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"Hiroki ~! It's morning ~!!"

The next day, I woke up with the sound of Don and the knocking on the door and the delightful voice of Lucha. Looking out the window, I saw the rising blue sky of the morning sun.

"Huh... I'm up. Morning, Lusha."

When I opened the door and spoke to Rousha, a happy smile looked at me.

"Morning, Hiroki! We have time for the carriage, so let's eat fast!

"I'll go when I get dressed, go to the dining room first"

"Yeah, okay"

I dropped Lucha off at the dining room downstairs and I started dressing up for gear.

◆ ◆ ◆

The village of Churchill, near the Temple of Hunter, is the destination for Gatagotto and the boarding carriage.

We safely rode a passenger carriage from Hagou on Harbor Street and came close to it. When I looked the other way, I could see the village in my sight.

"Is that the village of Churchill?

Sounds like a good village.

On a red roof, a brick building. I can see that there are many flowers planted at the entrance to the village, a bright and gorgeous place.

When you look at the part of the fence that surrounds the village, the flowers are blooming with the twigs involved in it. Bees fly near it, so I'm sure they make beekeeping a business in this village as well.

I look forward to my stay when I see how peaceful and idyllic it seems.

Proceeding there, a large tree with a thick trunk is used as an entrance so that a spiral staircase can be installed and climbed on the tree.

When I got to the village and got off the carriage, the villagers welcomed me.

The size is not very large and the population of the village is probably just under 200. Most of them are beasts, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and varieties.

The kids happily came to the carriage and said, "What's the treat?" and called out to your Lord.

"Of course I do. I brought you some cheese today, so look at that, too."

"Well, that always helps."

"Maybe I'll get some cheese, too."

Now the parents of the children came and spoke to your Lord. I noticed that the merchant was traveling with me because I was guiding him to the luggage that was on the carrier.

It also seems hard to get supplies when it's a small village.

"Do we look for Mr. Shoesel from Dwarf?"

"It's a small village, so you'll soon find it."

Look around you as you walk down the path you made on the tree. By the way, if you look down there, there's a field on one side and a beekeeping box, etc.

After a while, a bow sign went into my eye on the lid.

"Oh, isn't that it?


On a red tea roof, a small door. But there's smoke coming up from the chimney of the house, and it's sounding like it's making something with Cancun.

I finally came to the forger I was introduced to. That was a long way to go, and I remember going from the Devil's Continent to the Human Continent and getting here by boat.

I need you to make the finest bow! We stepped into the store deliberately.

Ring the doorbell with Karan and enter the store.


"Is this Mr. Shoesel's shop ~?

When Rousha called her name, she replied "Yes" from the back.

What came out was a dwarf who still seemed young.

He's a little taller than my hips, but his body's disappointed. Bright brown hair is put together in one behind, wearing a long apron.

"What? A human and an elf guest?

They're turning a blind eye to me, aren't they? Lucha seems to realize that too, but she works hard to make a smile because they are amazing people.

"This is Lucha Plum of Archer. I wanted you to make a bow."

"I'm a healer's hero. Lusha, Letter of Reference"

"Oh, I was! I got this for you on Apricot. He was a dog beast and a macho forger."

Lucha took the letter of introduction out of the bag and gave it to Mr. Shoesel.

"When I say dog macho, is that Aaron?... Aaron. It says here I want you to make me a bow."

"Can you please?

"... it's an introduction to Aaron, and for now, I'm going to listen to you."

That said, Mr. Shoesel recommended a chair to me and Rousha.

Looking indoors again, many bows are adorned. Some are erected on walls, but they are hung on walls as far as good things are concerned.

Mr. Shoesel wrote off the reference and said, "So?" and saw us.

"It says there's good material, but what's there?

Mr. Shoesel, who was heartless, but whose eyes seem to sparkle a little and have fun. I guess I have a strong desire to make bows out of precious materials.

... Speaking of which, even a blacksmith who prioritizes interesting requests, Dwarf's old man said.

May it be a material that will somehow make your glasses come true......

I put the mustache and the liquid slime in my bag on my desk. Lucha also put her demon ore on her desk.


Me and Rousha are relieved of Mr. Shoesel for looking at the material and tensing it up. If you look bored here, I don't know what the hell kind of material you'd take on.

