20 Here we are, Beast Royal Castle.
21 Confrontation with Agrill

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"Sorry I'm late for help"

"Ugh! Thank you, Hiroki. I was trying to escape when I saw the gap... but I wasn't expecting to be picked up first."

"Looks like Rousha..."

Apparently, Rousha was going to escape on her own, and she regrets slightly that I came first.

But as a man, I'm relieved that I could have gone to help first...!

"Are you all right? You know, injuries... Oh, already, [heels]"

It's quicker to recover than to confirm.

So when I use my skills, Rousha crinkles and laughs.

"Thanks, I'm fine. I don't have one injury, and no problem! Hiroki is the one who used to do this so quickly in that heavy rain."

"Good for you. I got this far because Mr. Shoesel and Anna cooperated. If I were alone, I'd still be stunned at the Temple of Hunter."

"Haha, it's a big deal. Hiroki is amazing, so you came to me right away finding a solution, absolutely!

I'll tell Lucha for sure, I'll squirt and laugh.

"You know, when you're with Rousha, you're out of your mind. You can calm down."

"What's that... I'll take it as a compliment for once"

"Praise me."

You kind of soothed the place all at once......

All you have to do is go home, but just keep saying goodbye... Can't you explain that?

I won't give up Lucha and I'll be in trouble if she gets stuck in the future. And if you want to greed me, I want information about the magic team.

"You avoided me..." you said?


Speaking of which, the Beast King was trying to get me...

Because I talked to Lucha, or I was inadvertent.

Standing in the middle of the courtyard, looking at me. Those eyes are tight and I wonder if this is what it would look like if the beast stared at me.

Well, what shall we do?

"... with me, would you like to compete?


If you consider the character of the Beast King, winning from the front is the quickest way. Ancient East and West, the opponent of this hand is determined to be a duel lover.

Once I glanced through the crossing, I also saw Anna snorting. Looks like my decision wasn't a bad one.

Rousha took a step back, seemingly believing me, as she peeled next door.

The Beast King looked closely at me as if he were going to indulge in me and uttered the idea.

"I wanted to subordinate Lusha, and that's still the same now. … but I'm more interested in you than that"

"To me...?

"Hiroki, you avoided my attack. Pretty hands-on avant-garde position - I thought so, but I didn't. Healer...... no, it's Priest, isn't it?


I thought they thought I was a healer because I heeled Lucha, but I didn't think they'd spot me as Priest.

... wild conjecture?

"I avoided me, and most importantly, I got here faster than I expected. That's all I know, it's not just a healer."

"... then will you take the battle?

"Oh, okay! I never thought I'd compete with Priest!

The Beast King took my suggestion lightly and accepted the battle.

This should make a lot of things work out if I win...

"Well, then, the conditions for winning and losing..."

"You don't need to go around like that. All the winners! That'll do, won't it?

"... ok"

How brainstorming!!

If I win, I tried to make it a condition that I wouldn't stick with us... but if it's the way the Beast King says it, if you ask for anything else, you're going to hear me.

I think this is a lucky condition for me. Of course, we need the minimum conditions for winning.

It's just that for that matter...... there's a lot of risk when I lose.

... No, you just have to think about that when you lose. I'm only assuming that I win at the moment, and honestly, I'm not willing to lose.

I take a deep breath and stare at the Beast King.

Beyond its beast king, the knights of this country were seen. Those who had been training here with the Beast King, had completely forgotten its existence.

Nonetheless, no one will stick up to me, so I won't move unless the Beast King orders me to.

Then, to the lid, Ana entered her sight.

"Excuse me, I will serve as referee. Do you mind?

"I have no problem."

"I don't have a problem with it as well. Thank you, Anna."

Though near the side of the Beast King, he brought me here, and I've never seen any particular brain-muscle-like problems in my words and deeds before.

I'm sure you'll judge me fairly.

"Then I, Anna, will be the judge. Both of you, face to face."

Anna's right, I'm going with the Beast King.

I hear Lusha cheering from behind, and I'm in the mood that we can never lose this.

"May I borrow your breasts, Beast King"

"I've never fought Priest before! I'm not gonna hurt you, Hiroki!


When he exchanges words with the Beast King, Ms. Anna raises her right hand and signals.

"So - here we go!!"

I use my skills while watching the Beast King move at about the same time as the signal.

"[Shield] [Regene]"

If you use these two, you won't be so easily cornered.

Speaking of beast kings, I've been gripping my fists for a long time and rolling out punches.



It was a series of attacks, but that doesn't hit me.

I smashed my tongue, and the Beast King jumped back.

"Shit, what the fuck... Priest skills?

"I'm not going to reveal it."

Oh, my God, I tried to answer the question of the Beast King in a meaningful way... but there's nothing tangy about it. Just pure, evasive.

It's just high status.

I don't know what skills the Beast King is going to use, but at this rate, the attack won't hit me.


"Damn, I don't hit it......!

The Beast King waves his fist like a May rain, but that doesn't reach me a single blow.


Miss! Miss!

"When this happens...... [physical strengthening]!



Exactly if they use it, it could be impossible to avoid it. So only let me seal those skills.

Skill Rests are those that disable the effects of the user's active skills. Not many opportunities to use it, but a treasured skill.

The Beast King shook his body in defiance and stared at me.

"Hmm, [physical enhancement]!


"Gu...... Huh, [physical strengthening]!!"


