14 No! Temple of Transfer
15 Lucha's Transfer

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When me and Rusha went in between prayers, there were two beasts.

One has a bow, so it would be Archer named Anna the witch was saying.

Sleek, skinny body, Russian blue cat ears and hair. Beautiful emerald green eyes contain somewhere frightening and frightening.

The outfit is likely to fit your body and move easily, and I think it would be perfect for Archer.

The other is a disappointed white leopard beast.

The chest plate is very thick and the muscles are amazing. It is also easy to imagine that it is a power-oriented avant-garde. If it's with Archer, the party configuration isn't bad.

The clothes of the connecting type are only taken off at the top and come around the waist. My feet are sturdy boots with thick tails wrapped around them and I'm going to accidentally follow them with my eyes.

A man looked at us and stared at us.

"What, you guys. Now Anna's making a transfer, isn't it insane to come in?

I want to say which is insane, but I want to be at ease because I have trouble getting into contention. In other words, such a tenacious adventurer can also snort that it is difficult for a witch to pay attention.

Enjoy wanting to sigh a long time and look at the man.

"I'm an adventurer's hero. This is my partner Lucha."

"Right! I'm an Agrill."

"I'm Anna. Sorry, I got transferred... right?

Oh, Anna sounds like a common sense guy. He seems to know why we came, and he seems so sorry.

"Agril, Mr. Rousha's here to change jobs, too. Because we don't get out very well..................!!"

"But after Anna's transfer..."

"That's why it was too early for me! Want a new job!! I know!? How many times do you think I prayed to God and shot an arrow? I've done it three or two times already, three or two times!! I've never heard of doing so much! God of the Hunter. Excuse me......"

Anna stuck herself on the ground in tears.


Uh, you're having a hard time.

"The reason we're here is because, well... we're here to change jobs, as Anna said. There will be others who can come, and could you give it to us this time?

"Ugh... but hey, we want to change careers too... I feel like we could move a little bit more"

Apparently Mr. Agrill hasn't given up yet. Anna says she's giving up so much, or she's leaving.

I can't wait to hear Anna cry hard from falling down...

I was thinking about what to do with Mr. Agrill, who is very brain-muscled, and Rousha offered Ana her hand.

"Are you okay? Uh, I think it's a good idea to take a break. I think it's hard to say it in a row."

"Mr. Rousha... Wasn't it? Excuse me, thank you. I'm just immature and I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"That's not true. I came here because I wanted to be a hunter too, but if I can't, I might not be able to give up the same..."

So when he also knows what it's like to challenge him over and over again, Rousha laughs bitterly.

"But that's why you can't be alone in prayer! I want to be a hunter too."

"Oh, right. Excuse me! Agril, let's go home once and for all! All you have to do is raise the level again and try again."

When Ana, who got up with Lucha's hand, said so, Mr. Agrill made a loud noise and slapped his hand.

"Then let's take a tour of Lusha's transfer! Maybe you can figure out some kind of career change trick, huh?

"I wouldn't do it three or two times if I knew that..."

Anna bowed her head wanting to give Rousha a tour, as she nodded to Agrill's suggestion that there was no clapping. By the way, Mr. Agrill is royal behind it.

"I don't mind... Hiroki"

"I wouldn't disagree if I were to say I like Lucha.... but Anna to Mr. Agrill. The fact that I have done it over and over again and occupied between prayers seems to be troubling on the part of the Temple as well. So if you visit, let's just finish today."

While I tell her that I accept, this one is going to drink the offer... I tell her that I was asked to do it in a slightly more intense tone.

"Oh yeah, I'm really sorry... Agrill, I'll be home after your tour of Mr. Rousha... I don't want to be ashamed of you any more..."

"Anna...... ok, it's special training when I get home!

"Ugh... ok..."

He seems to be able to pick it up somehow and is relieved.

Well, I'll try.

"Ooh. Come on, Lusha."

Make sure Mr. Agrill and Ms. Anna stop by the edge and Lucha stands in the middle of the prayer. I took a big, deep breath and grabbed my bow.

"[Creative Arrow]!

When you make an arrow as usual, take the Cocatrice wind cut out of your bag and attach it. Yeah, yeah, it's going well.

"Is that... a pretty strong demonic wind cut feather?

"That's splendid."

Mr. Agrill looks intrigued, but I'll keep my mouth shut because I definitely feel like it would be a hassle if I taught him about cocatrice wind cut feathers.

"Okay...... Huh!

Rousha, ready, leads the arrow and pulls the bow.

The place to aim is the ceiling between prayers. Is it about ten meters tall?

If you're a regular archer, I'm sure you can fly arrows to the ceiling without any problems.

What about Lusha?


Insurance is important, insurance is...

"[Shield] [Shield]"



I'll put up a shield for Mr. Agrill and Ms. Anna, just in case. If this happens, there's no problem if Lucha's arrow flies by accidentally!... should be.

"Why did you use the shield?

All I can give back is a haha dry laugh to Mr. Agrill, who looks at me surprised and nasty.

