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24 Escape from Piznut Country

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

After completing the journey, Lucha and I returned to the star landing pavilion.

Even so, I'm not renting a room anymore. In the dining room space, he meets with Lotus Ruru.

"Oh, we're both together now. Luli, Ren, please wait!

"It's okay, 'cause we just got here too"

Lucha sat beside the lil, so I sat beside the lotus.

I plan on ordering a lunch menu for four and putting together what's to come by the time the food comes.

"Me and Rousha are going to Tangerine to change careers. Of course, even Tangerine collects information. Lotus and Ruru have the descendants of the people of the great tree who supposedly made the magic formation searched for... So, is there a problem?

"It's my transfer, I'm only happy."

"I don't have a problem, either."

"Yes, I know it's hard to find a place for the people of Daiki, but I'd like to gather information in the tunnel for now."

No one seems to disagree with the future schedule.

While I'm a little relieved about that, I'd like to make sure of one more thing.

"Where do Lotus and Ruru intend to gather information?

"That's the problem."

You answered my question.

"To be honest, I have no idea where I might be. So don't move the continent weirdly, first of all here...... I'm trying to get around the countries of the Loquat continent...... what do you think?

"I agree. I think it's better to get information nearby first than to go away weirdly. Besides, it's possible that other countries are studying magic."

If I could discover that, I'm sure my return to Japan would come at once.

Lucha and Lotus listened to our conversation and nodded over and over again.

"Amazing, he said, going around the countries. I feel like a backpacker."

"You feel exactly like an adventurer. Unlike here, if there's a moderate country, I'd like to hear a lot about it."

"Right. Fortunately, I have a handy title," Brave Man, "so I'll try my best."

... Unexpectedly, a lotus appearance surfaced as he visited the royal castles of various countries, saying 'I am a brave man - su'. From the king, all of a sudden a brave man would have come and panicked.

"Did Hiroshi and the others go by boat?

"Yes, yes. The Tangerine continent is an island, so there's no land route. I plan to go south for a moment and find someone who can get the ship out."

For one thing, I gave you my plans, and lunch was carried. When you think it's the last meal here, don't get kind of snug.

Vegetable and mushroom soup without sautéing plenty of vegetables and meat. Fruit soda, then fruit is used as dessert.

"It looks delicious, here you go."

"Ahhh! Mr. Hiroki!!"


Following the source of the voice, there were three: Tina, Dia, and Freuds.

I laugh when I realize that I completely forgot to meet Tina and the others as a result of thinking I could see her at any time.

"Long time no see, Tina, Dia"

"I finally saw you ~ ~! I, Mr. Hiroki, was taken in an aristocratic carriage... and I was really worried!

"An aristocratic carriage......?

I think that's probably Ishmel's carriage, but there's nothing to worry about... I think so, for now I laughed that it's okay.

"Hiroshi, can I introduce you?

"Oh, you did"

I accidentally started talking to Tina, and Ruru stops at me.

The Freudians seemed to think the same thing, and I rush to introduce them to everyone.

"First, then, Freuds. The first person to let me into the party. He's a bad alcoholic, but the roots are so good he might want to talk to you about something."

"Whoa, that would be an extra word. But I'm glad you thought that way."

Freuds sat down to the table next to him, which was empty.

"Nh, these two are Knight's Dia and Magician Tina. They're both good kids, and me and the three of us went hunting together."

"It's Dia, nice to meet you"

"It's Tina. I still suck at magic and adventurers, but I'll do my best!

With a word of greeting, Dia and Tina sat in front of Freuds.

Next, Lotus and Ruru rise.

"I'm Len. Hiroshi and I are in our hometown, and I'm still unfamiliar with this one, thank you."

"I'm also in my hometown with Hiroshi, and my name is Luli. Thanks for helping me out with Hiroshi, nice to meet you."

At the end of each introduction, Freuds listened to our schedule.

"Me and Rousha, if we had dinner, would we use a ride carriage and plan to head south for now? Find out where they're sending ships to Tangerine."

"I see. Actually, the three of us talked about moving the base a little bit. Can I come with you to the city where the ship leaves?

"What, are we changing bases?

First of all, purely, I was surprised by that.

Tina and Dia still feel like enough of the demons that live around them... well, maybe they have some purpose, and I have no problem.

When I look at Rousha, she nodded as much as she wanted, so I immediately reply to her acknowledgment.

"Of course you're welcome to accompany us. It's been a long time since I got out of the party."

"Wow, I did it!

"Nice to meet you, Tina, Dia"


"Oh, say hello!

"It looks busy and fun," he smiled as he watched us.

"I knew a few elites might be nice, but seeing a bunch of them partying like this sounds kind of fun"

"Right. Until the other day, we were a foursome party. Now we meet around the end of Rousha's career and exchange information."

That way, the four of us can party together again, so we can go to a more difficult dungeon this time.

Thinking about it, I'm so excited about Lusha's transfer.

"Oh, can the Freudians get out soon? Me and Lusha were supposed to leave in a little while..."

"No, I was on my way to pack."

"Hey, Mr. Freuds! I told you to clean it up properly!

Apparently, I laugh bitterly that I can't leave right away.

I'll finish my lunch meal, then I'll get up and see if I can make sure I get on the carriage first.

"I'm around the passenger carriage, will you come when you're ready?

"Whoa, I'm going to hurry! Tina, Dia, help me!

"" Okay......!

Hurry to finish lunch and Freuds took the two of them to the room where they were still staying. You're like a typhoon, I laugh.

He sees me like that and tells me he'll be lonely in no time.

"Hiroshi, Lusha, are you going already?

"Oh. Later, we'll be late for the next city or village."

I don't want to travel as late as possible because there may be human trouble and such. Besides, look, I want Dia and Tina to rest tight because they're still growing up.

So me and Rousha are allowed to leave one foot ahead of the lotus.

"... Hiroshi"

"Hmm? What is it, Lotus?"

"No, thank you. To the curse, to the contract, if it weren't for the two of you, I would definitely be dead. I appreciate it."

That's what I said, Lotus offered her hand.

When I grabbed it, "Me too," Ruru smiled and lay his hands on it. Of course, Rousha followed shortly afterwards.

"Well, I'll try to get some powerful information by the next time I see you."

"I'll be a hunter and go for more power!

"I'll get a lead on the people of Oki."

"I'll take a look around the libraries and look for old materials."

I told them each goal and put a lot of effort into my hands before loosening it up.

Now that the shackle named King is gone, this is where it comes from.

I headed south from Piznut Kingdom with Rousha.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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