24 Escape from Piznut Country
1 I have come to a new country

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We're on our way to the 'Kingdom of South' where there's a boat out to go to the Tangerine continent, rocked by a boarding carriage.

At first I got a lot used to carriages with sore buttocks and sometimes using cushions. Now you can even sleep on the rattled road, and vice versa, so impressed by Rousha.

"Mr. Hiroki, the next country is famous for cooking with honey."

"Heh, sounds like a lot of delicious stuff"

When I was at it, Tina, who was sitting next to me, spoke to me.

"That's good too, but I want to go there too because there's a 30-story dungeon right around the city!

"If I had thirty, I'd have some rare items."

"Isn't it?

And the next person I've talked to is the other Lusha.

Unlike Tina, you want to gather material to go to the dungeons and level up and gear up. In fact, I have plans to have Rusha's weapon built anew from now on.

Lusha Plum, a pre-Han partner rather than women's power.

Where I tie my honey-colored hair with a pink ribbon, it's kinda cute. He's in green clothes, and he's always smiling and pulling about me.

She's an elf girl, and her profession is Archer... but that status is polar to offense. It's powerful enough, but very low hit power. Well, a one-hit special for that matter is refreshing.

And looking forward to the honey dish is Tina, the magician.

The first otherworldly person I've known since I came to this otherworld. A 13-year-old girl with short, watery hair tied in two. Although he has a calm personality, he works hard as an adventurer to make requests and raise the level.

I'm on edge this time, and I plan to go with you to the South Kingdom where the ship is out.

When I heard Lusha say it, Tina also said, "I want to go too!," he raised his hand. Apparently the dungeon is better now than the honey topic.

"The shallow hierarchy seems to have many beginners. There are weak demons, so it seems like it would be a good idea to take the next level as we move through the hierarchy."

"It is. Then it would be nice if we could all go! Looking forward to it, Tina."


By the way, the passenger carriage has three seats in a row, and that's the three rows. I'm pinched by Lusha and Tina, and Freuds and Dia are sleeping in the seat right behind me.

Like you two, I'm looking forward to the dungeon, Hiroshi Sakurai.

I've been summoned by Japan to this world, and now I'm looking for a way to return. We're not together now, but there are two others, our summoned companions.

My profession is Priest, which seems unusual as a human being. It's also false that he's a healer, a lower position in Priest. Style is an evasive healer that avoids enemy attacks, and support can of course serve as an avant-garde.

"In the meantime, when we get to the city, we'll take the inn, and then we'll have a dungeon."

"I'm an Adventurer's Guild and would like to take it with me if I had a request I could do in that dungeon"

"You can be two birds a stone, that"

When I checked the flow, Tina told me she wanted to go to the Adventurer Alliance to get the request. Of course, I'll be there to gather information, so I'll be right back.

And then I realize that you haven't done much of a favor.

"We've just been attacking a dungeon, and we haven't been asked to do it at all."

"Speaking of which, you are. I always got a favor before working with Hiroki... but there were so many things I had to do."


Ever since I came to this world, there's been a lot of shit about the King who summoned me. I've used a lot of time on that, and sometimes I was obsessed with dungeon offense and didn't see much of the guild request......

It's been a long time since I've asked you for anything.

"Tina works hard on this one and it's great. Hiroki, maybe we need to learn and contribute to the Alliance, too?

"Right. If you don't always get all the information and get the request, you're going to get a bad impression..."

When I get to the next city, I decide to get a request to do something in the dungeon.

Don't just take the information! What a tough time if the receptionist says so.

◆ ◆ ◆

Then in a few hours or so, we arrived in the country of destination.

Once inside the city, there is also the smell of tide in the harbour town. It's been a very long time since the ocean was basically rear filled.

The oceans of different worlds look beautiful, but are demons swimming with fish too?

I don't think you can take a seawater bath.

I think it's kind of tasteless though I would be able to secure a place to surround myself with nets and swim.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - you're here!


Freud, who slept in the carriage, is up and stretching his back. Apparently, my body has hardened considerably.

"Morning, Freuds"

"Ooh. I've never been to this country before, but I hope you're vibrant"

As Freuds put it, there were many people just from the city's entrance and it was busy. Near the city entrance is a honey souvenir shop, which is aimed at tourists.

Looking at the sign with the map of the city, there seems to be a lot of seafood handled on the side facing the sea and a lot of shops handling honey near the entrance.

They're buying honey from tangerines.

"Oh, really?"

Why honey when you're facing the ocean? Though I thought so, it seemed like a good reason.

What I've been sleeping with is Freuds, who is the guardian of Tina and Dia.

He's been so good to me since I came into this world. He put me in a party, and we hunted together once.

Knight with the sword, good care. However, often I am a liquor lover and soon get drunk and Tina takes care of me.

And the other, too, is Knight's Dia.

Tina and I have often partied and received requests. It goes well with the avant-garde and the rear guard. Still rushing out, learning the sword from Freuds.

At first, he didn't seem to like my style as an evasive healer, but lately he's been able to work well together.

"Well, why don't you go to the Adventurer Alliance to see the request?"

"" "Ooh!

When I spoke, everyone replied nicely.

As soon as I arrived at the Adventurer Alliance, I checked with the requested bulletin board.

Once you find what you want to take, go to the counter and go through the process.

I couldn't read or write the letters in this world, but Lusha taught me how to read most of them.

I can't do the difficult stuff, but I can read it if it's a menu of meals or a request for a guild.

Tina was going to take Dia and I were going to take a favor with Lucha.

"Uh-huh, I hope you have a request to crusade the demons..."

"Because the sea is close, there are many demons of water attributes"

"What should I do, even though my skill is Fire"

Tina and Dia seem troubled as they watch the crusade request. Indeed, Tina, who uses fire, would be disadvantaged if her opponent's attributes were water.

The two of them may want to raise their level, but they also seem to want to get a book on acquiring skills early.

Tina glanced at the bulletin board troubled and took one of the requisitions.

"I have seaweed harvesting growing in the dungeon, so how about this!?"

"Oh, then you're more certain than defeating a demon. I wish I could see the dungeon and take the crusade request."


Apparently, the two of you got the story together.

Well, what about me and Rusha? If I thought so, Lucha already had one requisition in her hands.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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