"Look, if an arrow flies in, it's dangerous..."

"That may be true, but it's nothing. This isn't a battlefield. There's no way a prayer arrow for a new job could fly over here."


If you were listening to Mr. Agrill's best opinions, Ana would say, "Ah!" He raised his voice. Take a look, it was just before Rousha pulled a string and shot an arrow.

"Go, yeah, yeah!

An arrow unleashed by Rousha in a mood - worst of all, the arrow flew in a straight line to Mr. Agrill, not to the ceiling.

Wow, something I was afraid of happened... Yikes! But I'm shielded, so I won't get hurt.

How dare you. I was betrayed in a different way.


"Hey - Huh!?"

Mr. Agrill struck the arrow at himself with momentum as it was. The glove on his hand seemed to be a weapon, and the arrow was bounced and stabbed straight into the ceiling.

Is this exactly what you mean when you can't get an open mouth blocked?

"Oh, I'm sorry! Me...!

The moment Lusha rushed to say an apology and tried to walk over here... its body glowed all the time.

The way particles of light dance around Rousha is divine, like a goddess.

"Huh? What is this..."

"I could have moved to hunter! Rousha, look at the status."

"Oh, yeah!

I can't even stay anymore, and I rush under Rusha and urge her.


Lusha Plum

Level: 47

Occupation: Hunter

Attack: 155 + 17 (Equipment)

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Creative Arrow Wind Arrow Water Arrow Fire Arrow Earth Arrow Light Arrow Enchanted Arrow

"He's a hunter... Huh!

"You did it! Congratulations, Lusha."

Lucha looks at me with an extraordinary smile, tears in her eyes. The sentiment of joy and joy comes to me.

"Thanks Hiroki ~! Thanks to Hiroki for everything you've done so far!!"

"- Lusha!

"Eh heh, glad ~"

Lucha hugged me all the time, and I smelled fluffy. I feel my heart ringing like an alarm, my body stiff due to tension.

I don't usually realize this... and I try to tell myself, but it doesn't work that well.

Can I give this back a hug, too?


Subtle I was just about to turn my arm too, unfortunately pulled back into reality.

"Wow, Agrill, shouldn't we take our seats off!?"

"That was awesome bow power, Rusha! You've got a dent in my glove!!"

They were. There were these people.

"Ah! Yes, I did, I'm sorry, Mr. Agrill! Looks like you're not hurt... Good."

When Rousha lowered her head and apologized for the arrow, Agrill opened her mouth and laughed.

"Ha ha! I like it, Rusha. Be my men!!"

"... to?

No, no, no, no, no, what are you talking about, Mr. Agrill?

Seems like it wasn't just me and Rousha who thought that, but Anna as well, who still looks at Mr. Agrill so openly.

"Uh, Mr. Agrill's men? You can't be. Because I'm partying with Hiroki."

"That's right, don't say anything unsolicited, Agril. Both Mr. Rousha and Mr. Hiroki are surprised, aren't they? Instead, I was most surprised, already."

Anna smiles bitterly as she lowers her eyebrows "sorry" to us.

"Agrill often acts on his mind."

"Wait, Anna. I didn't give up, did I? I've heard about the transfer several times, but it seems only the strong are the ones whose blessings from God pour out! That blow made me realize that Rusha is strong, but how much I want him!


Anna roughs up her voice and gets angry at Mr. Agrill, who continues his words selflessly. I want you to say more because there's so much to pull through Rousha.

Lucha immediately turned it down, and this matter will be over.

That's what I thought, but Mr. Agrill made a clear statement of intent that he "didn't like it".


"Isn't that just tyranny? Mr. Agrill."

I also stand in front of Rousha and say no, but Mr. Agrill shook his head to the side. This could have been a pain in the ass.

Mr. Agrill looked at Rousha and laughed slightly at her.

"Lusha! You can be stronger if you come to me! For once, you can come to me, and then you can think about everything."


What the hell are you talking about? This man...!

I thought of complaining about not listening to people, and speaking of which, he was Teng himself sitting here annoying me without listening to a witch.

I didn't expect to be targeted at Rousha.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Agrill, because I want to be with Hiroki -"

"Ohhhhh, [growling]!!"


The moment Rusha tried to put in another no, Mr. Agrill could roar. It's a shock as if you're under air bazooka, and your body is billibly paralyzed.

Breathtaking, I lose my voice to something like Mr. Agrill's intimidation.

- What the hell, this!

"Ha ha! Lusha, let's go!

"What!? Hey, stop... Huh!

Me, Rusha, even Mr. Anna can't move because of the roar. Mr. Agrill took on such an irresistible state of Lucha.

Are you kidding me!!

"... Shh, Lusha!

"Hiroki...... Huh!

I still can't move my body, even though I manage to squeeze and speak out.

"Anna, I'm back with Lucha one foot away!

"Yay, let go...... Huh!!"

Mr. Agrill. - Agrill laughed lavishly and left the door open.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

16 Taken away, Rousha.