10 Departure for the Tangerine Continent
11 This liquid......

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In the boat, more than I expected - it rocked.

"Wow, this is... yabba"

"It's so shaky I thought it was a storm"

Walk flirting with the sway and reach the room. Although it is narrow because it is only about triple tatami, it would be like this if I just slept overnight.

There is one cushion on the floor and a hammock hangs from the ceiling.

"I've never had a hammock before."

"Me too! I'm kind of looking forward to going to bed."

"You might not be too concerned about shaking this either. It's early for bed though... look around even on the ship"


Me and Rusha each left their bags in the room and tried to get out on the deck.

The ship, which was tremendously shaken when leaving the harbour, has also settled down a little now. If you walk carefully, you won't be likely to fall, or you can walk straight.

"I always thought it was that shake, but you didn't seem to"

Lusha looks heartbroken and strokes her chest that I was good too.

In the boat, they each spend their time doing thoughtful things.

People watching the ocean or adventurers caring for weapons. Some people are drinking, others enjoy chatting.

"Oh? What are you doing with that?

Among them, there was a crowd that caught my eye. I asked Lucha if she knew, and she nodded softly.

"That's a pedestrian. Looks like you're doing a little business on the boat."

"Heh... let's go too"


I was spreading the bathroom on the ship and selling a little accessory and demonic material on it.

Just where a couple of men and women buy a necklace and walk away, all that's left are a few adventurers looking at the material.

"Good evening, adventurer?

The store owner's grandma sees us with all the good stuff.

"I'm an adventurer. You're also dealing with demonic materials."

"Ouch. I'm going to sell it in tangerine, and I'm going to buy the other one and come back."

Sometimes it means you're on the same boat with me, and they're going to sell you the stuff they're going to sell first.

When I go to Tangerine, I will gear up Lucha first, so if I have a good material that I can use for my bow, I would like to buy it...... or so?

My share is on hold for now, and that's Rusha's share first.

Looking at the material, the boat shakes a lot. The adventurers look at me as I accidentally fall and grab hold of the ship.

"What, maybe this is your first ship?

"That's right. Not yet, but as soon as I sailed, I was amazed at how shaky it was."

This is the first ship in this world, although I have been on it in Japan. You know how comfortable you've been...

The adventurer who spoke to me laughed and nodded that he would be.

"I sucked when I first rode, too. Besides, I was seasick, so I was glocky all the way to Tangerine."

"Wow, that's tough..."

I'm not that weak for a ride, but I just know very well that if I get drunk, it's hard. I don't even know if there's such a good thing about anti-drunkenness...

... I guess being on a high ship over and over means you're a pretty strong adventurer? That kind of question comes to mind.

If I asked you about the material, you might get some advice.

"I'm looking for material to make their bow, do you have any recommendations?

"Hmm? A bow... then I think this material would be nice"

The material the adventurer said so took was a bottle containing some liquid.... What liquid is in there?

The color looks blue and loose, but I don't have a good feeling about it. Blood or body fluids in the first place...

Now the pedestrian old man laughs because I look more and more like him.

"It's not that scary. This is the liquid that compressed the slime. Paint it on your gear and it'll be pretty tough."

"" Eh... "

Me and the voice of Lucha I was watching behind me is hammered. Apparently, Rousha didn't know who this liquid was either.

"I've never heard of slime like that..."

Really slime? And Rousha sees the adventurers and pedestrians she recommended.

"It's a special process, so we don't have a lot of merchants working with it, do we? Even if you're as merchant as I am, you can finally buy it once in a while."

"There's something strange in the world..."

Looking at the other adventurers, it's like half the people who know and don't know about this material. Incidentally, the price is higher at 500,000 lots.

Should I buy it? Shouldn't I buy it because it's suspicious?... but if I miss this one, I might not be able to get it. Thinking about it, I'd like to buy it......

"Hmmm...... Lusha, what do we do?

"Gear's gonna be sturdy...? I take care of the bow, but it's pretty awful... I wonder if you want it."

"Oh well, it's tough just to take care of it"

I wish I could come back to my inn every time and take care of it slowly, but in our case, there are a lot of wildlife. If you go to a dungeon with a lot of hierarchies, that's not the easy way to go home......

Definitely the gear should be sturdy......!

"Okay, let's buy that and use it as a material to make a bow"

"Yay! Thank you, Hiroki."

"You don't have to thank me. It belongs to the party."

If you want something, don't hesitate to say it.

"Are you guys sure you want to buy it?

"Huh? Yes, I'm going to... Was there a problem as well?

He asked me in surprise, so I lean my neck. Could it be that this is not for sale with a customer product… how tough is it?

But it didn't seem so, and the old man in the street probably shook his head and denied it.

"Nah, because it's a good price item. Even though I know it's rare and hard to get, few people buy it."

That's why I was surprised, he told me why.

"You guys are quite an adventurer in arms for buying this easily.... will be half a million lots."

"Oh... was that what happened? I made money going to the dungeons, so I can afford a little."

That's what I reply to, while I give you half a million lots to receive the liquid of the slime. Keep it in your bag, but don't resurrect me somehow... I don't think so.

"Hi Maido. Hope you can get some good gear."

"Yes, thank you"

At the end of the deal, I heard the sound of thunder, gobbling from the sky...... If you look up at the sky in a hurry, there is a black cloud at the end of the boat.

It's not raining, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

"Wow, thunderstorms..."

"It's time to do business. Look, you guys better go back to your rooms and get some sleep."

"Right. When I see a thunderstorm, I feel like I've come to Tangerine, and I guess I'll be there when I wake up."

"We'll go back first, bye."

The adventurers seemed to return to the room one foot away, rising from the spot and looking at this one.

"I was able to buy valuable materials, thank you"

"Thanks for letting me know about the material!

"Whoa! Come on!

The adventurers go back to their rooms and the old man in the street starts cleaning up too. We have nothing to do either, so you should go back to your room and get some sleep.

... thunderstorms mean it's close to a storm. I have a lot of anxiety about whether the ship won't sink or how long the hell it will shake...

"We're going back to the room, too."

"Oh. Thanks for the good business. Have a good trip!

"Welcome, thank you"

Me and Rusha decided to go back to our room and rest until we got straight to Tangerine.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

12 Tangerine landing