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21 Lucia's Confessions

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A few hours after I started eating, it was late at night if I noticed the story and bounce.

They're all full, and now we're in the middle of having a drink and enjoying the conversation.

... Lucha, you're not coming home.

I knew you'd pick me up. But I don't know where he went.

Think about that as you look at everyone you talk about in a fun way.

"It's a lot of fun talking to you guys. I got a little too incandescent and my body got hot"

"I don't usually get so excited. You all right, Lucia?"

"Yes, but I think I'll just hit the outside wind a little bit"

Master Lucia stood up and looked at me.

"How about Master Hiroki join us if you like? Maybe it's time for Master Rousha to come back."

"Oh, right. Then I will accompany you with my escort."

It also smelled kind of bright to pick me up, so I decided to let Lucia sweeten my offer. Maybe you cared about me.

Ishmel, Lotus, or Ri seem to have been taught stories from Ishmel about the Knights and the combat profession from earlier stories about the city.

... Tell me what you're talking about later, Lotus or Ruru.

"Well, I'm gonna go for a little while"

"Yeah. Bring Lusha home properly."


I waved and left the restaurant with Master Lucia.

Sometimes the royal palace restaurant is equipped with a large courtyard.

A large single tree has a brightly colored lamp hanging and looks illuminated. Looking at it thinking it was beautiful, Master Lucia called me.

"Master Hiroki, let's sit on the bench for a bit and rest"

"Oh, right"

Sit back on the bench set next to the flowerbed and take a breather.

Looking up at the sky, it's strange because it's a star full of heaven, and that's all I think this place is in a different world. In the area I lived in, it would have been nice to have seen a few little stars looking up into the sky.

"... What was the world where Master Hiroki was?

"Is it my world? Nothing, it's not that uncommon. What's so different about this world, civilization and race?"

"Civilization and race? Are there many more races in Master Hiroki's world?

Master Lucia stares at me as she shines her eyes, telling me.

"No, no, you're not. There are only humans in our world."

"Oh, really?

"That's right. Oh, and then there weren't demons, skills, that sort of thing. So it was purely fun to come to this world and use magic."

Whatever it was I enjoyed in games and comics, this is how it became a reality. I don't know what to do without getting tense, I think to myself.

Speaking of which, your smartphone is totally out of charge, and you can't use it anymore. I don't even want to play the games I've been playing every day at all.

... I'm sure it's because I enjoy being with the Roushas.

"There was no magic in Master Hiroki's world."

"Instead, there was something called science. It may be easy to understand that in this world, instead of magic props…"

"I can't even imagine a world without magic with my tiny head. It seems inconvenient, but thanks to something called Kagaku, you can live comfortably...... right?


I laugh so I don't get stuck any further because I would be in trouble if they told me to go into more detail.

"But there's a big deal going on in both worlds. But we can also build a good edge this way. I think that's a good point, common. This is how I got along with Master Lucia."


"Master Lucia?

The moment I said my words, Master Lucia took a breath. I lower my eyebrows and for some reason I don't let my gaze wander and look at this one.

Could I have unconsciously said something rude? When I was worried and tried to see how it was again, I had eyes with the red Lucia on my cheek.

Lucia's lips, seen at close range, were trembling somewhere,

"I like Hiroki."


The words out of that little mouth have never been related to my life.

"At first, I thought you were Luli's friend... but when you helped me out of the demon, I was so thrilled"

My breasts get more and more heartbeat in the words Lucia quietly told me. Because no way, no way, I couldn't believe they were going to make a confession.

When this happens, I don't know what kind of reaction to return.

"Oh, I don't need your reply. If you look at Master Hiroki, you'll see..."

"Oh, I know..."

"... I just wanted to tell you how I feel. If you could remember a human being named me in a corner of my head for ever to come...... that would satisfy me. I will not desire anything more, nor will I have the courage."

It's the first confession I've ever received in my life, but it's kind of very uncut. That's because of Lucia's macabre atmosphere, but I have a reason for that.

Yes, Master Lucia is the fiancée of the First Prince.

Wait, so you can't confess to me? Oh so don't need a reply, you mean you just wanted to tell me how you feel...!?

I see, I see. Ooh!

"Sorry for the inconvenience"

"No, I'm very happy with your feelings. But I had no connection to these things..."

"If that's the case, I'm not even close. I was already engaged to Master Selfior."

"What? Come on!

Words came out first by accident.

Hold your mouth down that it was a silence, but it's too late.

Master Lucia chuckles and looks at me.

"So I never liked someone...... I was also very jealous of your brother, who had feelings for Master Luli. And when Luli became your brother's daughter-in-law... he thought he could be my sister... and I was hoping."

That's why he said at first he was also a little supportive of Ishmel. But he realized that it was more important to prioritize Lulu's will than that.

"I've never seen a woman like Luli say no to her brother that far. He's my brother, but he's popular with women."

"To Ishmel, thank you for your help, too. I went to the dungeon with him to find out that he was kind to the heart. And is that pretty much Cisco?

"... you can't deny that either"

Lucia laughs out in her voice, "I'm in trouble," she says happily.

And he stood up and looked back at me away from the bench.

"Well then, I'm going to go back one step"

"... ok"

"For the first time, I have known something called occasional. Master Hiroki seems so pure, so pay close attention to the nobles, don't you?

Otherwise, you'll be married to that noble daughter in the meantime, won't you? - and.

"Wherever possible, we'll make sure we secure the escape before we move"

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea"

After a meeting with Pepper, Master Lucia went inside the restaurant.

Speaking of which, I was so nervous, I lost all my strength at once.

"What was this development...!!"

I acted as calm as I could, but wouldn't there have been anything weird about it......

But love, love.

... It's pathetic to have a fiancée when you feel like it. Besides, I'm a Duke's wife, and my opponent is the first prince of this country. I mean, the next king.

The pressure is on you.

Will the day come when I will make a lover too?

To be honest, I can't seem to afford to think about that right now because I can also look for a way to return to Japan.

Blink your eyes as you gaze at the night sky.

Someone you like, huh?


...... hmm? I accidentally murmured Lucha's name that came to mind.

Well, sure, Rousha is so cute, and she trusts me. I'm just terribly in front of Han, and unfortunately I only think of me as a partner. I can see that if I look at my usual behavior.

"Did you call? Hiroki."


My body jumped unexpectedly when I was answered unexpectedly.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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