"Hey, what's not... Huh!?"

No matter how many times you use your skills, I'll disable them all.

Or I should have given it up the first time it was deactivated. Doing something that's been taken care of many times doesn't make any sense.

But the Beast King seemed to have another aim.

"Three times...!? I didn't know you were standing at your leisure after using three skill rests with intense magic consumption... that's something like Lusha's people"

"Oh, were you after me even after the magic? Unfortunately, my magic won't cut off."

I guess there's enough to say it's infinite. The status value of healing is 100, so no magic is lost unless there is something like it.

"Then... only go with your own fists!

"... Huh!


Bun, the Beast King's fist cuts the wind.

Miss! Miss!

"Guru...... Huh! If you're a man, why don't you tell me with your fist! [Serial Strike]!!"


Miss! Miss!

Ton '!

Miss, Miss, Miss!

"" Eh! "

One of the Beast King's successive strikes reached me. My fist never reached me because I was shielded, but I'm shocked I ate it.

I can't avoid all the fists that are so numerous and quick that I use my skills......? After all, your skills are amazing, and don't be a point of battle.


There are five times you can defend yourself with Shield Skills, so four more times you can prevent Beast King attacks. But I'll put my shield back on for what if.

"I've never had such a nasty opponent"

"... Me too, I've never had anyone as powerful as you. That's a very powerful punch."

"Mm-hmm, it wouldn't make sense if I didn't hit it! Whoa whoa [Roaring]!!"

When the Beast King barks, the billowing air comes this way. But before my body could clearly sense it, I used my skills reflexively.


"Or this... Huh! Damn, whoa!!"

The Beast King's fist is shaken down.


I'm sure no matter how many times you hit me, you won't hit me.

And to the lid, the Beast King's movements stopped perfectly.

- Hmm?

When he saw what was going on and how it was, the Beast King breathed heavily and turned his gaze to Lucha. No way, you're going after Rousha because you can't hit me!?

You can't let that happen.

I hurry up to get under Rousha and use my skills.

"Lusha, back off! [Safety Circle]!


"The Beast King was watching Lusha, just in case. Yeah, I'll give you this, too."

This timing is kind of undressed, but if the Beast King is going to get Lucha involved, he should definitely give it to him.

"It's" Shizuku Hana, "Lucha's only bow that Mr. Shoesel made for me."

Lucha takes a breath when she hands the bow she receives from me.

"Did you have such an amazing bow? to me...... can you handle it?

Lucha's hand with the bow is trembling, and that alone tells me that this bow is a stiff one. How much did Mr. Shoesel make...

And when I realized, the Beast King was coming right around the corner.

"Is that Rusha's new weapon... great"

Apparently, he just found out at first sight, and the eyes of the Beast King shine somewhere. In a twitchy manner, the Beast King continued his words.

"You two are a party, right? Are all the attacks in Lusha's role? Then use that bow and you two come to me!

"Huh? Is Lusha with you...?

"This new bow...... in Hanazuki?

As soon as I said it, Lucha rushed her bow forcefully. Apparently, I can't help but want to use Shizuku Hana.

"Seriously...... I would like to use Hanazuki. If you want an agreeable grill, I won't hesitate."

"Oh! Such an exciting confrontation, I wonder when it's been......!

Lucha and the Beast King seem to have so much fun, I sigh small.

But well, with Lusha, we can attack, so we can beat the Beast King. If I were alone, I might not have settled this all the time...

In the meantime, let's give Rusha some support.

"[Shield] [Regene] Till"

"Thank you, Hiroki"

When me and Rusha met the Beast King, I heard a sighing voice.

"Oh already, change the rules on your own...... I'm so sorry, Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha"

The culprit is Anna, and she is unhappy with the Beast King who made the sudden rule change. Well, it always seemed like they were swinging... so I know exactly how that feels.

"Excuse me, Anna. Could you please continue the referee?

"Of course that is. I would love for Mr. Hiroki and Mr. Rousha to defeat an Agrill they have never lost..."

When Anna says so, the Beast King laughs with pleasure.

"You won't be able to beat me just fine. It would be a good battle......!

He doesn't even think the Beast King thinks he's going to lose, there's plenty of room. That confidence doesn't seem to be broken when he says he hasn't even hit me yet.

... Then you just have to regret being attacked by Rusha.

"Lusha, we're going to be serious."

"Of course!"

Rousha jumps big behind and takes the distance, making arrows and keeping an eye on the bow.

"It can't be a good battle. Me and Shizukuishi will finish the fight with one blow!


The new bow seems pretty handy and Rousha is confident.

Pulling the string all the way, the bow changed its size only slightly at the same time. Longer and more powerful, the distance of flight seems to correspond to Lucha, the owner.

Wouldn't this be finishing up with a bigger bow than I imagined?

Rousha drew an arc on his mouth, releasing an arrow.

The Beast King soon became a warrior, trying to beat Lucha's arrow back...


Right ~.

There's no way Rousha's attack hits the target with one blow. I knew it was originally power-oriented and had no hits, so I just had to repeat it until I hit the Beast King.

That's what I was about to give the next attack... something that I'm sure no one here would have expected.

I heard a loud noise with Dogon, and even though I had a bad feeling, I looked at you - my face caught on unexpectedly.

Lucha's arrow had destroyed the bronze statue of a heavy, high-looking beast king...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

22 Lucha's blow is amazing