19 Identity of the Agrill
20 Here we are, Beast Royal Castle.

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As soon as we arrived in the city of Tanger, we took an inn.

I'm alone in about ten tatami rooms, worried about my desk.

I felt very long on the road four days before I got here, but I came here and discovered a new fact that my opponent, Agrill, was the Beast King.

Now, how should we take the operation?

"Mm-hmm... do you want to go through the main entrance in grandeur, or sneak in?

I know it would be best if I were surprised, but I don't think that would be possible. Why? That's because they're powerful.

It is my expectation that even if I set something up in the back, the moment I move it to execution, they will feel the signs.

"Otherwise, you won't even be able to react to Rousha's bow..."

Besides, the risk when a place to sneak in is Beast Royal Castle is huge.

"If it was a game, I wouldn't be able to sneak into the castle. Expansion, it happens a lot."

But if we were to do that in the real world, we would be immediately caught and put in jail. That way, it's hard to get out on your own.

I'm a Priest, so you can't win when it's a fight...

Whatever needs to be accomplished is to take Lucha back.

I also wanted to get along with the Beast King thinking about what it means to get information if possible... but if we can't discuss it, we can't help it.

What I have to avoid is that I get caught and can't move. Only on this one point.

"Then it's still too risky to sneak in. Start by signing up for a look from the front, and if you can't... sneak in after all."

Normally I wouldn't be able to see the king all of a sudden, but I have a wife's hand. It would be more likely than not to go normally.

"All right, for one thing, this is the place to be. I think I'll walk around Beast Royal Castle while gathering information."

- Hello.


"Mr. Hiroki, it's Anna ~"

"Oh, go ahead"

When I invited Anna in and served her tea, she sipped it and took a breather. I've asked for you so far, you must be quite tired......

"I'm sorry, I made it impossible"

"Oh, no. Because when it comes to the original, the grill is all bad...... And then I'm sorry, it's late. Pakalu has left it at the ranch, so pick it up when you return... and tell Mr. Shoesel..."

Anna explains that if you keep it for less than a week, the price won't change, so you'll have no problem picking it up whenever you want.

And I won't tell Mr. Shoesel directly because he's asleep. He's making bows in his carriage, and he's exhausted.

Anna says there's no such thing as waking up God......

"Thank you. I'll tell Mr. Shoesel."

"Yes, please. Mr. Hiroki, are you ready yet?


Of what?

Before saying that, Anna dropped the bomb.

"I thought I'd go see Agrill now."

"... right"

I just didn't expect you to lead me to the Beast King himself.

◆ ◆ ◆

Beast Royal Castle in the centre of the Tangerine continent, inhabited by the Beast King.

I can't believe you could get in this light from the front.

"Ah, Mr. Anna, welcome back! Master Agrill is back already..."

"Anna, I'm changing careers......!

"haha...... thanks"

Beast Royal Castle was a castle made of silver ore as if it represented the king himself.

Of course the Orcs, but elves, dwarves, and humans also work. Everyone greets Anna when she's wrong, so Anna says she's a subordinate, but I wonder what position she's in. Cold sweat runs down her back.

It's also hard to keep walking silently, so I decided to talk to him for now.

"Anna started working here, is it a long time?

"Oh, I'm an Agrill childhood tame... so I went through almost every day as a playmate from my childhood. I'm in the position of being close at once, but I can't feel it coming from my kids."

"Near... Was it"

Sure, if you say subordinate, subordinate, but close!

The cliché was' excuse me 'and the low back Anna's proximity to the Beast King was a little hard to imagine.

Yeah, but maybe that Beast King would be just fine. If he seemed selfish and great to the side, I'm sure this continent could have ended.

"Um, is the Beast King in the office or something?

"No, you should be working out with the knights in the courtyard right now. I say I have to move my body every day to be blunt, so I do what I have to do."

So when I was still in the courtyard today, Anna gave me an explanation.

Proceeding down the long corridor of Beast Royal Castle, he went out to the crossing.

The flickering place is about the size of two school yards and looks good with the knights working out.

And there was an agrill in the center of it, and my gaze caught further ahead.

Fluffing her cheeks somewhere grumpy, her hands lifted her windy honey-colored hair to her ears... revealing her long ears.

That gaze turns to the knights who are working out and haven't noticed my presence yet.


I hope you noticed because this is all they have nearby. I breathed in a lot, and I put it out with my words.

"- Lusha!!"

Those long ears reacted to my voice and moved tingly - blah blah blah blah blah blah.


Rousha, who was sitting on the bench, stood up, so I hurried and ran over to you.

But well, I'm not the Beast King who doesn't realize that. Agrill looked at me and opened her eyes, interrupting her workout temporarily and headed this way.

- Are you gonna keep me away from Rousha?

As the agrill kicked up the ground with his elusive legs, he cut the wind and headed this way. That's just the White Leopard Beastman, and in an instant, the time is over.

With all the momentum, Agrill's arm moves to get me, but...


One-on-one, there's no way I'm inevitable.

Agrill's arm grabbed the universe without any contact.


I laugh unexpectedly at the sound of a breathtaking grill.

I'm sure you didn't see me originally. Yet with your prized body and speed, you didn't even scratch it.

I made it easy, running under Rousha.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

21 Confrontation with Agrill