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[]/(n) (comp) (comp) rounding point of view/

At night, the Adventurer's Tavern is noisy everywhere.

The adventurers back from the hunt seem to drink and have fun, but they also enjoy a slow meal and a few women who are coming alone.

Me too, one of the women who's alone in the tavern now.

His name is Little Bird Playing.

The profession is a wizard, and I am proud to say that its strength is top notch among adventurers. Although you are good at attack magic in general, you can also use enemy and state magic.

Weaponize your little wand and protect your body with a purple dress robe. I'm an adventurer from anywhere, but I was a girl, usually with long dark hair......

Defeat the Demon King, one of them summoned by Japan to this world. Now I'm acting apart from Hiroki, and Lotus and I are looking for a way to return.

When I finished eating the stew I asked for, the liquor store door opened just in time and the lotus came to me.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Was it okay?

"Yeah, no problem."

"Good for you."

It was Lotus Watanabe who gave me a real smile.

A Japanese summoned with me, whose role is brave.

A temperate lotus who does not like every dispute, but waves that sword to protect me and Hiroshi. There is no doubt that the most desirable return to Japan is Lotus.

The red toned knight's clothing bears the same subpoenaed kingdom crest as my dress. It makes me want to take off those clothes that make me think they're the king's dog, but now I'm sleeping through them because I haven't gathered any information yet.

"Oh, I was eating stew. I guess I'll do the same."

Although the lotus reaches out to the menu and seems happy, I have to give him some unfortunate news.

"I would recommend it because it was excellent... apparently, the target moves"

"! Then you'll keep the rice till it's over"

"I'll keep tailing you, so you can eat the lotus, okay?

How dare you say that when you're hungry?

That said, when I tried to stand, Lotus grabbed me by the arm and stopped me.

"Because I've been watching you all day... I'm more tired than I think I am. I've been asleep, and I can fill my stomach with dried meat for a while, so I'm fine."


"Meh. Don't push yourself, sleep in the inn."

Lotus is vulnerable to pushing, but there's something terribly stubborn about it.

It's just that it's about caring for our people, so I can't say it back strongly either.

If I had no choice, I decided to swallow the lotus proposal.

We are now looking for a way to return to Japan.

I was able to get information with Hiroshi and the others to the point that one of those clues was an elf called 'The People of the Great Tree', who was good at magic formation.

Guangxi and Rousha go to the Tangerine continent, and me and Lotus are gathering information in the human country. I just don't have a clue at all... so the investigation isn't going very well.

What I'm doing now is following the elves.

There is no doubt that the people of Oki are elves, so if I find a slightly suspicious elf, I try to talk to them and follow up on what they are doing.

Nevertheless, it is not so easy to find suspicious elves. We've been trying and mistaken, and we've found a small clue.

In retrospect, a lot of things went wrong.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Eh heh heh, the wizard was so helpful to get me into the party! Because we're just the two Archers and Knight!

"No, I was just looking for someone to hunt with, so thanks."

In gathering information, Lotus and I decided to take a different course of action. Because it is more efficient to gather information.

However, I make a promise that I will never be forced to.

I called a pair of elves and beasts to see if they could throw a party together. As a result, we were thus able to welcome and accept it.

We were originally put in the party on the assumption of hunting, so we just came to the dungeon.

"... [SEARCH], the demons around here seem to be the last in that goblin"

"Ok, [FireArrow]! Now he's falling one step."

"Hey, I hope you have a rear guard who can catch the magic. It would also help if you could give me information about the demons."

"I wish I could have helped."

To the two of you who seem happy, I smile.

The dungeons in the woods are so vast that searching for where demons are when it's a hunt for a level increase becomes one of the key roles.

- You have more use for this skill than I thought.

Leave our backs on the big rock and we decided to take a break. I think I'll take the water out of my bag, moisten my throat, and have a chat to get along with the two of you.

Could it be suspicious to suddenly ask if you know anything about the magic formation...?

"Hey, hey, Luli, why did you call us both?


I was thinking about what I was going to talk about, and I've been waving from the other side.

