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19 Termination of contract

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"Conditions, is...?

When I replied to the king, I saw this one as though it were natural.

"It would be natural. Brave men must fight for our country, right? Move freely and what are you going to do if something happens!!"

I guess that's why we have soldiers! I suppress the urge to go in, and I wonder what's wrong with me.

Given what the King has said and done so far, it is likely that what is happening is a war with or near the Demon King.

If it is the emergence of demons, it is also possible that the Adventurer Alliance will respond.

Well, what a persuasion.

But before I could open my mouth, the lotus started talking.

"Words, Your Majesty. As I told you before, the Demons were all good people. Why are you making the Demon King look like your enemy? I don't think we need to fight."

Lotus looks at the king seriously, with a straight eye. I can see that there is no cloudiness whatsoever there and that I really believe in the Demons.

I was more surprised by the words of the lotus around me than by the king.

That is, for example, those who have never been to the Apricot continent. Or a soldier who was given an order to monitor the lotus and actually went.

In the latter case, we may be aware that we are more hostile and heterogeneous.

... but you wouldn't believe this king when he says the Demon King is pacifist. Without conclusive evidence, it doesn't seem to make sense how much we say it with our mouths.

Then it would be nice to arrive at a compromise so that it is convenient for both sides.

"... For one thing, why not put the purpose of defeating the Demon King on hold once and for all?


"As His Majesty said before...... when we defeat the Demon King we return to our homeland. When that happens, the demons who have attacked me to take revenge... who the hell is going to stop me?

Of course, defeating the Demon King wouldn't have allowed us to return.

"So now you shouldn't be setting up with the Demons from here on out. Instead, if the demons attacked us... we would fight to protect them."

"At that time, of course, you'll drop Demon King Castle, won't you?

"Watanabe is a brave man, so that's how easy it will be."

Well, it's something I can say because I'm sure that Tito, the Demon King, won't attack humans.

The king seems to be holding still and thinking about what to do.

Nevertheless, there will no longer be a path called No.

Absolutely cancel the bracelet contract. Because I went out of my way to come up with a compromise from here to the king who had originally planned to end it, but had offered the terms.

After the silence, you saw the king who wouldn't open his mouth and thought something, saying that the lotus was outrageous.

"... if you don't want to disarm it, you can keep it up."

"Watanabe!? What are you talking about!

How far are you willing to carry a deep misfortune!

Go right under the lotus and stop thinking stupid. But when the king heard the words, he looked at this one with a nasty grin.

"Yes, you would...... This contract bracelet is also proof of being connected to me, so to speak! This means that the brave man is guaranteed by me!!"

"... shit"

What am I supposed to do?

But if it was the lotus that began to cause this misery, it was also the lotus that quenched it.

"Don't think you can tie us up with such a tiny bracelet. If you don't cancel your contract, you just have to be strong enough to break your bracelet. I'm a brave man, more, stronger enough to destroy this country by myself."


"Even now, I'm the strongest person in this room."


Everyone was breathtaking when suggestions were made that could not be imagined from the mild lotus.

But I'm desperate to laugh. Other than trust, it was a mistake to try to restrain a brave man from being outside the standards.

Don't you even know that the top of the country is such an important thing? Had I been on my compromise proposal sooner, Lotus would never have revealed so much anger.

The king seems to have been put under lotus pressure, and the sweat is amazing.

And with a very small voice, I shrugged.

"… terminate the contract"


A bracelet that was in the arms of the lotus made a light noise with Kashan and fell to the floor.

That's already light.

This one's been bargaining for nerves, sounds like an idiot.

... but was it more peaceful to think this much was done than the anger of the lotus exploding weirdly?

"Alright, cancel the contract!

When I raised my voice like that, Riya Rusha was delighted. Ishmel, who was with me, nodded, so much that Master Lucia was even weeping with joy.

When it comes to Lotus herself, she takes a serious look at her own arm off the bracelet. I've been wearing it since I came to this world, so it would disappear immediately, although it might be uncomfortable.

"I don't hate this country. I've met a lot of good people, and I'm sure I'll continue to meet them. So you're not thinking of destroying it, are you?

That's a joke, Lotus tells the King.

But what the king should worry about is not whether that's a joke or not. Are you sure you can or can't do this, these are the two choices.

With that in mind, the lotus will surely be capable of annihilation as long as it becomes stronger. That's why the king honestly lifted his bracelet, too.

"Damn, damn...... Huh! I'm the king! Don't think you will be forgiven for doing this!! It would be Sakurai anyway who told you to scold Watanabe and do this!! You guys, capture Sakurai!!"

The king puts his finger on me and gives orders to the soldiers who were around him.

"Behold! You're not gonna let that happen, Hiro-"

"It's okay."

Lotus, who reacted immediately, tried to pull out her lower back sword, so she stops immediately. Lotus gave me a confused look, but when I finally laughed at her, she assumed she was going to do something soon.

There is no way you can catch a dodging healer that is so much stronger than when you were first summoned.


Avoid the attacks of the soldiers who have flown in magnificently.

Of course, soldiers who don't know how to dodge look surprised. And at the same time, he seems to be asking himself why he can't even touch the healer.

And the blurring spreads.

"You mean what I was saying, dodging...?

"You're raising your dodging status, so you said you avoided us...?

"I can't believe there's demand for avoidance"

"But when resilience is subtle... don't you have problems with the number of heels and how well they recover?

Even if it is avoided, she talks about how she doesn't need to avoid it if recovery is not good.

Nothing, I don't mind people talking about not wanting to dodge it. Well, I've never been over there for you to know that dodging is awesome... more than that, I'm glad you're arguing.

It makes sense to talk about avoidance and draw proper conclusions. From the beginning, none, I don't want you to decide on one of these.

Though, this isn't a game, so I can't reset it and start over. And I guess that doesn't spread the competencies of professions and statuses.

The soldiers took their breath away and flew at me again.

Miss! Miss!

But the results are with me.

"You can never get me, so you should give up."

Miss, Miss, Miss!

No matter how many soldiers jump together, the result is the same. The king is yelling bright red in his face, but there's nothing more we can do.

"Dodging... might be awesome"

Pompous, one of the soldiers shrugged.

Some soldiers nodded at it, making me a little happy. I thought I'd keep the king this way, but if the soldiers were decent... I still felt like there was a little future in this country too.

I turn around and look at Rusha, Ruru, Ishmel, and Lady Lucia. And I call about the lotus that was before me.

"I've successfully terminated my contract, and will you go home!

Thus, the battle between us and the king is over -!

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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