11 This liquid......
12 Tangerine landing

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The morning came and I was very relaxed. Why? It would be decided because the ship wobbled in shaking due to a sneaky thunderstorm......!!

Sometimes I got used to it in the second half, and I was able to sleep a little.

...... so we arrive in the Tangerine continent where the beast man lives.

"Wow, wow, wow... wow! I've never seen a city like this before."

"Wow, it's like a city of nature."

The city of the Tangerine continent was built on trees.

The sea enters the woods, and the journey is a boat. Or it looks like the style of walking down a path made on a tree.

The color is darker under the trees, so I can see that depending on the time zone, the tide is full and one side of the area becomes the sea.

The people of the city, mostly beasts. Then there's the elves, and there's the humans. Sometimes it's called Harbor Street, and I guess there are different races staying here.

"First go to the Adventurer Guild and buy a map"

"Yeah, we need to find Shoesel, the foreman who makes the bow."


Lucha's bow gets a letter of introduction to a forger named Shoesel.

From the temple where he moves to a hunter, he says he is a dwarf living in the closest village.

He's a blacksmith who only makes bows for everything, and he's got the information that he seems to be a little celebrity among dwarves.... He just doesn't know if he'll take the request right away because of some random things.

Going up the stairs and out onto the road on the tree, I saw the Adventurer's Guild.

"Exactly. You didn't build the guild on the tree."

"It would be heavy. Freudian said it was made of special ore."

The Adventurer's Guild was built from within the sea and the entrance was facing a path on a tree. The way many adventurers are in and out is the same on every continent.

I went in early and decided to check the bulletin board to see what kind of request I had first.

"Which ~?

Lucha sees the request with pleasure and nods humbly.

"Honey field watch, special herb collection, escort... the basic part doesn't seem that different"

I looked through the requisition, too, but nothing seems unusual.

"There's a lot of nature, so it sounds like a lot of sampling systems."

"Yeah. I guess the truth is, when you get a request for an escort, you can get paid, but we'll drop by with a dungeon."

"While escorting him, he also has a client to pay for the trip."

Once you get used to fighting there, Rousha tells you that there are many adventurers who will be asked to escort you.

"That said, even to the neighborhood...... there are many neighborhoods though. Long distances and dangerous places can't be served without arms."

"It would be troublesome if the client's status was high..."

"There's that too."

I know some people are good, but I still don't want to get too involved with the royalties and nobles of this world.

"Hey, let's go to reception and ask for information. We need to buy a map to Hunter's Temple."

"You did. We have to find out how to get there."

Go to the empty reception and tell them that we are new to the Tangerine continent.

"Hello and welcome to the Tangerine Continent!

The receptionist, who greeted me with a much better smile, was a dog beast with saggy ears. With a smile on his face, he said, "I can help you!," he clapped his hand.

"Best wishes. Now that I'm here to move to Hunter, I want a map to the Temple."

"Transfer! Congratulations, I understand ~!

He immediately took the map out of the drawer and showed it to me on the counter.

"Where I am now, is Hagoo on Harbor Street... here"

The receptionist pointed his finger at where the ship from the Loquat continent would arrive. He pointed a little southeast from there and saw us.

"Here is a temple for a transfer to Hunter. In the immediate vicinity, there is a village called Churchill. If you're staying, I like the village there."


If you look on the map, it doesn't look that far. From previous experience, is it something like two days in a passenger carriage......

"Is there a ride carriage or something out there?

"Yes, I'm out! I just don't get direct flights to Churchill every day. Once every three days, the next flight is tomorrow."

The fact that Churchill is a small village and the Temple of Transfer doesn't even have the chance to go that way doesn't seem like a lot of carriages.

Then I guess I'll take a sightseeing and relax for the day.

"Can you give me a map of Tangerine and where the passenger carriage is out?

"Of course! The city faces the sea, but when you go to the land side, the ground shows its face in about half. A little further inland from there, there's a big ranch, and that's where the carriage runs. If you go, you'll find out soon enough!

"Thank you"

I see, is it about half of the city that the ground is at sea?

"Is there any other city besides here that faces the sea this way?

"Oh, there is! This is what cities and villages look like facing the sea, but even inland, during the rainy season, there can be big puddles… Most places make houses on trees."

Then, in tangerine, we're going to start living on trees. We left the Adventurer Alliance behind, thinking that was a little exciting.

◆ ◆ ◆

After a little sightseeing in the city, I took an inn.

He crept through the interior of an old large tree and chose a house built there. There are a lot of plants in there, and it looks like they're in a designed forest.

"It's beautiful. Flowers are blooming from the wall, and it's kind of not a building!

"You look like a tree."

"Haha, you did!

I was led to about six tatami rooms.

A fluffy bed with a small desk and chair. What a lovely room with flowers blooming from the walls.

When I sat down in bed, Lucha sat in a chair.

"All right, let's schedule it from tomorrow!

"Right. The carriage is first thing in the morning, so we have to go to bed early."

Apparently, the city of beasts is early in the morning.

The boarding carriage was also taught in the Adventurer's Guild that it was leaving around eight in the morning. By the way, they close most shops at night, except for the tavern, around 8: 00.

Lucha is spreading the map to her desk to confirm her schedule.

"You're leaving here tomorrow morning, staying overnight in a village halfway through the night... and then after lunch the next day you get to Churchill's village near the Temple of Hunter, right?

"That's what you said. I guess I'll be there sooner than I thought."

"Tangerine seems to have good horse quality. I was wondering if it's the environment you're growing?

Horses, not road maintenance. Speaking of which, I thought you said it was the ranch that runs the boarding carriage. It's the Beast Man who's raising him, and maybe he has a knack for something.

I'm happy to get there relatively quickly, and I'll also confirm the transfer to a bow or hunter.

"First I want you to make a bow in the village, then I want to go to the temple of transfer. Anyway, I'd like to take some new gear."

"Oh. It'll take me a while to make it, and I think I could use a workout first"

The material you give to make the bow is also discussed with Lucha.

"It's two things:" The Mustache of the Earthdragon ", which I got on Apricot, and" The Liquid of the Slime ", which I bought on a ship."

"And let's use demon ore. You look so good with growing weapons."

"Huh! Using such a precious thing is a waste... but would it be a waste not to use it"

Demon Ore is a rare ore given to me by Lord Tito.

It has the characteristic of growing and few things of good quality are ever on the market. One of those substitutes that isn't going to be so easy, even if you want to get it.

"Then there are three precious materials!? My bow, how luxurious will it be...... I can't predict at all ~!!"

"That's going to be awesome offensive! I'm looking forward to it too."

"I wonder if it will be tomorrow soon...... I can't wait to leave! I'm stopping by the dungeon. I don't have time for this!

I can't believe Lusha told me I didn't have to go to the dungeon. He's so excited to finish his bow. Unexpectedly, my cheeks loosen.

"So go to sleep today and get ready for tomorrow. If I overslept, I'd have to wait three days."

"Ha! That's right, you have to go to sleep now! Good night Hiroki!!"

"Oh... oh"

It's just too early to relax and go out for dinner somewhere - I tried to say that, but Rousha left the room in a hurry.

... No, you're not sorry...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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