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When I went back to my room alone, I sat back in bed and took a breather.

... I never thought this would happen.

"What you have to do now is sleep and regain strength"

You may not be able to secure much sleep, but you cannot challenge your supposedly disaster-class demon opponent to battle for lack of sleep.

When we become crusaders and start attacking, the adventurers who are now holding back will take a break. Once rested enough, those adventurers are also to join the crusade.

"You're going to be in a lot of a hurry."

I've never had such a massive fight before, so I want to make sure I have all the information around me. It would be a rear guard position because it's a healer, and if you pay attention, it's not that hard...... I'd like to think.

"If you don't start, you won't know."

No one spoke of it, but it's a disaster-class demon.... maybe even the dead will come out. My role is to reduce that number.

- I won't let you out, if I could say so, I'd look good.

Exactly putting that in your mouth is heavy. Of course I'll try to fight with that intention, but it won't be that easy.

"... no, don't just think about something you don't like. Let's get some sleep."

There will be instructions from the Alliance Master tomorrow regarding detailed maneuvers and combat placements. Now let's just think about resting our bodies.

Sleep on the bed and keep your eyes closed. Fortunately, I was able to fall asleep immediately thanks to going to the dungeon during the day.

◆ ◆ ◆

- The next day, early morning.

I woke up naturally and immediately opened the window in my room. I wanted to know what was going on out there, and if I could see Cocatrice... what a thought.

"No damage to the city means Cocatrice hasn't arrived yet."

I'm sure the adventurers are desperately stopping me.

Get dressed and I'll head to the dining room upstairs. There, there were already three of us, Rousha, Tina and Dia, in the middle of breakfast.

"Good morning, all three of you."

When I tell you that, Lucha laughs.

"Morning, Hiroki. I knew I was nervous...... I woke up"

"Me too. Good morning, Mr. Hiroki."

"Ha. I knew I was going to fight Cockatrice. I can't sleep..."

After all, all three of them couldn't seem to sleep because they were concerned about Cocatrice.

Now at the table for four, Tina and Dia are next door to each other, and Lucha sits across from them. Sitting next to Rousha, the innkeeper general brought me breakfast.

"Thank you...... you haven't evacuated?

The average person should have planned to evacuate when the sun rose in the morning. I'll ask the general if there was anything wrong with it.

"No, I'm not. We'll be the only ones evacuating when you fight Cocatrice. [M] I wanted to prepare something warm for you at least for breakfast."

That's all I can do, but the general smiles.

Looks like you've delayed evacuation for us adventurers, with no regard for danger. To that care, my chest gets hot.

"Thank you. Cocatrice will be defeated by us."

"That's dependable. I hope so, adventurers!

The Rushas will soon agree with my words.

"Of course! It's hard to live if there's damage to the city! Somehow, we have to stop before we get to the city!

"Oh! Protecting our citizens is a fine role for us adventurers."

"I'll do my best too......!

Lucha and Dia were intent, and Tina seems to have turned her belly in the night, too. That's an adventurer, not a half-breed feeling.

I have to hold on, too.

"Well, let's eat and go to the Adventurer Guild!

"" "Oh!!" "

It was us who meant it this way, but I accidentally forgot Freuds and was about to leave... keep it to myself.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Wow, you're a great guy"

"You've all gathered for the Cocatrice crusade. I have to work hard too!

When we reached the Adventurer's Guild, there was a large crowd gathering in front of the entrance.

A number of simplified tents have been erected, among them supplies and instructions for operations. There was also a nursing tent for Mark of the Cross, where several adventurers were carried.

... a stalled and wounded adventurer?

"In the meantime, let's get directions, too. We'll be leaving soon."

"Okay. As a healer, it looks like I could be a rescue tent."

"No, Hiroki is backup support. Few healers can go to battle zones."

"Uh... Speaking of which, you heard that"

In the first place, few are human and healer positions. Even fewer people work as adventurers.

The healers in the ambulance tent were usually taught that they were the ones who opened the clinic.

That's why I'm a battle squad.

"It's about Soyu. It's like that tent over there with Gilmouth."

Just next to the entrance to the guild, there was a huge tent. So, an Alliance Master in armor is giving instructions.

A disappointing figure, a piercing figure. That's the guild master, he's going to tremble unexpectedly.

Freuds took the initiative and spoke to Gilmouth.

"Oh, you're the adventurer who got the emergency call. Thank you for your cooperation."

"As an adventurer, it's natural. This is a party of two knights, a magician, an archer, and a healer."

"That helps"

Upon Gilmouth's greeting, when Freuds introduced us, the role was immediately assigned.

"The two Knights are avant-garde troops. There are multiple teams that can rotate together. Go to the crime scene and see which team you belong to."



Freud nods and Dia replies with momentum.

"Next, the two magicians and Archer will be part of the rear guard team."



Lucha and Tina also nod and acknowledge.

"If you have any anxiety, I don't mind having you back off. If you can't do it and get your feet together, you'll lose your morale."

That's just Gilmouth, and the harshness mixes in the words. Probably told me that because Tina and Dia are still young.

And finally, I saw mine.

"You say you're a healer, but do you have a problem thinking you're a healer who can take part in the fight?

"Yes, that's fine"

"Right...... Healers are in tough shape because they don't want to be part of a battle team because of their small numbers. Thank you."

"If that's what I can do, I'll help."

When asked in detail, there are thirteen healers in the ambulance tent and only three are on the battle team. Let me in, there are four healers in the field.

Sure this is going to be a tough fight......

"Currently Cocatrice is closer than halfway between a seawind dungeon and the city...... here. We can't let them into the city, so we can stop them at any rate -"

The moment Gilmouth said that, a loud chirp reached his ear.


The sound of that voice is like a shock wave. Cold sweat flows through your body with a tingling sensation.

"Whoa, whoa, that's Cocatrice...!

Cocatrice, who often emerged in the game, and pretty much the same demons were there.

The body is a hen, and the part of its tail is a snake. The eyes are red and grey odd eyes, and the pressure to relax strikes.

The stumbling blocks of the adventurers were also vain, and Cocatrice came all the way to the city. The gate is destroyed and the house is crushed.

Cocatrice came this way ruthlessly.

"If I were little, I'd just be a hen..."

Its size in Cocatrice is ten meters......!

"I can't believe it's that big... eh"

"Tina, just back off!

When Cocatrice moved his wings, he had considerable jumping power, although he could not fly.

Keep going in here, and everyone opens their eyes. I can't make an immediate decision on what to do, and nobody tries to move.

"- Retreat to the Adventurer Alliance!!"

"...... Huh!!"

Everyone reacts to Gilmouth's voice as it cleaves the air. And soon, he screams and enters the Adventurer Guild.

Priority is given to those who were at the point where Cocatrice was about to land. Skilled adventurers were able to guide them and somehow evacuate them.

"Except for the battle position, everyone goes inside the guild!! The battle position starts attacking Cocatrice!

"" "Oops!!" "

The adventurers respond to Gilmouth's hanging voice and head to Cocatrice, which is approaching the present. That avant-garde number is a little over twenty.

... If that's about it, can you do something?

"[Shield] [Shield] [Shield] [Shield] [Shield] …"

Prioritize your support skills to the adventurers heading to Cocatrice. After the shield, Regene. After that, you'll also need to put your shield back on a few times.

I was distracted by the sudden start of a massive battle.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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