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5 Freudian judgment

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"Bye, Kampei!

When I got to the dining room at the inn, Freuds immediately grabbed Yale. I couldn't seem to wait and immediately drank out the contents.

Tina and the others seem used to it already, ordering their favorite dishes.

Watching as it goes, I say what I wonder.

"Will you start investigating the guild right away?

"Hmm? Oh, isn't that as early as tomorrow morning? You can't do that right now."

"I hope you find out the cause soon."

To Freud's answer, Rousha also nodded while eating fried chicken.

"I hope everyone avoids it like a hero, but it's nearly impossible to avoid that number"

"Even if the avant-garde is thoroughly defensive, it looks tough. I don't want to go, a dungeon full of such demons."

Freud ordered a replacement for Yale, and he takes a much breather.

At the same time, the dish I was asking for was carried. Just because the sea is close, sashimi and fish dishes dominate.

"Wow, they all look delicious!

I quickly reach for sashimi, put it on soy sauce and put it in my mouth. For a toothpick that melts in an instant, strike a tongue drum.

"Ha, yummy"

"It's a winning inn - the liquor is delicious!

"Freuds is full of booze..."

Even with a little knob, Freudian's main thing is booze. Well, whatever I drink, I don't care what I eat, but I want you to stop drinking until I'm drunk with Beblo...

I'm sure Dia will take you to your room, see Dia sitting diagonally in front of you. Now I was just about to cheek the fried chicken up deliciously.

"Does Hiroki like fish?

"Hmm? Well, I guess I like it. Dia seems to prefer meat."

"Well, meat is more powerful! Adventurers need to eat meat because their bodies are capital!!"

Of course you like it, but they think you need meat to make your body.

"Well, I guess I'll eat too"

That said, when I tried to reach for the fried chicken, the dining room door opened up vigorously.

"Oh my god!!"

The customers in the store shrug at the man who came in out of breath haha. Its complexion is bad, and its body also looks shivering only if it is a heart.

We're breathtaking because it doesn't seem like it's a good idea.

... This has never happened before.

The clerk tried to provide the water to the man who came in, but refused to do so and kept talking.

"Ha, ma... it's a demon, there's a demon out there! The Adventurer Alliance also has news, but run!! Anyone who can fight, follow the Alliance's instructions...... Huh!


"What the hell kind of demon is out there?"

"To, I have to run...... Huh!

Apparently, the man who came to pass on the information doesn't know the details. I panicked a little and looked in the store and wondered what to do... send my gaze to Freuds.

"… let's go to the Alliance to check the information. Tina, Dia. You two need to calm down the average person here. I'll be back as soon as I know what it is."


"Be careful, Mr. Freuds"

"Whoa. Hiroki, Lusha, let's go!

Looks like he made a decision to split it it between two hands.

"Lusha, let's go"


Hurry up and take a seat, we headed with Freud to the Adventurer's Guild.

When I got to the Adventurer Guild, there were a lot of people who said it was already night. Perhaps a lot of people witnessed demons.

One of the receptionists who was giving instructions to the adventurers noticed us. That's the guy who just reported the request.

Watch him come this way, speak up.

"What the hell happened?

"It's an emergency. … Cocatrice has emerged!

"What!? You're a disaster-class demon!!"

Freuds raises his voice and tongues, "What's going on?" It turns out he's such a bad demon by now.

Cockatrice is famous for its chicken-like appearance and demons with snake tails. Perhaps there's nothing so different in Japan than the Kokatris you hear so often.

I don't know what kind of attack you're going to make, but it's going to be a pretty powerful enemy... but I appreciate the fact that it's a bird demon.

"We're still a little far from the city now, but it looks like we're headed this way. The first sighting was near a sea breeze dungeon."


"Perhaps the demonic condition you reported was one that frightened Cocatrice into herding"

I nod so much to the receptionist's words.

Considering the demon escapes, it's pretty... or I can see how threatening Cocatrice is when I look at the current Alliance situation.

"Yes, I remember. Even when a disaster-class demon came out hundreds of years ago, he said the demon was moving strangely. Sure, the adventurer taught me when I was still running out."

When I was inadvertently losing my mind, Freuds puts his head on.

"Keep your temper down, or the city will be destroyed."


An adventurer's guild in this world acts as a command headquarters in these events.

