23 The people of the great trees
24 Magic formations that were set up

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Elves likely to be the people of the Great Tree - Clara.

The person left the liquor store, so me and Lotus will also do the accounting and go after it. Keep a certain distance so you don't find out you're tailing me.

With a small voice, the lotus spoke to me.

"Ruru, you can go back to the inn. And then I'll go after him."

"I just want to see where she's going. Then as long as I go back, I'll be fine."


The Great Tree People and the Thoughtful Elf are elf women who look like they are in their mid 20s.

Long ears peeking through bob-style brown hair and watery eyes. Though he looks like an adult on the outside, he may have a strong personality because he's enough to eat alone in a liquor store.

"The inn where she's staying... in the opposite direction, right?

I wonder where it's going.

"Sure, but... if you're an adventurer, sometimes you change your inn, don't you? I don't know yet."

"Right. I wish you could go to the magic research facility."

I wonder if there is such a convenient development.

That's what I might not be able to do unless I'm the main character in a comic book.

"Ruru, you know what's in this direction?

"Huh? Well... there must have been a slam and a fence surrounding the city up ahead"

I think of the map of the city in my head, and at the same time I wonder where the hell she's headed. There is no inn ahead, and there are not many restaurants.

There may be a small tool shop for the rest, but it's late at night.

I actually live in a slum because what I'm wearing isn't crude either... nothing like that is possible.

When that happens, it is not so often considered.

"If there's something to do with the slam... it's not calm."

"But there's nothing beyond that. This might or might not be a bingo?

"Right, I need to get a little tempered and track it down. [Search]"

Use your skills to know where Clara is.

If she makes contact with someone, we'll know as soon as possible, so it's just right to see how it goes.

Sneaking after Clara, he stepped into the slam. She weaved her thin dirty coat, wore a hood and hid her own beauty.

Oh well, if we go slumming with this outfit, it'll stand out. That would tell Clara that we were in the slam at the same time.

That's not good.

"... that's enough for today, Lotus. Let's just use my search to see where she's going and finish today."

Lotus nodded quickly, not to mention because it was not a good idea to move without all the preparations.

"I've got lots of potions and items, but I didn't have any blurry clothes."

"I can't even hold spare clothes because my luggage is bulky."

"... it's remarkable to be out there, so let's go into that little tavern over there"

At the end of Lotus' finger was a small shop with two floors and a ground floor section in a liquor store. There's a busy voice inside, so it seems to be thriving.

It seems a lot better than being near the entrance to the slam. Besides, I want Lotus to eat rice too...

"Let's do that. Even if she starts moving out of the slam here, she's going to be able to move soon..."

Enter the liquor store after the lotus and order some carbonated water and some food.

I keep an eye on Clara with my search skills, and Lotus is our meal now. I'm just getting a little tired, but if she's black, I want to make sure I know where she's going here.

Rub your eyes gently so that the lotus doesn't notice you, drink carbonated water and clear your thoughts.

Then ten minutes and a little.

I'm looking at Clara while eating the food she's been transported to, but there's no way someone's getting close to her.

"Hmmm... no contact with anyone until the walls. There's no one on the walls, maybe it's like a message board..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


The city is surrounded by walls, the entrances of which are one from east to west and one from north to south. To prevent the entry of demons and wildlife, soldiers as gatekeepers are also controlled to enter and exit people.

The place where the slam is is is southwest, and there is no gate out of the city.

Yet...... her position as shown by Searches is outside the walls of this city!

"Lotus, I'm leaving the store in a minute!

"Huh? Okay."

I'll get my wallet out, I'll do the accounting, and I'll be right outside. Explain to the Lotus what it is now while walking, aiming for a gate to get out of the city.

Maybe it's a real big win......!

As soon as we got out of the city, we started moving in a southwesterly direction.

The surroundings are meadowed and there are woods when you walk for less than an hour. From the gate there is a road that is maintained so that there can be about two carriages running.

It's night, so no one's walking, so it's convenient not to be witnessed who we are.

"... you mean the place Clara was aiming for was outside the city... But I don't think there was a building around here."

"Well, I'm not going to another city or village at this late hour, and the distance I can go on foot in the first place - her mark disappeared from the search."


Although suddenly surprising, it is also, in a way, a satisfactory result.

"It's okay, 'cause I remember the place right"

The phenomenon of the mark disappearing from the search confirms three patterns so far.

The first is that the subject dies.

The second is to go into or out of the dungeon.

The third is when you make a hierarchical move in the dungeon.

Maybe there are other patterns, but that's all I know.

Clara disappeared either dead or in the dungeon...... more than likely this one. When I thought about my identity, I guess I went into the dungeon.

You don't have to bother telling Lotus that she might be dead...

"Probably went into the dungeon. Isn't it full of suspicion that a dungeon where the people of Oki sneak in?

"But I got all these surrounding dungeons taught in my guild, but I can't believe there's a dungeon in there. - Ah."

If not, I guess that's what Lotus wanted to say.

But I realized another possibility, and I shut my mouth. That's what I was thinking too, so I tell him I'm in agreement by nodding.

"It must be a dungeon that hasn't been published in the country. If you devise an entrance, it's unlikely someone will find you... and if you're going to use it as a safe house, it's great."

"... maybe the enemy Ajito, right? Proceed with caution."

Lotus heightens her guard and walks one step ahead of me.

When there seems to be some danger, Lotus will never let me go first. This kind of role goes on and takes on, though there may be some reasons for it because it's a guard.

I am a little worried that it will not destroy me one day.

