21 Confrontation with Agrill
22 Lucha's blow is amazing

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"Ah, Mr. Agrill's bronze statue has been destroyed!?"

"You're lying!? 'Cause that's the hardest ore in the world that took me a long time to make..."

"It's just so destructive..."

The knights, unable to hide their agitation in the broken bronze statue, point their faces at Rousha like they saw something horrible. And most importantly, the Beast King is also freezing.

So I can see that it was quite expensive. Should I apologize for now? But we're still in the middle of a fight, and this is an accidental accident in a way...?

Troubled, the Beast King shook his shoulder.

"Hehe, hehe... Haha, I couldn't imagine anyone being aggressive enough to break that bronze statue!

"Ju, Beast King...?

The joyfully giggling Beast King put back a piece of broken bronze statue to a spot where no fragments or other scattered.


As he watched what the hell he was going to do, the Beast King concentrated all his nerves and hit the pieces of the bronze statue funny enough.

I struggle to understand why it would destroy the bronze statue even more when it sounds so loud.

Maybe I broke it too, so I don't blame you guys! What a great thing you're going to do.

But as a result, I opened my eyes to surprise.

"... come on, can't you..."

"Oh no... you're saying I can't do that punch?

The pieces of bronze statue beaten by the Beast King remained on the ground without a single crack.

Lucha was also surprised, "Huh? Huh?" in a hurry.

"As you can see. I can't scratch one of these bronze statues... Was destroying them a much stronger hunter than I thought?"

"I can't believe I had this... power"

"Ha ha! When we get here, it feels good! Lusha on Hiroki, both of you, I like it!

Lucha seemed happier than surprised, gripping her bow and smiling.

And make arrows in the Creative Arrow again, and take a deep breath. The Beast King also grabs his fist and reacts to Lucha, who is still going to continue his battle.

If Rousha's arrow makes a mistake, won't we win? Then it's only a matter of time before it's settled.

"STOP! Over, over!! The winners are a pair of Mr. Hiroki and Mr. Rousha!

"" "Huh?

That's what I thought, but Mr. Anna gave the referee a verdict immediately.

"Mr. Rousha is more aggressive because Agrill destroyed a bronze statue that can't even be scratched. Besides, you didn't even attack Mr. Hiroki..."

"Ugh, that's..."

"So admit to losing here, and do it again in training or training. I'll stick with you, too."

To Anna's tone as she tells her child, then there is no majesty or anything about the Beast King. But the Beast King couldn't argue well because he was poked at the drawing star, and he turned away.

"But Anna, this is where it's gonna be a fun fight, okay?

"Because I'm not having fun. If you want to fight again, only after Agrill can break those shards with his fists. That way, we'll be judged again."

"Mmm...... you sure do. You mean rude if you don't have that much strength to challenge a strong man who can destroy that bronze statue... I still don't have enough training either!

Anna rounded me up...... but I was persuaded, and the Beast King nodded honestly

"Lusha, Hiroki, I'm sorry. I can't believe I'm a subordinate... rather, given your strength, just enough for me to be a subordinate! Ha ha!

"AGRILL!! Don't be silly, no more! Excuse me, to Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha. I'll tell you later..."

Anna looks exhausted and bows her head to me and Rousha.

"No, it's not Ms. Anna's fault. But this bronze statue is valuable, isn't it? What did you break? Huh?

"Hmm? Something wrong...... hmm?

I took a step... approaching a broken bronze statue, sweating my heart that I would have to pay for it. Precisely under what is falling with the pieces of that bronze statue.

"Hiroki? Something happened - yeah, it!

"What, what's going on?

I'm falling to the ground. I took it and showed it to Lucha. Together, the Beast King and Anna have peered in, but... only Anna is strangely inclined to her neck.

Because of the fragments of the bronze statue, it can be seen that they were stored inside the bronze statue. What I held in my hand was the key to the magic formation.

"Hiroki, give it to me. It's what came out of that bronze statue, so I don't want to be left alone."

Much more than the earlier battles, the look on the face of the Beast King became more rugged.

You probably know what this is all about. But this key is essential for us to return to Japan.

... somehow, I need you to give it to me.

"From the looks of things, I'm guessing you know the magic formation. But it's not as easy as giving information."

"Um! We're looking into the magic team. So let me talk to you!

"... I just want to give you permission because you're a strong man who beat me, but you can't do all this. I couldn't get it first on my own, but this is the key that the Beast King should manage for generations. If you give it to me in silence, I won't even ask if I've seen it"

"Oh no..."

Unlike before, we do not show any compromise on this key.

It would have been easier if we had gotten the keys on account of me and Lucha winning, but apparently they're not going to be so good.

"Rousha, come here"

"Ugh, yeah......"

Lusha came beside me when I called her by name with the meaning of leaving all the rest of the negotiations to me. He laughs "it's okay" because he looks anxious, then he sees the Beast King.

If you were an adventurer, I'm sure you wouldn't tell me anything about this matter. But I have a strong ally.

"The Beast King. My name is Hiroki Sakurai. As you put it, it's Priest. Why don't you set up a place to talk about this key and the magic team?

Tell him slowly, and then I'll take out the dagger I left in my magic bag and show it to the Beast King.

"You, that crest of a dagger..."

"Now you think I'm someone worth talking to... did you?

"I didn't know you had something like that."

The dagger I showed you came with the crest that my predecessor, Lord Dewey, gave me. He gave it to me because it would help me one day, but until now I haven't had a chance to use it.

As we look into the magic formation, I'm sure it will help...... Tito's father, who disappeared after saying so.

I thank you in my heart, and I see the Beast King.

"Can you set up a place...?

A little stronger, I could see the mouth of the Beast King caught.

"Fine. Anna, get a room! After that, pay for it!

"Ha, ha!

The Beast King gave immediate instructions and prepared a place for our discussion.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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