It was not long after I came to this world that I could withstand a little demonic attack because it was made of special ore, and Freud taught me.

Probably because the guild master is in command, the officials in the guild are calm while showing anxiety.

"Now that we know the situation, let's see how to handle it and go back to the inn once. Tina and the others will be anxious not to know anything..."

When I said that and saw the receptionist, I nodded with a serious look.

"Starting early tomorrow morning, we will launch a simultaneous attack. Now, you're in a state where skilled adventurers are somehow holding back. All registered adventurers are invited to participate in principle. However, if you are judged to be in a rush or lack of strength, you will be asked to turn to the back support"

"It's morning, okay"

Items, of course, but if you can, you'll need a little rest. I was in the dungeon during the day, so I want to at least get some sleep.

"The average person has been given evacuation instructions, so he plans to go to another city as soon as the sun rises. We ask that the Inn and others be made available to adventurers."

Apparently, an official of the guild is just circling the city. It's a smoother response than I thought, and I think this is going to bring down Cocatrice without any problems.

Freud looked a little relieved, too, and I looked over here.

"Well, we're going back to the inn. We have to be ready for tomorrow."

"We have to get ready, Hiroki."

"Before we go back, let's buy some potions. Because of this, I think the store is open."

When I suggested that to the two of them, they immediately endorsed me.

"Right, we need potions. Dia and Tina will probably be backwards for support, but I don't know if there's anything..."

Freuds worries about the two of them and gives them something to buy and go home to.

"It's just not a good buy... you won't be able to hold a lot of numbers"

"Uh... you have that"

If money makes me say things and buy up potions, it's impossible to go to all the adventurers. If I suck, it could be a fight within my peers.

"Nevertheless, I know the guild and the store will be fine with that. Let's go."

On our way home, we bought two monster potions and two advanced potions.

Although there was no limit on the number of artifact potions, there was a limit of up to two potions per person. The Alliance is supposed to buy the rest and use it as supplies for the Battle of Cocatrice.

It's pretty helpful that the Alliance has supplies ready......

Potions vary considerably depending on the position.

I wish it was just an offensive position to attack from the rear, but an avant-garde position face-to-face with demons may not be enough with as many potions.

When I returned to the inn, I was in the middle of a rush to prepare to flee.

The general public packs their bags and the finished seem to be waiting in the free space in the dining room.

I found Tina and the others helping in it.

"Tina, Dia, were you okay?

"Yes, the guild has come to explain better, so you're all calm and ready to evacuate. Looks like this inn is gonna stay free for the adventurers fighting Cocatrice."

Tina gives me a brief explanation and relieves me that I'm moving smoothly in addition to my thoughts.

If it were normal, you could be panicking... I guess I understand that when there are demons from everyday life, you have to deal with them calmly when these things happen.

"Well, that's what I've heard in the Adventurers Guild. The demon that showed up, as Tina said, Cocatrice. The place is near a seawind dungeon"

"The adventurers are holding back, so we'll have a simultaneous attack tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow morning......"

Hear what Freuds and Rousha have to say and Tina grips her fist all the time. From being a little trembling, I guess I have a fear.

On the contrary, Dia has a motivated look with a samurai tremor.

"Mr. Freuds, what a monster Cocatrice is to us..."

I can't... Dia blocks Tina from trying to say that.

"I want to join the Crusades! I'm acting as an adventurer, I want to show my achievements so far...!

"Dia! That's just impotent...... Huh!

"I don't like it, I'm an adventurer!

Tina stops, but Dia is willing to join the fight.

Sure, I don't mind if it's the strength of the two of us... but what's Freuds going to do? When I saw it, I was worried and watching the two of them.

"... Tina would be relatively less dangerous because it would be an attack from the rear. Dia will be avant-garde, so honestly, it's tough... but if you can't get away from me, I'll give you permission."

"Is that true!? Alright, Thanksgiving Freuds!

"Hey, Mr. Freuds!?"

Tina panics about the decision Freuds made... but Dia is thrilled.

"But if you think I'm dangerous, I'll let you both back off. Be very careful."

"Of course!"

"... Okay, I get it"

They nodded at Freudian's words that if they decided it was impossible, they would not let them participate in the fight. Tina still seems anxious... but I'm sure she decided this was an experience too.

As a healer, I have to support you.

"Well, we're gonna go to bed tomorrow."

In Freudian terms, we broke up once.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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