didn't expect you to shake your head vertically lightly, but I didn't expect you to say this clearly...

"... may I ask why?

Demon King - Master Tito gave me the keys to the magic formation, but maybe it's not something I can give people.

So I can't give you permission - though I thought so.

"When will I have to compete with you when Hiroki returns?


Does this mean I can't unwittingly block my open mouth?

I sigh when it sounds terribly agreeable. But if you're going to bring it, even I have a counterattack hand.

"Agrill lost to me and Rousha, so isn't it manly to defy him in that respect?

"... well, that's..."

"If you're not strong enough to come to me, I'll win next time anyway"

When I tell him like I looked down on him, a crease leans between the brows of the grill. Apparently, he's angry, but he can't get out strong before he loses.

... That's weird and disciplined.

"Oh shit, it's true I lost! But this key is not something you can give people if it's that easy! You don't even know where the key is, do you? That's not even you, is it?


To the words of the Agrill, glimmer your lips.

If I knew where to use it, I might have asked you to lend it to me because I wanted to open that door over there.

- Because I haven't even predicted at all.

"Uh, can I see your keys?


"I thought I should check to see if there was anything different from the key Tito gave me."

"Or so it is."

When me and Rusha turned their gaze on the key to the magic formation that Agrill had, Agrill put the key on her desk while showing her a little thought.

"If it's where I'm looking, fine."

"... then sweeten to your words"

Hold the key you had in your hand and hold the key that Agrill left on your desk. Then both keys of the magic formation emitted a pale light.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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