"'Cause one way or another... a lot of people don't really relate to other races, do they? Of course, a lot of people don't care."

Oh, you were wondering that because you spoke to a party without humans.

Perhaps there are many parts of humans that don't seem very comfortable with other races, especially those who don't like the Demons.

There are words I can interact with, so I wonder why I would do something like that.

"I'm definitely a human being... but I don't think so because words make sense but I don't like it because of different races. Something I would like to understand more about other races."

"Luli...... so good boy!

You were impressed by my words, and you pointed a smile at me.

"Hey, hey, Shoot don't you want to ask Luli something or something? Anyway, you want to talk a lot and learn more about each other!

"Come on, Cocona, if you stick around like that, Luli will freak you out. Unlike you, she's a lady type."

"Ah, such a terrible thing to say!!"

Archer and elf Cocona is a moodmaker and seems to embrace anything with pleasure. It's the other shooting that takes care of her like that.

You two are kind of boring to watch.

"I am, I knew I might be interested in some delicious food or something! I went to Tangerine because I was going to Chute's village before, but it was some wild rice and...?

"That would depend on the maker's arm, too! Well, but surely there were more restaurants in the human country?

"Hey, what do you think of Luli?

The topic about food seems to be racially common, and I laugh inadvertently.

"Even when we went to Apricot, the rice was delicious, right?

"Ahhh! I've never been to Apricot, have I? Well, if the rice is delicious, I'd love to go sometime."

When I tell her about Apricot, Cocona looks at the chute by wiping her mouth. I guess it's a decision for the two of us to go.

"It's kind of fun watching you two. My friend has an elf, too, but he's bright and very good. Being with Cocona makes me miss you."

"Really? Elves don't get out of the village very often, so they don't see each other on their journey."

Sure, I don't see many elves, as I say. I see the Beast Man more often than not, and I'm often called out to see if I want to throw a party.

This could be... a good opportunity to ask a lot of questions about the elves.

"Did Cocona come out of the village to be an adventurer?

"Yeah, I am! There aren't many elves out of the village, so my parents disagreed with me and we got into a little fight."

"That was... tough."

"I persuaded you three days and three nights! Nothing could have been more daunting then."

When it's hard to just think back, Cocona covers her face with her hands.

"Besides... some elves don't really want to see me"

"Don't you want to see me?

To her words uttered by the pretense, I ask why in a calm voice to hide the upset.

Cocona roared, um, thinking a little.

"I don't know what to say... I'm not that familiar with it either, but there's an elf with a village and no village. I was born in an elf village, so I have a village. So, there were people out of the village of Elves long ago... those people have no village"

"Are those people, like, human cities or elves living in places like that?

"Yes, yes. Well, if you ask me if I have anything, I'm not fighting anything... I'm not having anything. If you insist, I don't know if that means you're involved at all."

The people of the great tree we are looking for will be part of the elf without its village.

Cocona is white because if he were a people of the great trees, he wouldn't speak as dawn and clarity as Cocona. Find another elf and try to get closer.

When I was thinking about that, Cocona went on to say "but".

"I have absolutely nothing to do with it, but I have an elf with a dark vibe even when I talk to him once in a while. Maybe those elves don't have a village."

Cocona said, although for no definitive reason...... he told me that it was because in the village of nature, all the elves we all work together to live together are cooperative and bright in character.

I remember that Lucha was bright and social, and very easy to talk to.

"And then... I've been to other elf villages, but everyone was a good elf to welcome. So somehow..."

"But you mean the cocona investigation, right?

"That's right! So really take it and don't say anything weird to that elf named Clara!?"

"I don't!!"

- Of the people of Oki, perhaps the best candidate.

This might be a good idea to exchange information with Lotus after the hunt and keep looking into Clara.

It is possible that we can get some kind of clue, although it may not be the people of the Great Tree, of course.

"Hey, is it time to start hunting again? Otherwise, you'll be late for your return."

"Yeah. I'm sorry, Luli, it's been a subtle story about the elves..."

"I don't care. Rather, I'm lucky enough to hear valuable stories. Come on, let's do another good job."

"" Ooh!! "

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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