It's a three-flag recovery.
4 Reporting to guilds

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Boss, what stood in front of us when we got to the room was Yadkarin, a kind of demon that was also out in this dungeon.

Except super big size.

"Wow, that's big..."

I squeal so unexpectedly.

"Shellfish, it looks hard on the outside."

"You sure do. But wouldn't Lucha's arrow be all right?

Oh, my God. It's an attack pole.

I'm going under Big Yad Karin and I'm under that attack.


Well, as expected, I can afford it.

"All right, let's knock it down and go next."


Lucha's powerful skills are won - never. But the wrapped wind of arrows hurts the shellfish part of the yadkarin.

I knew Rousha would be more aggressive than Yadkarin's defense. Lucha, who saw it, thought she could, too. I drew an arc on my mouth and laughed at the garlic.

"Okay, it keeps going! Hiroki!"


◆ ◆ ◆

"Look, let's go to the inn tomorrow..."

"Mr. Freuds..."

"Preliminary information gathering is important, right? Freuds."

When me and Rousha attacked the dungeon and returned to the Adventurer Alliance, the Freudians were in front of the request board.

Apparently, Tina and Dia's request ended fine.

Shizuku Now, I wonder if there's a place where I'd like to have a quick drink Freuds and Tina who wants to confirm the request for tomorrow......

As I tried to speak, Tina noticed this one.

"Ah! To Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha! Welcome back."

"" I'm home ""

Freud said, "In a good place!" and make his face shine.

"You're hungry, aren't you?

Apparently, he wants to go for a drink with me and Lusha on his side. I wish I could wait a little bit for you about Tina and the others, I laugh bitterly.

On the side, Tina is sighing... so she seems to be giving up a little.

"How was Mr. Hiroki's request?

"Just. I'm going to report now."

"Well, you'll be waiting"

"Thanks.... oh, but it could be a little late"

I would like to discuss not only the report of the fulfillment of the request, but also the placement of the dungeon demons...... that things were not right.

Because I showed you a strange way to think, or Freuds moved his eyebrows and guessed something.

"Can I ask you something, too?

"Of course. Rather, as much as I'd like to hear Freud's opinion"

Briefly explain that the hierarchical demons were solidified in the same place before going to the reception.

"... you've never heard of such a phenomenon"

"Are you crazy after all"

When I hear Freuds say that, me and Rousha look each other in the face. You should report this to the Alliance immediately.

Before we talk at the reception, let's start by reporting the request.

"Welcome back, good luck. It's a bluedog material."

"Yes, please"

Removing the material from the magic bag, the receptionist opened her eyes a little and was surprised. It's something that not many people have, so I guess it's rare.

Maybe they're after me to get the magic bag, but I can avoid it anyway. For once, Rousha doesn't have much help to protect it, though I use it in my bag when these things happen.

"... yes, indeed. Here's your reward."

"Thank you"

I get 50,000 lots of the requested compensation and tell them that I want to talk to them.

"It's about the dungeon demons, a little"

"Is there something wrong?

The receptionist retrieved the seawind dungeons we went to. It's a place with deep hierarchies but not so dangerous if you don't get to the back.

"... in each hierarchy, there was a collection of demons. Dozens, dozens more."

"Huh... Huh!?"

To my word, the receptionist blues his face.

And then I open my mouth to make sure.

"I'm saying each hierarchy, is it all?

"No, after the ten tiers."

"It's a hierarchy with relatively strong demons...... hmm? After the ten tiers, everything?


I snort forcefully at the receptionist's words.

"Usually, I don't think this is happening. So there's a chance that something's going on."

As I continue to say, the receptionist puts her hand forward and tells her to "wait."

"With so many demons gathered in one place, how did you get to the next hierarchy? Was it done in large numbers, including healers"

Oh, I see.

Moving forward where there are tons of demons is near impossible... I guess that's what you thought. Small numbers overwhelm with extra skilled adventurers or numbers of forces.

Is it normal to think so indeed? There are Tina and I don't think she's a skilled adventurer at her age.

"Me and my partner Lusha, we went together."

"Huh!? The two of us... and that's just it"

Do you say it's hard to believe...... and the receptionist gets a troubled look.

"I'm an evasive healer, so I avoid demonic attacks. We can recover and support, but we can also avant-garde."

"Evasion, is it..."

"Besides, look, you didn't have a problem with the Blue Dog material either, did you? Well, then, wouldn't that prove strength?

When I say that, the receptionist gets stuck in words.

I'm sorry to put it a little harsh, but I don't think it's a good problem to postpone it too much.

"... right. Because it's pretty hard to get all this Blue Dog material. First, we'll do some research in the dungeon with our guild."

"Good, please. Because it would be hard to go without knowing and be surrounded by demons..."

For one thing, I feel safe with this.

They're surrounded by demons... because it's not a good thing.

When I finished talking and looked at Freudian, I was putting my arms together and thinking about something.


"Hmm? Oh, no... I wonder why demons are gathering. I felt like I'd heard about those situations somewhere before... I forgot"

"If Mr. Freuds already..."

Tina sends a frightened gaze to Freuds, who raises her hand if she can't remember.

"Well, I can't help remembering. Let's have dinner, Tina."

"Right. Eat a full stomach and take your time. If the demon was in that condition, aren't you tired of both Mr. Hiroki and Mr. Rousha?

I do think you're tired of walking a lot to Tina, who looks concerned.

"Maybe you want a steak or something?

"Oh, nice steak! I'm sure Yale will fit!!"

When I replied to Tina, Freuds broke in from the side.

"I mean, Freud would say that any dish Yale is delicious"

"Ha, ha!

That's about the prospect.

We were able to leave the later investigation to the guild, so we headed to the inn.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

5 Freudian judgment