9 Take a breath......
10 Departure for the Tangerine Continent

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One night after the Battle of Cocatrice, I woke up early.

"... I slept about past evening."

I fought Cocatrice in the morning and then ate and fell asleep. I went into bed and fell asleep in three seconds, and it was neat.

Looking at the state of the city, is it about six o'clock?

"Lusha will still be asleep... oh, I think I'll buy some tickets to the ship"

I can't believe I can't ride with overcapacity. I won't hang up if it turns out. When I got out of bed and changed into my regular gear, I left the inn.

"Mm-hmm! Nice sea breeze."

The harbour had been vibrant since morning and it seemed that fishing had already taken place.

Fresh fish are sold in nearby markets and some are coming to buy them. In addition, it looks like they have cookouts for people working on restoration.

"Well, the ship going to the Tangerine Continent..."

Looking around, unlike a simple fishing vessel, he discovered a decorated passenger vessel. The people with the luggage are on board, so I'm sure there's a ship out of there.

Just at the pier, there was a building that served as a waiting area.

When I opened the door and went inside, there was a reception, lined up with people on the boat. I'm glad I came early to see how things were going because I'm waiting for a few of you.

Wait in line for the order and ask how the ship is sailing.

"There you are. Tangerine ships leave every evening. We arrive the next morning..."

To go to Tangerine, will you stay overnight on the ship? Looks like a luxury passenger ship, looks like fun.

"After Cocatrice left, has the number of ships not decreased?

"The number of boats fishing and going to nearby islands is decreasing, but going to Tangerine has been one before. I can still afford a ticket, but what are we gonna do?

"Then two, please"

"Yes. One hundred thousand lots each, so two hundred thousand lots."

That's a good price for a ship.

I'll pay the price and pick up the ticket to the ship. All you have to do is get on the boat in the evening, and tomorrow you'll already be tangerine.

Before I went back to the inn, I even came to a place of battle with Cocatrice. 'Cause I was just wondering what was going on with the debris and all that stuff.

Then, 80% of the burns had already been removed.

"Wow, fast..."

"Everybody's working together."

I was crushing unconsciously, and the old lady who just brought the plug replied.

"My son and his wife's fixer were damaged. The people I know and the regular people rushed to me, so I had enough people."

"Looks like it."

"You're an adventurer, aren't you? Did you fight Cocatrice for me?

"Yes, I've never had an emergency call, and at first I was surprised..."

When I told her that I had taken part in the crusade, my aunt thanked me "thank you".

Then I'll go back to the inn.

"Oh. Get some rest."

"Too much already, I let you sleep."

"Good for you"

My aunt laughed at my words.

On the way back to the inn, go into the open shop and buy food. The main thing is sun-dried meat, and then some sweets.

Can I eat in the boat...... if that's what you think, Lusha came over here waving at me from before.

"Hiroki ~! I won't be here when I wake up!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I bought a ticket because I had to miss the boat."

"Really? Thanks. What time are you sailing?

"Even in the evening. So I was wondering if it felt like we were gonna spend the night on the boat."

Describing the time and the landing strip, Rousha shakes "sounds like fun".

"Then I have to say hello to the Freudians."

"Right. Is everyone in the inn?

"Yeah. I didn't even ask you to do it today, 'cause you said you were going to rest"

That's exactly what you asked for the day after the Battle of Cocatrice, don't be too hard.... If it was Rousha, I'd normally go to a dungeon or something.

"Hiroki, I'm selling honey over there! Let's get it!

"Huh? But you're purchasing that from tangerine...?

I laugh bitterly at Rousha for finding the honey shop.

I'd rather buy real honey with tangerine than just now...... that's what I was thinking, but Rousha told me it wasn't.

"This isn't my own, it's a souvenir to Tina's! Because honey is split into bites, it's good for cold prevention."

"Honey can be bactericidal or something, so maybe it's a good idea. He says it's okay to drink before bed."

I don't quite buy honey myself...... Besides, Freud doesn't buy his own honey. Perhaps it's rude.

Because we talked about that, we might get sick in Nojuku, and we're starting to feel like we should buy our share.

While Rousha chooses the honey to give to Tina and the others, she buys her share.

"All right, make it this way! I don't know, Hiroki."

The honey that Rousha chose for her souvenir came in a vial about the size of a pinky finger. That's in the bag, three vials of honey apiece.

"Yeah, I think so"

"Then I'll get you one! So, you bought a hero too?

"For me and Lusha. I often go wild, even if I have one."

"It could be good for sure. Thanks!"

I smiled like a soldier and Rusha did the accounting as well. All you have to do is go back to the inn and say hello to the Freudians and we'll leave.

◆ ◆ ◆

I'm coming back to the inn, and I'm just going to Freuds and Dia's room. There was Tina, too, and the three of us seemed to be discussing the future.