"Mm-hmm. But I'm getting another request now."

Mr. Shoesel looks closely at the material to his hand, even as he says so with his arms shattered.

"But demon ore is still one of the romantic materials even as a forger. You can build growing weapons and equipment, so it's the only thing for that person ~"

I know, growing weapons are romance, right?

"I'd love a dirt dragon mustache - if only there was a better material! Because it's a demon ore, more like this..."

Uh-huh, Mr. Shoesel started thinking downwards with his arms together. It wasn't enough that it was a dirt dragon's beard...... or...?

Or if you ask me if I have any other good material... I don't have one. I put my arms together and think the same way.

After a while of worrying, Lucha called my name as she twitched.

"Hiroki, Hiroki......!


"Already, 'hmm?' It's not...! I don't know what to do, bow... I don't know if you can make it..."

Lucha's gaze, shaking anxiously, shifts from me to Mr. Shoesel.

"Materials, materials... I don't know what we have..."

Maybe there's something I can use as a material, and I take the items I've gotten so far out of my bag and leave them on my desk.

Commonly, demonic stones came out of a crate of demons and dungeons. Besides that, on a blasting bead, a giant tree tiara. And then there's the spear the boss Poseidon had.

Uh-huh, when you look at it like this, it just doesn't seem like it can be used as a material. Tiara doesn't know how to use it in the first place, and she's embarrassed to equip it...

"Ooh, hey, this...!

"" Huh?

Mr. Shoesel opened his eyes and took Poseidon's spear in his hand.

"Wouldn't this be nice!? Where did you get this?

"Er... this is the spear that the boss of the undersea dungeon had connecting the Loquat and Apricot continents."

"Boss Materials ~ ~! If you can use this too, maybe you can make an interesting bow!

Asked if he could use it, Mr. Shoesel wouldn't grab the spear and let it go. Well, it's an item I sent out wishing I could use it too, so there's no problem.

Mr. Shoesel laughs more when I tell him that I have no problem using it.

"Well, I'll take your request."

"Yay! Thank you, Mr. Shoesel."

Lucha rises out of her chair and bows her head to Mr. Shoesel. I'll stand up the same way and thank you.

"I'm glad I could ask a famous blacksmith. Best wishes!

"Whoa. I'll take care of it! Oh, let me measure the length of your arm or something."

"Okay. Please!

Take a look at Lucha's arm length and more to see what kind of bow Mr. Shoesel would like to have a hearing on.

He said it would take about a few days to weeks to be able to do the rest, so he plans to pick it up again later when it's done.

"Well, I'll have the greatest masterpiece ready, so look forward to it. Oh, in the meantime, why don't you go to Hunter's Temple and transfer?

Rusha was annoyed by Mr. Shoesel, who said hello.

"But I feel like I could show Hunter something stronger after I took the bow..."

I need an item to move to a hunter, but there are no other clear terms. For this reason, Lucha claims that she wants to go to the temple of transition at her best as Archer.

"Mm-hmm, I don't think that matters. The one who went to transfer while you were asking me for a bow, they all came back as hunters, though?

"What, all of them!? Wow..."

Holding his mouth down and surprised Lusha, Shoesel said, "Daiji-yup!" He says softly.

"In the first place, he said there's no way anyone strong enough to ask me for a bow can move into a hunter ~!


Oh, I see.

It must be difficult, because if I did try to get Mr. Shoesel to make a bow, he would need rare materials, money, etc.

If you're an adventurer to the mid-level, I'm sure you won't even request a bow production due to lack of strength.

In that light, it does seem sensible that someone who can ask Mr. Shoesel to be a hunter.

Now Rousha put her arms together, tilted her neck and thought about it.

"Mm-hmm. What do I do?"

Seems a lot bothered.

I smile bitterly and push Lucha's back with the implication that it's okay.

"Lusha's strong enough, so she's fine without a bow. I promise."

"Hiroki...... yeah. Right, you went to a lot of places with Hiroki. Okay, I'm going to the temple of transition!

Grabbing his fist all the way, Rousha shows her motivation. Those eyes are filled with the mood as if the flames were on fire.

Well, until Rusha becomes a hunter...... we're almost there.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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