1 I have come to a new country
2 Seawind Dungeons

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"Mmm, Fire!

Tina's voice echoes in a dungeon just outside the city.

It's the magic skill of fire I always use, and the target of that attack is a Yadkari demon named Yadkarin. It is difficult to work because it is a demon of the water attribute, but there the avant-garde dia stabs and defeats the stomach with a sword.

Me, Lusha and Freuds, we follow behind those two.

"Tina and Dia, you're already working together perfectly. It's a good party!

Freud nodded with his throat and face to Rousha, who said happily. You think your teaching was good because you were coaching both of us.

In fact, Freud has experience as an adventurer, and he can take care of it....... but it's not often that I leave it and drink myself in a tavern. If I go to the dungeon with you, I can count on you.

"Those guys were getting seaweed harvests, but what kind of request did you guys get?

Freud asks me, and I see Rousha saying, "Oh..."

It was Lusha who decided to take this request.

"It's a Blue Dog material collection!

"Heh... well, don't be tempted. How many levels are we going out?

Freud asked Lusha, who could grip the kobushi for a long time, for details.

"It's the ten tiers here. It's just that... since then, we've only had maps up to about 20 levels."

"I guess the hierarchy ahead of that can't go without arms"

If it doesn't get enough without a map, it must be dangerous. Well, I think me and Lusha could probably go without a problem.

By the way, the Blue Dog material is' fangs'. It seems easier because when I collect five of those, it's over, but they fall into the tough category when it's a human country with very few healers.

"... [Shield]"

"Thankyou, Hiroki!

Diane was under attack while we were talking, so I'm going back to shielding my defensive skills. This will prevent attacks five times, and you can call it a must-have skill.

Demons have come from the back too, so I'll call Regene as well, just in case.

- This is, "Seawind Dungeon".

A slightly damp cavernous shape, inhabited by monsters by the sea and on land. Speaking of special points, is it the seaweed, not the herb, that can be collected? It seems delicious when I eat it.

The hierarchy is 30 as we talked about, and me and Rousha plan to get to the boss room. Tina and the others are set to target about ten tiers in order to raise the level while making the request.

"Okay, my special skill...... take it -! [Slash]!!"

When Dia shouted so loudly, he slashed the sword in his hand into Yadkarin with tremendous speed. As the skill name suggests, it's a move that kills multiple opponents.

Attack per hit isn't that high, but for that matter, there are a lot of attacks. One, two shots...... killed and defeated the demon seven times in a row.

"Oh wow......!

When I speak up like that, Dia says, "Right?" and I look at this one and laugh.

I was wondering if he didn't have the skills, but apparently he remembered by attacking the beginner dungeon a few times to get a book on acquiring skills.

"Hehe, we want to catch up with Hiroki too! You know, I've been trying pretty hard to look like this, right?

"Then we have to work hard to support you."

I want to learn more skills and improve my performance as a support job. Of course, Rousha's offensive skills are important, but he'll be pretty strong if he can remember support buffs such as increased offense power.

In order to do that, you just want to attack the dungeon and get the Book of Skills.

As I nodded and walked, I saw the seaweed at my feet.

Blue seaweed, kind of doesn't give me an appetite...... If it was the green lineage, it wouldn't have been that different from Japanese seaweed.

Speak to Dia and Tina as they walk forward.

"Both of you, isn't this the seaweed you asked for?

"" Huh?

Two voices overlapped in my voice. I guess I was obsessed with fighting and hadn't even noticed the seaweed at my feet. I grinned bitterly, pointing to the ground.

"Ah, it's true! That's Hiroki, I can't believe I found him already!!"

"It's a big deal, Tina. I just happen to be watching my feet."

Tina picks the seaweed and thanks me.

"I thought you were a little further in the hierarchy, but you could pick it from the first tier."

"Sure. But if it's in a dangerous place, it can't be eaten like that."

"So is that. Because this seaweed seems delicious even though it's affordable."

Ingredients that come out in regular restaurants, preferred by ordinary people.

If it were in the deep hierarchy of the dungeon, it would surely be a luxury ingredient. Even if it doesn't taste good, a lot of people would say they just want to eat it because it's difficult to get.

Dia also looks at the ground and picks the seaweed.

"You're growing quite a bit...... We'll pick as much seaweed as we need to get before we fight the demons."


"Well, I'm watching Dia and Tina, so why don't Hiroki and Rousha move on? The request was made from ten tiers of demonic material, right?

I say don't hesitate to go because it takes time just to go.

"Well, I'm sorry I'm late because of us..."

"Never mind, move on, Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha"

Diane and Tina saw us go too. The two still seem to pick seaweed, arm wrapped and tempered.

"... is it sweet for your words"


I face to face with Rusha and decided to go defeat the Ten Hierarchy Demon... the Blue Dog.

◆ ◆ ◆

Looking at the map I bought at Adventurer's Guild, we came all the way to the Nine Hierarchies. The demon here is Killerman, a half-fish demon with three strands of spears.


While I avoid Killerman's attack, Lucha releases an arrow - but Miss.

It's an attack pole swing status, so it's hard to hit. But for that matter, the attack power is tremendous, and few demons can be defeated with a single blow.

"Ugh, it's hard to hit...... another blow! Yes!!"

Lucha unleashes five arrows at once, one of which hits brilliantly and killer Marman falls. All you have to do is go down the stairs up ahead, and then the next level.

"Piron ♪ Level Up!



"Level's up"

"Congratulations! Is this going to be 42?


It's getting harder to get to the level, but it'll go well. Sort the status points into avoidance as usual and check the status screen.

Finally the dodge comes to 180 and my face gets burned by accident.

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 42

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Avoid: 180 + 8 (Equipment)

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) - Heel Area Heel Regene Shield - Skillrest - Safety Circle - Magic Search Cure

"If this is the case, you won't be attacked by enemies."

"If you want to defeat Hiroki, it's more quantity than quality,"

"Hey, don't tell me you're going to flag it, Rusha."

What would you do if you had this conversation and the next hierarchy was a monster house with tons of demons. Exactly the number of violence is tight.

The more enemies Lusha has, the happier she may be because she'll hit the arrow...

"Haha, I don't have a bunch of demons that often, so I'm fine!

"I hope so..."

Somehow I had a bad feeling, but we moved on to the next 10 levels.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

It's a three-flag recovery.