17 We're going after him!
18 Taken away......

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- I'm pretty strong now, I can't believe it.

I wonder if I was complacent......

The sky, which should have been clear, had somehow become dusty and taught me the changeability of the climate on the Tangerine continent.

And speaking of which I... blasting big man in charge, in a rainy forest.

Would you have run about thirty minutes from where the temple of the hunter is?

Agrill says he's in charge of me, but maybe those legs are faster than horses. I honestly don't think it's possible, but I just have to accept it because it's happening right in front of me.

I want to subordinate me, I can't believe you said that and forced me away...

"Agrill, put it down! Even the rain is so strong, and I'm not going to be one of your men!

"I don't like it. I want you in my men! That way we can fight a stronger guy, right? I changed careers, and Lucha would want to be stronger, wouldn't she?

"That's not what I'm talking about! Just grate it, grate it!!"

When I scream in Agrill's ear as much as I want, I block the white leopard's ear in a loud way. And as I rammed, I shouted "Ah!!" and lowered me down.

"If you get busted, you're hard to run! Goddamn it. Five minutes off."

"Oh, my God! You're telling me I'm not going with you!

I tried yelling at him, but he doesn't look like he cares at all. On the contrary, the beginning and end of taking the coat out of the bag and weaving it with swallowing feathers.

... but I do catch a cold if it stays this way.

I have no choice but to take out my coat and weave my feathers, too.

All you have to do is make a gap and run away. That's what I'm thinking with my head... but this beast named Agrill - there's no gap.

Even if I attacked and defeated him, Agrill punched my arrow back. If you're a demon or an animal, you might be able to tail it, but it seems difficult with an agreeable opponent.

My low hitting power is coming here to show the most negative.

Uh-oh, no! We need to think more positively!!

You should be able to rendezvous with Hiroki somehow if you escape from under the grill for one second. Maybe he's following us.

- Hiroki......

"Now, it's time to leave. You can't keep getting wet like this, and if you run a little more, there's a cave, so...!

"... Huh!

As soon as Agrill turned his shoulder all the way around, he instantly kicked the ground and jumped back when it was the only place - but instantly, he was stuffed in between.

- Fast!!

That's just the White Leopard Beast Man.

"You can't run away from me with an elf's leg, can you?

"... sounds like it"

I sigh loudly and look back on the path I took.

... Hiroki, you're worried.

It's okay, because I'm sure you'll still have a chance to escape.

◆ ◆ ◆

Even the next day, the weather stays rainy. It's dusty.



In the woods, Agrill is fighting the demons who came out while taking charge of me. The punch is very strong and the demons like those living in the woods are a blow.

Strong. Stronger than expected.

However, for that matter...... a lot of demons are going to struggle.

There were a few oaks fighting now, but if it came in large quantities like goblins, it would be troublesome. Looking at the demons with that in mind, Agrill talked to me.

"Do you want to fight Lucha, too?


I was in charge, I was dropped off on the ground and stood in front of an oak that showed up additionally just to say, "Here you go."

Well, I'm glad if you defeat the demons you'll even rise to the level...

"What, are you afraid of demons?

"... you're not scared!

Though I know it's a cheap provocation, I bowed at the word of Agrill. Honestly.

Sometimes I'm stressed out because of this guy.

Wouldn't it be a little refreshing if we at least defeated the demon?

All right, let's take down the oak because we think it's agreeable.


Use your skills to release arrows and defeat orcs -


Ahhhhhhh I knew, I knew it!!


When Agrill saw my attack, he said, 'Huh?' I make a face but I decide I didn't notice.

"... I didn't care when you transferred, but don't Rousha's arrows fly straight?

"It's not that I don't fly straight..."

Just don't fly away where you're aiming...

When I was silent, an orc came this way that couldn't possibly have waited for me. Shit, even though I became a hunter, there's no defense for me in the rear guard.

When my body was unexpectedly strong, the agrill came out before me.

"Because I'm avant-garde, huh!

Agrill hits the oak with momentum and knocks it down with one blow.

"I became a hunter even though I didn't get an arrow on the demon... Does that mean Lucha has high qualities as a hunter besides?

"... nothing, I don't think I need to say that to you"

"Ha, you sure do!


I thought I'd be questioned, but it just didn't seem insane enough to hear anything about status or skills involved. I'm a little relieved about that.

Agrill sat down on the spot and took the dried meat out of the bag and offered it to me.

"Let's make it dinner"

"I have my share, so it's okay"


I sit at the root of a tree a little further away from the grill and take the dried meat out of my bag. I'd really like to make some warm soup... but I don't want to reveal it in front of this guy.

