16 Taken away, Rousha.
17 We're going after him!

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After I sold the item in Churchill Village, I took the inn and fell asleep in bed.

"No carriage unless the heavy rain stops, or..."

In the first place, there's a carriage going from Churchill to Hagoo every three days. So at least we have to wait until the day after tomorrow.

I'm going to be distracted.

Of course, there are ways not to use a boarding carriage.

It's a way to hire your man and get the carriage out. Is it easy to understand when it comes to something like a taxi? I can chase you right after this! That's what I thought - they told me I couldn't do it because of this heavy rain.

"Ahead of the grill..."

To sum up what Ms. Anna explained to me during her time back in the village, here's the deal.

Mr. Agrill seems to be Anna's boss at work.

You think you like people who are basically strong and you also feel alive about working out your people? He said he wanted it to be more solid, but bright and subordinate, and admired.

They prefer to have strong people in their ranks because of their work. Because of its strength, Lusha told me that Anna had repeatedly apologized that Agrill liked her.

I was thinking with the worst assumption, nasty developments or getting assaulted, is that about saving them from anything like that?

... Well, I wouldn't peddle it all because it's Anna's info.

By the way, muscular idiot Yuka Anna says that Agrill will never lie. I don't like belly searching, if you look at it.

"What I'm going to do now is go help Lucha. Going to pick up Lusha's bow when it's done. Just these two..."

Yet I don't have the means to go help Lusha...

"... let's ask if we can complete the bow quickly and negotiate if we can't get the wagon out.... or worst of all, asking for two horse rides?

It may be tough on the average person, but some people might be able to do that if they were adventurers.

"All right, if you decide so, it only works!

The first thing you need to do is go to Mr. Shoesel. Sometimes, if you could introduce me to an adventurer who might help me...

Weave a jacket for the rain, about a fifteen minute walk from the inn.

"Hello, Mr. Shoesel, are you there?

As soon as I spoke, Mr. Shoesel came from the back.

"Oh? I came to ask you for a bow. Isn't that one crack? I haven't done it yet... but it looks like something's happened."

…… How so? "

I was going to stay as calm as possible...... When I sigh small, Mr. Shoesel chuckles.

"Well, it's a sign, a sign. Something felt like that. Besides, if Archer's coming, I still don't think there's ever going to be a party member alone."

Mr. Shoesel put his arms around him as he thought, "Is that it!" He raised his voice.

"He wants me to make a bow, or was he raided?

"No.... or is Mr. Shoesel's customer that radical?

You know, just ask for a bow. They're after you, horrible.

But you mean that's all someone wants his bow... I'd like to get Lucha out of here and get her to fight with Mr. Shoesel's bow.

When it came to chasing Rousha, the bow would be picked up slowly, so I decided not to hide from Mr. Shoesel that it was the temple of the transfer.

"... did that happen..."

"Yes. So, I'd like to go help Lucha right away, but even if it's not a carriage, can you introduce me to a powerful adventurer who can put me on a horse and chase me?

"Mm-hmm. That's right."


With his hands together and his head lowered, Mr. Shoesel turned his gaze to the workshop behind him.

"I don't know what to do. But even though I'm going to have a good bow because of it, it's not fun saying I don't have a user. I figured I'd have to make and use the bow and check that out. The one I'm making right now is going to finish up with the best bow... OK"

"Shh, Mr. Shoesel?

Mr. Shoesel, who spoke of the bump idea, apparently decided what to do in his head, and went straight to the back of the room.

Um... can I follow you too?

"Mr. Shoesel?

When I followed the rest to the back, it was a work place.

Various materials are used in bows that are about to be made. Glowing ore or demonic skin, then a large kiln. I'm excited to find out that it's not the case for a fantasy sight.

"You... did you say Hiroki or something? Until Tanger, you can take my carriage."

"Uh... okay?

"Because you have no choice ~! Otherwise, they won't be able to use the bow right away. If I go with you, you can readjust your bow as soon as something happens."


I never thought Mr. Shoesel himself would cooperate. Thank you immediately and wonder if there is anything I can do to help you prepare.

Mr. Shoesel began to bag forge tools, materials, etc. There's more and more stuff in the larger bag, so it would be the same magic bag as mine.

...... If I go to the city of Tanger, will I finish my bow?

"What can I help you with?

"Hmm? Oh yeah, Hiroki, can you do that?

"Sorry, I've never done this... because I always used a boarding carriage"

"Well, hurry up and find the one who can do it for you. I have to make a bow in the carriage, so I can't have you."

"Yes, I'll look"

I said I'd get ready for the carriage, so I went outside the store to find your man first.

"Who are you..."

Should I ask the innkeeper? When I started walking with that in mind, I noticed Anna walking in from the front.

... I totally forgot about Anna.

"Mr. Hiroki, with this rain, the carriage..."

"Found it"


"The carriage came together by saying that Mr. Shoesel, a forger, would prepare it. However, since I don't have an owner, I have to look for him now..."

When I told her what had just happened, Anna was surprised to hold her mouth. Silence flowed as it was and Anna opened her mouth again wondering what the hell was going on.

"Mr. Shoesel, is that Bow Forger's...?

"Oh, did you know? Yes, that's Mr. Shoesel. I'm in the middle of having Rousha's bow made, but it looks like he'll come all the way to Tanger with me..."

"Wow, I can't believe you could be with Mr. Shoesel! Oh, sorry if I did. Actually, I asked him for a bow, too... and he said no."

With her fingers around, Anna shared her enthusiasm for Mr. Shoesel. Sounds pretty famous among people who use bows......

"I will be your man! If there's a carriage I can get out, I know the way too... wouldn't I be good!?"

"Uh, okay?

"Yes, it's the grill that's bothering you, and let that be about it"

... Anna is much better than looking for someone new because she is somewhat cooperative. Above all, we can leave right away, and Anna is the only one who knows where Agril is going.

Believe her here, it would be nice for the three of us to go help Lusha.

I nod loudly and ask Anna to get ready immediately.

"Please. Get ready so we can get out right away and meet up at Mr. Shoesel's. I want to leave as soon as possible."


All right, now it's time to start rescuing Rusha!

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

18 Taken away......