... Well, from the Lotus of the Brave, maybe it's not that hard. Still, I think you'd be scared to go somewhere unknown.

I need to hold on to the lotus, too!

"Ruru, is it time?

"Right. From where there are three of those stones...... about a hundred steps. That's where her mark disappeared."

"Okay. I'll check first, or wait a minute."

Lotus stopped in a ten step position, as I said. From here, it's just a meadow, but is there something?

Watching how it was, Lotus crouched down and lifted a thin, large stone.

"That stone was hiding the entrance to the dungeon?

"Yeah. I tried to get out of the way, and there was a staircase down there."

"Let's go and see!

I hurry down the lotus and peek into the stairs.

Unfortunately the entrance is dark and not well visible, but I can see that it is used on a daily basis because there is no accumulation of dust, etc.

The one at the end of the stairs is even brighter, so you should be able to avoid the worst that this one will be found using the lights.

"But if anyone inside finds me..."

"Of course there's that danger, but we don't need any special reason to get into the 'undiscovered dungeons that adventurers happen to find'"

Besides, I've always relied on Hiroshi... so I want to find a clue to my own return. Lotus and I are talking about it, and we know that we feel the same way.

"... right. It may be dangerous, but I'm a brave man, or a wizard. Thinking about levels doesn't make it easy to get hit."

"Yep. I got more levels and more skills in the dungeons during this time...... [Status Open]"

Luli Takanasi

Level: 56

Occupation: Wizard

Attack: 1

Defense: 60

Hit: 1

Magic Power: 290 + 9 (Equipment)

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) - Fire Water Wind - Earth Search - Paralysis - Magic Volume Improvement (Passive) - Magic Power Improvement (Passive) - Magic Recovery Speed Increased (Passive) - Poison

"I think we can beat most demons... and even against humans, we won't lose..."

"Even if we get caught, if we're alone, we're gonna get away with it."

If you get caught, you can easily escape if you magically destroy the wall.

... but I would have been happy if the new skills were a little more practical anyway. There are two skills I've learned here lately: 'Magic Recovery Speed Increase' and 'Poison'.

Poison is a poison attack that can poison your opponent. This is fine, but even if the speed of magic recovery increases... it seems to have so much magic that it doesn't originally go away that it makes little sense.

"Next... flying or warping in the sky... would be useful if I could remember such magical skills"

"You do admire that. If you remember, take me on an empty journey with you."

"Of course. You two seem to enjoy flying in the sky and going to Hiroshi's."

"Sounds amazing to me."

Say nice, lotus laughs.

Then I checked myself out, and Lotus also gave her status.

Len Watanabe

Level: 56

Occupation: Brave

Attack: 157 + 10 (Equipment)

Defense: 100 + 5 (Equipment)

Hit: 45

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 50

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) - Attack Improvement (Passive) - Defense Improvement (Passive) - Self Healing Improvement (Passive) - Hate - Sword Momentum Improvement (Passive) - Blink Slash - Sacred Sword Protection

"I finally learned my attack skills, so I think I can work in battle."

"Expect the brave."

Lotus remembered two skills: a powerful blow with the sword, 'Flashing Slash', and 'Blessing the Sacred Sword', which confers sacred attributes on the sword.

The protection of the Holy Sword increases damage to undead and other demons. However, there are no undead around here, so I've never used them in combat yet.

"Okay, then let's go inside. If anything happens, I'll get away with it, so be careful."


Unlike lotus, I don't have good motor nerves, so I need to be more careful.

I tried to get down the stairs for the first floor more or less, but it was quiet inside the dungeon. The marble-like, rugged walls are carved with plant sculptures.

"Normally, I have about one of the slimes..."

"... there's nothing there. [Search]"

The demons, of course, but I'm pretty sure people are in this dungeon because Clara went in.

- You should know where you are as soon as possible.


"Huh... Huh!?"

I don't know if it was because I used my skills, or how it would have worked if I stepped into this dungeon.

But there's only one thing I know.

That this dungeon has something to do with the people of Oki...!

"Lotus, I can escape!?"

"I can't, my feet are pulled off the ground and I can't move! What about Ri?"

"Looks like I'm the same"

Right beneath me and the lotus - the magic formation that suddenly came up.

emitting a pale light. That's a clue we've been looking for. But worst of all, I'm about to be captured by that magic formation right now.

Lotus may not be able to attack or use her skills because she can't move... but if it was my magic, wouldn't it be possible to use it?

Having so decided, I turn my wand toward the magic formation.

"I don't know if I should slit every floor...... [WIND]!

The magic of the wind was released from my hand and I cut off the magic formation drawn on the floor - but the activated magic was sucked into the magic formation without scratching one on the floor.

"My magic skills... absorbed?

I was relieved to think of my level and status magic value.

I thought I could screw over with force even if something happened I was stupid......! Because I want to be of service to Hiroshi, and the reward of being impotent without tiredness...

The light of the magic formation grows and grows and grows to envelop me and the lotus.


"Lotus...... Huh!

We call each other names and try to take hands, but before that, the light of the magic formation chained up and wrapped around me and the body of the lotus.

I try to move my body somehow, but the chains that get tangled are not even frightening.

"Gu, gu... Huh! No, sometimes my body doesn't move well, but these chains... they're pretty sturdy and I can't even untie them."

"I wonder how amazing the magic team is that neither magic nor power works."

How strong the hell can you resist this magic formation?

Me and Lotus were dragged into the magic formation as we felt the unpleasant sweat creep across our backs -.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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