2 Seawind Dungeons
It's a three-flag recovery.

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When I stepped into the 10th hierarchy where the target demon was, I was attacked by some kind of messy feeling.

Are you saying you are under pressure or are being turned to a large number of gazes......

Unlike earlier wet caves, this hierarchy of bluedogs was transformed into stone temple-like interiors.

It may have been due to the influence of the demon type or the specifications in favor of the demon also in the dungeon. From amongst the cobblestones there is also grass, which is exactly the dungeon of RPG.

Looking back, there's Rousha waiting without going down the stairs.

"Hiroki, do you think you'll be okay?

"Hmmm...... Lucha's flag sounds like a huge success"


Tell him to wait, and I'll step out into the back of the dungeon alone. Make the demon you'll probably be waiting for recognize me as the target.

For once, I am drinking a potion of demons.

"Now, how many demons are there?

When my voice sounded, 'Grrrr......' and the dog-like intimidation reached my ear. Definitely, it would be a bluedog. Rough breath tells me that that number is not such a cute number of cars.

"This could be pretty hard...... [Regene] [Safety Circle]!!"

Shields are applied, but the possibility of being broken through is also considered. Sustainable recovery skills are applied to you. And use your skills in a safe zone where your enemies can't come in within a meter of your diameter.

Well, what happens...


Several bluedogs came out of the back and jumped at me. Plus, there were tons of bluedogs behind it.

There will be thirty of them.

"There you are, Lucha!

"- Leave it to me!

Rousha took a breath for a moment on the massive Blue Dog, but immediately started attacking.

"No, [Wind Arrow]!

Lucha's unleashed arrow defeats one Blue Dog. If there were this number of bluedogs without doing so, it would hit any of them.

Given our fighting style, this method is the most efficient.

There's also a safety circle this time, so there's a lot of room. - But I thought so, only for a few seconds.






"Huh......!? Damn, [Shield]!

The safety circle that was protecting my surroundings just disappeared.

Though I thought it was a universal junction, that was just too convenient. Apparently, when you get a certain number of attacks, they disappear.

"Hiroki, it's okay!?"

"Oh, no problem! Lucha, stay focused on the attack."



Avoid Blue Dog attacks, but they're just too numerous to avoid. A sharp fang is pointing at me, and I'm about to get twisted.


"That's a shitty number...... seriously!

I thought Rousha's offense was well reducing the number of Blue Dogs, but more than a dozen Blue Dogs came from the back with all the reinforcements.

The number of Blue Dogs attacking me is slightly over 40.




Tong, tong, tong!

- Zach!


Blue dog fangs plunder my arms.

But I'm wearing regeneration, so the wound heals quickly. In the meantime, if you keep on shielding, doesn't that seem like a problem?


"[Shield] all the time. Exactly a lot of them, but it's okay! It's okay as it is, because a blow won't be fatal."


Miss, Miss, Miss!

"[SHIELD] long before being attacked five times"

"Okay, I feel good too! [Wind Arrow] [Enchanted Arrow]!!"

Rousha's successive attacks defeat several Blue Dogs at the same time. It's a skill attack, so defeat several Blue Dogs with one blow. That's Rusha.



The number is down so you can avoid all attacks. I knew it would be nice to avoid all attacks...... I can put up with some of this, but it hurts if they attack me.

"That's it...... [WIND ARROW]!!"

A windswept arrow carried out an extensive attack, defeating all Blue Dogs.

"All right!"

"Ha ha, I could take it down ~"

Rousha strokes her chest down relieved and wets the sweat on her forehead.

"Blue dog material, more than double what you asked for."

"That's a lot. Looks like you can buy it out too much, so it won't go to waste."


Safely get the material you asked for, the fangs.

"Do you want to take a short break before moving on"


We sat on the spot because it was more than fifty mon-hows in total.

I hope I took a break for about ten minutes and left... something is wrong.


Miss! Miss!

Miss, Miss, Miss!!

"Eh! All right, hit it!

Rusha's attack knocks down a massive amount of Light Fenrir that swarms me. Now I've come to the 17th tier, but if I do, I have a high rate of Monhou.

- I've never done this before.

It's kind of odd that there are occasional mass outbreaks, but this is also frequent. If this dungeon features, you should be able to tell me in your guild, so there's a good chance something out of the ordinary going on.

... or because Rousha flagged it?

"Ha, ha..."


"Ha, ha... you're just tired"

"Want to make it wild in the next hierarchy?

"Let's do that, maybe I've never defeated so many demons. With Hiroki, there's a lot of fighting, but it's not usually this far."

In a streak of wars, Rousha has also become a mess.

In the meantime, let's try a little harder.

◆ ◆ ◆

The day after we stayed in the dungeon, we finally got to the boss room. Once we knock him out, use the transfer device to get out of the dungeon, over.

"Ha, that was tough this time. But that's what got me to the next level."

"Me too. I didn't think I'd get two levels up from then on..."

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 44

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Avoidance: 190 + 8 (Equipment)

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) - Heel Area Heel Regene Shield - Skillrest - Safety Circle - Magic Search Cure

Lusha Plum

Level: 45

Occupation: Archer

Attack: 145 + 17 (Equipment)

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Creative Arrow Wind Arrow Water Arrow Fire Arrow Earth Arrow Light Arrow Enchanted Arrow

"Hiroki's going to catch up to me..."

I laugh at Lusha for saying that and roaring.

"Let's just take down the boss. Twenty-nine hierarchical demons weren't that strong, and it's an easy win."

"Right! Let's knock it down a little bit and go to the Adventurer Guild. The same goes for the report on the accomplishment of the request, but there's something wrong with the demon..."

"Sure, you might want to tell him sooner"

It should be difficult for a normal adventurer to deal with the fact that demons are solidifying within a dungeon. There are few healers in the human country, and a few things can quickly decimate them.

It is my view and that of Lusha that this time Monhou is not just a mass outbreak.

Hi, there's something wrong with the placement of the demon.

Normally there are demons uniformly within the hierarchy, even if they were occurring in large numbers. But would it be better to say that demons in the hierarchy have gathered in one place this time...

I also want to talk to the Alliance to find out what caused it.

I nodded and opened the door to the boss's room.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

4 Reporting to guilds