19 Termination of contract
20 It's a celebration to be free!

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We broke the lotus contract bracelet, and we came right outside the castle. From now on, I can go anywhere.

"For now, even rice...... so to speak, we were together in the stream, but could Master Ishmel and Master Lucia have been together?

Just a further question......

That Ishmel seemed to think the same way, and he sighed deeply.

"You wouldn't mind, especially since I didn't open my mouth. I know you don't feel comfortable as Your Majesty, but it's more important to me to know what's going on in this country than that."

"... I don't know, Master Ishmel wants to see a knight."

"What, have you just noticed?

"A knight would be humble there..."

What an exchange, the two of us laugh.

Then immediately came the lotus.

"Thank you, Hiroki. I've been trying to get help."

"That's not true, is it? Even I, Lotus, have a lot of help. And, of course, to Ruriya Lusha."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that. I'm getting help, too."

"If you're going to say that, I'm the one getting the most help from Hiroki! Because you can't even fight without Hiroki. I could've been a luggage man my whole life!

Lucha exaggerates, so the four of us accidentally laugh.

Ishmel and Lucia are the ones watching it with a pompous face.

"... you guys call each other by different names now and then, huh? Was Sakurai a pseudonym or something?

"" Ah. "

Me, Lotus and Lucha's voice overlap on Ishmel's question. I didn't call my name as long as I could, so I giggled with a cool look on my face.

"Sakurai is Hiroki, Lord Watanabe is Len, Miss Takanashi is Luli, is it?


I don't know what's going on, but we'll see each other in the face.

... this much has happened with the king, and even the bracelet of the contract could be lifted, and now I don't need to use my real name and my name separately?

Besides, if they set a trap, they have the strength to avoid it. Of course, it's possible to return the favor.

"Well, we'll talk about it over dinner."

"What, can you tell me"

"Thank you for all your help, Ishmel."

When that happens, it launches in a cheap tavern... that's not how it works.

"Hmm... Master Ishmel, don't you know of a good store somewhere? I only know cheap places."

"Hmm. Then we'll go there because there's a delicious restaurant"

The restaurant was also close to the royal castle and arrived after about five minutes of walking.

◆ ◆ ◆

Ishmel's recommended restaurant was a two-story, one-storey house type. The ground floor part is open space and a private room is provided on the second floor part.

We were taken to a private room upstairs, naturally.

I sat at the round table in the order of Ishmel, Lucia, me, Lusha, Ruru and Lotus from the back.

Grab the fruit soda served and toast first.

"There was a lot going on, but the lotus contract bracelet was successfully lifted! So here's to our victory!!"

"" "Cheers!!" "

Along with my voice, everyone glazed together.

Roast beef roasted over charcoal, fresh vegetable salad. The fish is cooked refreshingly with salt and eaten by squeezing the fruit juice. A lot of corn came with cream soup and a lot of food.

We proceeded with the meal for a while and Ishmel cut out about this one where it settled down.

"So, you'll tell me, won't you?

"Uh yeah, you did. But wait a minute. I'll make sure."

I don't think you two are gonna say anything, but that doesn't mean I can make a decision.

Looking at Lotus and Ruru, they both shook their heads vertically as they had no problems.

"Then I'll introduce myself again. My name is Hiroki Sakurai. Sakurai, who has been named before, is a family name."

"I'm Len Watanabe."

"I'm Luli Takanashi."

Briefly explain your interaction with the King and tell him that the name below was not named because he had no credibility whatsoever. By the way, I was worried about what to do with the summoning crap, but if Ishmel climbed over his status, he was going to know, so I told him I was honestly from another world.

Ishmel immediately understood "I see," but Master Lucia is very surprised.

"You did... me, I have no idea. Maybe Takanashi-sama was often offended?

"No, that's not true. Because it was a pleasure to make friends with Master Lucia. Please, call me Luli too"

"Dear Luli......! Hehe, I'm so happy."

Smiling like a flower, Master Lucia said thank you for what he had said.

