18 Taken away......
19 Identity of the Agrill

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"I can't believe there's a workshop built in the carriage..."

The carriage prepared by Mr. Shoesel was made to be pulled by two pacaroos. Luckily for you, Anna served as your lord, but I would never have been able to do it.

Because it sucks with Pakaloo.

"It's a good workshop, isn't it? I went looking for material. I can process it first, and it's convenient. Rather, it could be more expensive than home ~ or so"


The workshop on the carrier part of the carriage has a little rest space with a desk and chairs. Behind it there is a workbench for the workshop and a simple kiln.

Crates placed on the floor come in a variety of materials and are fun to watch.

And sometimes it's a workshop carriage, which is very sturdy.

So we can make it run even by storm, like right now. However, even though there is a roof, Anna in your seat is getting wet in the lateral rain... sorry about that.

Looking at Mr. Shoesel making a bow as he made noise with Cancún, he took out the demon ore that Rousha was giving him.

You're going to process that now and incorporate it into your bow......!

Demon Ore can make a growing weapon, so I get nervous about being seen making a weapon.

"Well... [Ore processing] [Magic manipulation] [Thermal fluctuation]"

When Mr. Shoesel used his skills, the demon ore swayed loosely.

"The hard demon ore is so soft......!

I can't take my eyes off the demon ore movement.

Where Mr. Shoesel touched, he stretched out as soft as water candy. If you keep your hands wide open, the demon ore grows and changes to a stick-like shape.

I was so caught in the eye by only sparkling demon ore that I didn't realize it was taking the shape of a bow for a moment.

When I stretched the demon ore into the shape of a bow, I tore some of it off this time.


I was surprised at the behavior and almost gave a voice, but I hurriedly hold my mouth.

Shit, shit. Mr. Shoesel's focused on making Lucha's bow, and you can't let me get in the way of that.

When Mr. Shoesel placed the body part of the bow on his desk, he removed the other material from the crate with the chiseled part in his hand.

Rare material used for the string part of the bow, earthdragon beard.

I was wondering if you would keep it on the bow that you could make out... but it looks like the awesome forger would add some ideas to the string as well.


When Mr. Shoesel activated his skills, he merged by making sure that the Demon Ore enveloped the mustache of the earthdragon. The mustache area appears to be wrapped in clear liquid.

I processed the strings with the ore, so it doesn't look like I'm going to cut them a little softly.

"... well, will the strings start to grow too"

"Correct ~ Eh"

The words I whined softly seemed to have reached Mr. Shoesel, and I was able to give him a light answer match.

"You'll get stronger and stronger when you get this bow up. It won't be the first time that a string breaks!

"I think so, too. If Lusha used it, she would definitely be the best bow..."

"What, you know ~! Then I guess I'll just finish it. I feel good, I think I'll serve more ~"

Mr. Shoesel, who seemed quite in a good mood, opened the locked crate and began to make a mess of it.

Apparently it had some material in it and I took something out like a plant.

"What is it? It."

"These are some big tree flowers. Once planted on the bow, the roots will be stretched and a special effect will be granted."

When the flowers of the great tree were applied to the tip part of the bow, the roots reinforced the tensile bow from there. Furthermore, the bow had a plant design and I could immediately imagine that the decoration alone was a rare bow.

Liquid from the slime was applied from the top and machined so that the entire bow would be sturdy.

"Wow... I want to show it to Rusha soon"

When I tell him that, Mr. Shoesel laughs and shakes his head.

"It's not finished yet ~! You forgot? You gave me another piece of material."

"Huh? Oh well...... Poseidon's spear!!"

"Correct ~ ~!

Mr. Shoesel stood in front of the bow with Poseidon's spear in his hand, which was standing against the carriage wall.

... but what do you do about using spears as material? Will it disassemble and use the tip portion of the spear as a material for the ore?

Because it's a spear, I feel a little wasted... well, is it common to use other weapons as material to enhance weapons?

"Bye, last finish! Tori!! - [Fusion]!


Mr. Shoesel shook up his spear and stabbed him straight into the bow he had placed on the workbench. The place where the tip of the spear hit was where the big tree flowers were incorporated.

A glittering mist emerged from Poseidon's spear, and the momentum grew, and the spear became water, and all the bows.

I got sucked in.

There's a whole Poseidon spear...... does it feel like the bow absorbed it? But there's no change in bow size.

... Fantasy.

Lusha's new bow, which was raised, finished with a plant-inspired design.

The part of the handles goes from ore to a soft tree color, from which the leaves are sprouted and sprouted into a mixed string with a powerful earthdragon mustache.

As Mr. Shoesel grabbed the part of the string and pulled, the bow quieted.

"Wow... looks like you can defeat any demon with this"

"Bye! My bow is the best in the world, especially since I made this in the mood ~ ~!

Mr. Shoesel's eyes, stretching his chest and explaining the awesomeness of his bow, shine with Ranlan.

"Well, the name is...... [Named] 'Hanazuki'!

"Oh, can you name it with your skills?

When Mr. Shoesel named him, the bow - Shizuku Hana only let him glow for a moment. I didn't know just what happened, but maybe it had strength and special effects.

Next he took out the white cloth, wrapped that bow and gave it to me.

"I don't know what kind of bow you finished... enjoy it until Rousha has it. You're going to help now, aren't you? Then I hope Hiroki has it."

"Okay. Absolutely, I'll give it to Lucha."

I receive a bow with both hands, and it becomes a magic bag.

And then there's nothing more to do until we get to Tanger.

"Even so, I can't believe someone took him away like that. What the hell was he like?

"Um, I'm a white leopard beast man who says agreeable. With a disappointing physique...... Mr. Shoesel?

Speaking of which, I don't think I explained Agrill properly, I briefly conveyed my name and characteristics... but Mr. Shoesel looks kind of laid back.

"Maybe... do you know him?

"No, it's not"

I thought it would be very hard to do if I did. I heard it roughly, but apparently it didn't.

But if so, why do you look like that...?

"Its features and name are... with the Beast King"

"........................... Huh?

... Beast King?

The Beast King is the man who reigns at the top of this Tangerine continent, isn't he?


"If she asked for you, wouldn't she also know who the takeaway was?

"Ah... well, Anna said she was an Agrill man."

While I am somewhat confused by the sudden information, I speak to Anna, who is sitting in your seat turning the cloth that is at the door.

The rain was falling a little and I was just running down a big street.

"Ah, to Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Shoesel. What's the matter, sir? I was going to speak up in a little while. Look, I see the city of Tanger!

When Anna looked at the tip of her finger, she saw the city.

The city of Tanger was built around a large river. Apparently, even if it rains, it's a mechanism for running water there.

In the center there is a large tree, and I guess that's the castle where the Beast King lives.

I mean......

"I asked Mr. Shoesel, sounds like the Beast King's name and characteristics match those of Agrill, doesn't it?

When I said that and made her smile, Anna bowed her head in momentum on the spot.

"Oh, sorry, sorry! I thought I had to tell you, but I can't really tell you... I'm so sorry."

"Ah... so you really are the Beast King..."

"... Yes. Excuse me......"

It wasn't a big deal. He's the biggest. I mean. I wish I could have met the Beast King to find a clue in the magic formation... how dare you.

But if Agrill is the king of beasts, then that strength will go hand in hand.

I didn't mean to prevent Lucha from attacking me (I didn't mean to...) because I didn't think I was the only one with the strength...

I don't mind, but I want to get some information somehow. I'm just not sure I can get along with such a selfish guy.

"Oh already..."

We're just a few minutes away from Tangerine, so we need to decide what to do soon.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

20 Here we are, Beast Royal Castle.