8 Wind cutting feathers
9 Take a breath......

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"I'm glad everyone's okay. Ahhh!

We got the wind cut feathers, and we joined the Freudians in front of the Adventurers Guild. I'm going to go back to the inn and rest.

As soon as we met, Tina came to us in tears.

"I'm glad Tina wasn't hurt either. Everything all right?

"Yes! Because I was just using magic from the rear. That said, I've run out of magic along the way... so I've been resting."

I'm recovering, so it looks like Tina just joined the Freudians, too.

Freuds banged me on the back and said, "Good job!" He labors me.

"Don't be surprised by Hiroki and Rousha. I can't believe you even took down Cocatrice."

"Because all the adventurers worked hard for me. I couldn't defeat my attack alone."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Somewhere humble Lusha tells Freuds to be more dignified. Dia, who is next door, also nodded and told me what he was looking at.

"I was watching because I was up front, but Rousha was really good looking. I trembled when I went in front of Cocatrice..."

Dia didn't seem to move better than she intended, and she's going to regret it. Freuds looking at it beside him has a gaze to keep an eye on. I guess I'm glad that Dia was able to face her own strengths about this one.

"It was a battle with such a big demon, I think it's normal to tremble. You just have to go through a lot more and get used to it. Dia will still be growing up."

"... oh. I'm gonna make you stronger than you can beat Hiroki! Hey, Tina."

"Yeah! I'll try harder too"

Tina also held her fist and told her intentions, when she was called out by the pretense.

"Oh, you were here"


Looking back, the Alliance Master had just come out of the Adventurer Alliance. Speaking of which, you haven't been particularly involved since you first got the instructions...

"I heard you killed Cocatrice. [M] Thank you, thank you"

"No, as an adventurer, naturally."

The Alliance Master is looking a little tired and has a nearby neighborhood under his eyes. Considering I've been up all night about this, I can't help it either.

It looks like it's going to be tough in the end.

"Besides, it's a" avoid ”evasive healer. I've never seen that status before, but no... it's amazing."

"Thank you. But... it's regrettable that the damage has been done."

"Because I'm a healer, and I don't need to hold that much. There's been damage to the city, but it's a lot better than the worst possible assumption. Everyone appreciates it."

Worst case scenario, the city would have destroyed it all, Guildmaster says.

"Yeah, well, I hear you got the material, too. And then the reward will be distributed at a later date, so take it. You can also receive it in the Adventurer Alliance of a different city."

"I got a wind cut feather. Because she's about to change careers."

"Oh, that was the item Hunter needed to change his job. Great material, so I'm sure the temple god will like it too. I look forward to being a good hunter."

The Alliance Master laughed at Lucha and told her to work hard and support her.

"Yes! I want to be stronger and do a lot of things as an adventurer"

"You're expecting a lot of this. Thinking about this one, what future feats will you accomplish... it won't be worth the year and I'll be excited."

Talking about that, an official came out of the guild looking for Gilmouth. Apparently, he's going to be having a meeting, and he's going to be busy.

"You were here, weren't you, Guildmaster? Now that the meeting is ready, please take a seat."

"Oh, okay....... thank you very much for this powerful. Then I'll be excused."


The Alliance Master thanked me for watching me, Rousha, Freuds, Tina and Dia at the end. I'll drop you off at the guild and then I'll see Freuds.

"Guild masters are tough...... I don't even seem to have time to rest."

"Well, that's all that's happened. Well, let's go to the inn and get some sleep."

Freud walked out, so we follow.

The inn we were looking after is more central to the city than the Adventurer Guild, so it hasn't been damaged by Cocatrice.

On the way to the inn, the city people who were in the process of cleaning up and renovating got word of thanks and thanks.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Celebrate the Kokatris Crusade, Kampey!!"


Back at the inn, Freuds just grabbed a glass of ale. We laugh bitterly, too, followed by the head of that toast.

Well, I can't help it either.

There were plenty of dishes available in the dining room. A damsel who heard of Cocatrice's crusade was back from evacuation to make a treat for the adventurers.

Even though it was hard for us to evacuate ourselves, the adventurers are more tired......

"Huh, you're exceptional ale after the fight!

"That's what Mr. Freuds always says."

Tina is laughing bitterly and drinking fruit soda. And then he saw me and Lusha, and he asked me what my plans were for the future.

"You're going across the ocean to the Tangerine continent, right? Because of the commotion in Cocatrice, the harbor isn't out now either... but from what I hear, it looks like it's going to run tomorrow with fewer copies"

"Is the ship moving now?"

"Yes, we won't be able to secure much fish unless we go fishing."

That, too, convinces me of Tina's story.

It is common for ingredients to be consumed within a few days, as this does not mean that ingredients are stored frozen here.

"What, if you're leaving tomorrow, you can go as soon as you want. Even Lusha, you'd better move fast, wouldn't you?

"Huh? Well, I'd be happier with that... even though there's restoration work and stuff"

Rusha is worried that I'm kind of sorry I'm going to change jobs at my own convenience.

But Freuds laughed and "don't worry," he drank Yale all at once.

"When it comes to restoration work, there's not much we adventurers can do. I might be able to help with debris removal and transportation of materials for repair... the only damage is in the corner of the city, so I don't need the manpower to get there."

"The city people are actively helping, and tomorrow morning we'll have a paragraph on debris removal, right?

"Oh, is that...?

Considering that there are no heavy machines or anything like that, the restoration of the city would take a lot of time... but they don't.

To my question, Dia nodded softly.

"A city this big is rarely attacked by demons, but there are occasional stories about villages."

"Right, there are villages occasionally...... So a lot of people are used to restoring these hands."

"I see..."

Sometimes I wondered how often it was, but it was somewhat hard to hear.

I've stayed in villages a few times since I was summoned to this world, but that never happened.... Let's think we got lucky.

Speaking of which, I also recall that at the entrance to the village the villagers stood like gatekeepers.

"If that's the case, it's still safer for the city to base it."

"Even the village doesn't, does it? Once every few decades or something like that. It depends on the demons around you, so there will be a problem with the location."

"There are many villages near the mountains, so the monsters are closer to the city."

Though it's hard to figure out where to live with or without demons, it does matter. I wish every city or village had a strong adventurer, but it doesn't even work that well......

I wish you were an adventurer like me, but if you're not, you're just scared of demons.

"So you don't have to worry about restoration."

"Then... I got the wind cut feathers too, and do you want to go as soon as possible? That way you can increase your strength and go to many more places! Hey, Hiroki."

"Right. Why don't you take the boat tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah, I agree!

Thus light, it was decided to go to the Tangerine continent where the beast man will live on tomorrow's ship….

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

10 Departure for the Tangerine Continent