And there is another person who is greatly surprised.

Impossible frown, and a sloppy look - Rousha.

He explained the conflict with the king, but he didn't tell me that I was from another world. I guess I shouldn't have kept it a secret the whole time......

... how will you fix your mood.

"Mr. Rousha?


"No, I apologize for keeping my mouth shut that I was coming from another world. Sorry, but we didn't know about this world either, so we couldn't pee too much... because I thought we shouldn't involve Lusha."

So please be in a good mood... That's what I thought, but Rousha's cheeks swelled. Apparently, I misspelled the words I would call.

"Me, it just hits the outside wind a little bit!

"What!? Lusha"

I left the word that I'd be home soon, and I left.

What am I supposed to do, chase him right away when this happens? When I got up from the chair thinking so, I said, "Calm down," and it took a stop from the wheel.

"Even Lusha understands perfectly. But I also know you want to chill your head just a little bit. I told you to come back right away, so let's just wait here, okay?

"... ok"

If that's what same-sex rubies say, maybe that's better. I sat back in my chair and sighed majestically haha.

Ishmel laughs a lot when he sees it.

"You said you were present with Her Majesty until earlier, but not in front of Miss Rousha."

"... I'm not as handsome as a lotus anyway"

"Wait, don't give me my name there"

"Yes, yes."

I put fruit soda in my chibi mouth while trying to snuggle. You look like you're drinking from the side, but there's just fruit in the carbonated water.

"It's okay, Master Hiroki. Master Rousha was just as worried about Master Hiroki as I am. So maybe I missed you a little..."

"Rusha did?

"Yes. But now you've told me everything, haven't you? Then you just have to accept it properly when Lusha returns."

Lucia-sama pushes me in case I can't be unfaithful or have a relative attitude, even if I'm wrong.

"Okay. I'll talk to Lucha."

"Yes. I think that's a good idea.... will you two still be adventurers?


The next goal is a major event for Rousha to move to Hunter. I'm going to a temple on the Tangerine continent so it takes time, but I'm so excited to be able to go somewhere I've never been.

Talking about it, Master Lucia said, "That's lovely!," he claps his hand and smiles.

"Tangerine... I've been there once, but there's so much nature over there. I live in a strange way, unlike the human city."


To Ishmel's words, I lean my neck.

"But a beast is... the same body as a human being, with ears and tails growing, right? Then the shape of the house feels the same..."

"You just have to look forward to that after you go. Hiroki would love it."

"Then I'll keep it as a pleasure"

You've got more fun going to Tangerine.

The city where the demons lived was decorated with lamps and sold many magic props. I just enjoyed watching that, and many things I wanted.

So Tangerine has a wide variety of herbs or something? Then it feels unique to a country with a lot of nature. And then there's the special potion that used it for sale or something?

Saw it in comics and movies, medicine that can transform...... some things could be.

I'm getting excited about Russia.

Next to me being excited, Ishmel called out to Lotus and Ruru.

"Then what about Lord Ren and Miss Luli? About the two of you, to Tangerine?

"Is that us... hmm"

"I haven't decided where I'm going yet, so I'm going to talk to Hiroki and Rousha and decide"

Lotus and Ruru did not answer the question instantly, but replied that they were on hold. When it comes to what is specifically decided, Lucha's transfer.

Being fluffy is looking for a way to return to Japan. I plan to look for the people of Oki, but I haven't decided where to start or anything.

"Well, if anything, I'll help too. Speak up whenever you want."

"Uh, okay? Perhaps you'll be bothering Mr. Ishmel. Work, your position as a knight..."

When I said that, they gave it back gently.

"Certainly dating royalty and nobility is important"

"Isn't it?

"-But. If you're spinning an edge with a brave man from another world, don't you think that's more appealing?

"Dear Ishmel..."

I see, I do see the face of the lotus that it may be fascinating.

It's always nice to see and it looks like it has nothing to do with the battle... but it will undoubtedly be the strongest avant-garde in this world. So I'll be the strongest healer in the world, too.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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