"Ooh, Hiroki. What's the matter with you?

"I decided to take this evening's flight to Tangerine, so I came to tell you that"

"Did you get the ticket?

"No problem"

Freud invited me in, and me and Rousha sit in a chair.

"It's a pretty big room for two."

There was a table for four, with Freuds sitting on his bed and Tina and Dia sitting at his desk. So let me sit in an empty seat.

"We often work at parties, so there's a lot of room for two or more people with desks."

"Oh, so we can have an operational meeting?

"That's what I'm talking about."

There will also be stories about skills that people don't want to hear about, and I think this kind of place is important again. If it's a large number, all the more so.

"When it comes to breaking up, I miss you"

"Right. But I guess I'll see you again? Even this time, we could throw another party."

Make Tina smile that I'm okay. Though the base city may be hard to get around and meet, don't keep traveling yet.

"... right. Keep it stronger, now go to the more challenging dungeons!

"Oh, I'm looking forward to it. I'll sharpen my support skills too."

Healer...... As a Priest, you will still be able to learn a lot of skills. Even Lucha, who is moving to hunter, has great potential.

As we talk about the future, Dia also says, "Me!," he raised his hand.

"Let's party together again."

"Of course. Good luck with Dia's career change, too"

"Whoa! After all, you're a dungeon trampler! Remember your skills and expand your activity."

After all, they seem to think skills are important, and the Dias seem to be maneuvering to attack relatively less challenging dungeons from now on to get a book on acquiring skills.

I know, because I want to use a lot of skills, and it's useful to have one.

"Me too, but I also need to increase the variety of Tina's magic skills. Look, if you could use the magic of the demonic weakness attribute, you'd be strong, right?

"Right, I wish I could use the four attributes.... but I'm lucky to be able to gain any skills."

"Really. Besides, if it's a less challenging dungeon, there aren't many books on acquiring skills..."

When it looks long ahead, Dia drops her shoulder.

"Let's work together, Dia!

"Tina...... right, if you don't give up, you'll get a book on acquiring skills too!

"Yeah! Good luck with that so I can party with Mr. Hiroki!

"Oh, oh..."

Dia is also laughing and answering Tina, who is furiously motivated.

... Sounds like it's time to go to port because we have time for the ship. When I sent Lusha my gaze, I nodded and took the honey out of my bag.

"Yes! The honey I bought at the store earlier. It's a souvenir for everyone."

"Oh, Thankyou!

"Wow, thank you. Mr. Rousha."

"Wow, it's golden..."

Freuds, Tina and Dia happily received it.

Nonetheless, Tina stares at the vial with a lukewarm look.

"You can put it in tea, or you can apply it to bread, right? Of course, it looks delicious to eat like this!

That's right, girl, you seem so lost in how you eat.

Freud looks at me, then out the window. The sun is starting to set a little, so I guess you cared about the time.

"If you miss the boat, it's tough. You're going now, aren't you?

"Is it that time already...... Let's hunt together again, Mr. Hiroki."

"You're going to be awesome avant-garde enough to rely on Hiroki."

Freud gets up and tells me to drive him to the front of the inn. Tina seems sorry she wanted to talk more and Dia has plenty of intentions.

"Yeah, I'll be a hunter too!

"I want to see Lucha's hunter soon."

When I snorted at Lusha's words, the Freudians agreed.

We'll all go straight to the front of the inn and have them drop us off.

"Well, good luck with that! Evasive healer!"

"Freud is the one who's going to protect Tina and Diane, right?

"Wow! We'll both be stronger."

As I was joking with Freuds, I hugged Tina as if she was going to hit me.

"Mr. Hiroki ~! Ugh."


"I knew I missed you so much..."

Hey...... Huh!

I don't know what to do with all of a sudden, I see everyone.

Freuds is niggling, and Dia looks kind of grumpy. Don't look at me like that! Lucha doesn't even feel slightly upset.

I have no choice but to gently stroke Tina's back.

"It's not like we're breaking up this life, is it?

"... Yes. I'm sorry I bothered you."

Tina rubbed her moist eyes and forced me to make a smile.

"I'll be strong enough to cross the continent, too, and go for the wizard!

"That's exciting."

"... and then will you throw a party with me?

Didn't... Tina's orange eyes have looked at me. aspirations, I feel like the word applies.

"Sure. Let's throw another party together and go to the dungeon"

"... Yes. Thank you, Mr. Hiroki."

Tina smiles with a grin and walks away from me to Freuds' side. And he waved at us and suddenly breathed.

"Come on in, Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha!

"Yeah, I'm coming!

"I'll get you another souvenir! I'm coming!

We headed to the Tangerine continent while the Freudians dropped us off.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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