Ugh, I want some delicious rice.

"Where are you taking me?

"Hmm? Oh, speaking of which, didn't I tell you? Tanger, a city in the middle of this continent. It's there. It's on its way to my house."

"I don't want to go to Tanger because I want to go home to Hiroki."

"Hey, it's a good city, so you're gonna love it soon!

It doesn't make sense at all......!

"I think it's apart from liking the city and what you say? Or you can't have your men without my consent."

"It's all right, my men. That's not true."

"I definitely don't think so..."

All of Agrill's men are definitely struggling.

Oh, speaking of which, Anna was also made to transfer hunters over and over again.

"If I run another run, I have a small village, so do I take an inn there today? All right, let's go, Rusha."

The raised agrill is coming this way, so I hurry up and back off. Come on, it's perfect to be in charge.

When I glanced at him, Agrill saw this one properly.

"I don't want to take charge anymore. Walk Yourself"

"That's not gonna get us to the village we came for, is it?

"Still, no!

When I resolutely refused, Agrill put her head on like she was in trouble.

"But women don't like wild boarding, do they? If I let Nojuku go all the way before, I'd be really pissed off by the woman's men..."

"Well, fewer people would like wild boarding in a woman..."

"So we're careful not to be as wild as we can be after that, right?

"So if I'm forced to take people, it's more of a downside to Pramai..."

"But I don't know what else to do because I like you."

Whatever you do, you don't seem to break the stance of subordinating me because you like me. Even if this one claims to be annoying, I'm frightened to go through my own endeavors.

Having a subordinate would be quite a position...... I sympathized from the bottom of my heart that my men were pathetic.

◆ ◆ ◆

It was when I arrived at the village next to Tanger that I realized that I had been blinded by an outrageous figure.

"Well, isn't it Master Agrill! I'm glad to have it by the village. I'll get you a room in a minute."

"Helpful. Can we get a meal ready soon, too?

"Yes, of course."

The result of my refusal to be able to hold it was to travel on foot through the rain. On the way we got horses and rode them so we could spend some time in the city and village on the road.

Until now, no one has ever worn the word 'Dear' about Agrill... What the hell does that mean?

Besides my thoughts, is Agrill in a high position?

Agrill talked to the Innkeeper and turned to me who was behind

"You must be tired on the road. I have a bath, so take your time. I'll prepare the meal in the dining room."

"Oh... thank you"

"This is the key to the room. The bath is on the ground floor, so leave your luggage and use it."

I grab the key I was given, and I snort as I get upset.

"Well, I'll be out a little while until I can cook. When Lusha gets out of the bath, just make sure she can eat with me."

"Yes, I understand"

Watching Agrill leave the inn, I lose more of my shoulder strength.

But soon, I heard the fun voices of the children from the outside. When I opened the door just a little bit to see if something was going on, Agrill was just about to have a fun conversation with the kids.

"Dear Agrill! My dad got me a sword! Now the future will be a fine knight to protect Master Agrill!

"Oh, wow! But the sword path is tough, too. I have to pretend to be bareback every day...... can you work hard?

"Of course!"

Agrill laughed happily at the dog and beast man's child, who let him pretend. And he plays with the five-year-old, including his sister next door, in a shoulder car.

There are about ten kids around the grill, and they all look like they're having fun.

Sounds like a lot of kids like you......

Agrill noticed I was staring and made a call.

"That hunter's sister said she'd play too!


Kids came running to me with those words.

Momentum about to be stormed, he turns his gaze to Innkeeper's lady to ask for help unexpectedly....... but they say "thank you ~" with joy.

"Your sister, you elf!

"Even hunters! Awesome!!"

"I want to be a hunter, too, and serve Master Agrill!

"Oh, yeah... we're all still small, but it's great to think about the future."

The kids are fine, pull my hand and bring me under the grill.

"Dear Agrill! Sister Lusha, let's go to the woods together! Tell me about the plants you can eat again, the ones you can't eat."

"Oh, that's good! I don't know when or what time I'm going to be in trouble!

Laughing haha, Agris walks the kids to the woods. Looks like I'll teach you a lot in the woods, as the kid requested.

... Is there also an adult side of this...

As I was worried if I should get there, the girl took my hand and smiled "quick".

"Me, Musha! I've asked your mother, she's familiar with herbs, isn't she? Hey, sis, tell me about the herb!

"... ok. There are a lot of poisonous things in the woods, so I'm afraid you won't know them properly. Listen to what I'm saying, okay? Because it's dangerous to act on your own."


While I laughed bitterly at Musha, who replied well, I decided to go to the woods with the Agrills.

...... ha.

Is Hiroki okay...?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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