17 Tea Party in Lucia
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When the maid prepared the tea and left, Master Lucia burst into tears. Besides, he opens his eyes a little and asks if he's okay in a hurry.

"Maybe even trash in your eyes? Or are you feeling any better...?

"No, I'm fine. Sakurai-sama is home safe and relieved..."


Apparently, it was a tear of relief.

I think you're a sweet kid to still know me and worry about me so much for shallow. When I offered him a handkerchief, he wiped my eyes with it.

"... ha. I didn't think you'd be home so soon. Lucia, now you know, right? Sakurai is this kind of race."


Is that a compliment or a denigration......

As I sigh, I will tell you that I intend to go to the king.

"There was a soldier on the lookout at the entrance to the dungeon. That man tells the king that I'm back. So if Watanabe's plans are okay, I'd like to go right away..."

"Thanks, I'll be fine with my plans. I'd also like to report on Sakurai's activities, and we'll be there soon!

"Wow, we will be with you!

When Lotus gave her recognition, Lady Lucia immediately raised her hand as well.

"I'll have the carriage ready in a minute, so let's go to the royal castle."

"Excuse me, thank you"

"No. Sakurai is also a benefactor of my life, so I'll take care of this."

That said, Master Lucia rang the bell and arranged a carriage for the maid.

◆ ◆ ◆

I was asked about the dungeon at the bottom of the lake in the carriage to dig the leaves and arrived at the royal castle earlier than I could finish telling them everything.

"I didn't know you could afford it until the attack on Lake Kraken...... don't be afraid. You can attack healers and knights can't attack..."

Let's just say Ishmel has a slightly distant eye but didn't see it.

When I go to the entrance to the royal castle, I follow it because the guide's maid was waiting for me. Me and Lotus take the lead, then Rousha. Finally, Ishmel and Lucia.

I want you to go with me and rescind Lotus's contract as soon as possible. That makes my legs faster naturally.

When I arrive in front of the door between the sights, I notice a person standing in front of it.

Blonde hair close to white, emerald green eyes. He's tall and sneaky, but the more muscular he looks.

The sword that is lowered to the waist is sumptuously decorated, and at a glance you can see that he is a tall figure.

"Hey Lotus, you know that guy?

"The first prince of this country."


When I asked Lotus in a whisper, she immediately returned a hell of an answer.

The First Prince is not at all like the King and he is a hell of a handsome man. The exact word "prince of the story" applies firmly.

The first prince saw us coming and smiled.

"When I heard you had accomplished the impossible from your father, I came unexpectedly. Nice to meet you, my friend from Watanabe's hometown. My name is Selfior Piznut. Pleasure."

"It's an honor to meet the First Prince. It's Sakurai, thank you."

They offered me a hand, so I said hello, but I'm in a big mess about what's going on.

'Cause he's the king's son, right? Why bother telling me... Though I thought so, the prince also speaks to the lotus and greets Lucha as well.

The air is not giddy, so maybe he's not a man like the king.

The prince looked at me and smiled bitterly.

"I'm sorry my father caused so much trouble. There was something wrong with Lucia, so I heard the whole story."

"Huh? To Master Lucia?

"Oh. She's my fiancée, so I get a lot of chances with her."

"Was it"

When I heard this story, I was convinced that I see.

What the hell is the connection when Ruri chooses Master Lucia to get the King's information? That's what I thought.

But if Lucia herself is engaged to the prince... I can also nod that Ruru did choose Lucia. In that connection, there must be plenty of opportunities to get along with the princess.



"My apologies, Your Majesty the King awaits you inside"

A maid who feared our conversation might never end offered to bow her head. Sure, I don't think it's a good idea to keep that king waiting long.

I guess that's what the prince thought, even though he didn't seem to talk enough, "You did," he said.

"I'm sorry I pulled you off, Sakurai. Good luck with your father."

"No, thank you for your concern"

When I saw Master Selfior walk away, I lost more of my shoulder strength. He seemed to be having more conversation while shrinking nerves than he thought.

That seemed the same to Lucha, who had just been watching since the greeting, coming next to me and breathing deeply.

"I was in a hurry because I didn't think I'd get a chance to talk to the prince. I don't know, Hiroki is amazing after all..."

"No, in this case, it's the lotus that's amazing. He seemed familiar to Master Selfior..."

"Oh, I thought that. Ren's a good acquaintance."

Where I agreed with Rusha, the king inside gave me permission to enter.

◆ ◆ ◆

The same red carpet, with plenty of kings sitting ahead of it. He wears a number of sparkling rings on his fingers, as if he boasts of his power.

But his body was trembling. Is that a surprise that I'm really back?

I slowly fall on one knee and see the king.

And take what you've got from the dungeon chest and show it to the king.

"As promised, I brought you the Shizuku of the desired lake. Go ahead."

"I'll take care of it"

When I put the Shizuku of the lake into the little box that the servant had brought, I took it with me to the king with respect.

The king began to look closely at the Shizuku of the lake in a rambling manner for his hands. Maybe he suspects it's fake.

"... real, or"

"Of course it is. Because I don't lie or make you grab a fake. Your Majesty, this time I have come with what you have designated. Please, cancel the contract."

At the same time as my words, the lotus leaves a step forward.

The action gives the king a look like he bit down a bitter bug. I guess I can't accept that I have to let go of the brave men who will do what I want.

"But are you sure Sakurai attacked alone? Someone else was asking for strong help, right? Otherwise, it's weird."

"That's this dialogue. The crossing to the dungeon had soldiers and kept a close watch. Until his work, will you be denied?


It is the king who has prepared the soldiers, so let them make good use of it.

Can't you work, soldier at your place? That said, there is no way a glorious king would affirm it.

Probably got a good report from that soldier too.

The king sighed a long, long time.

"I didn't know you were really going to attack alone..."

"... I'm sorry to hear that, King. That's what happens because it's an affront to evasion."

When I said that, I opened my eyes.

Evasion, which you said you were incompetent until now, was what you needed to clear.

"Hmm. That's why a non-resilient healer doesn't turn out to be incompetent. The essence of a healer is only in recovery."

"No, it's not"

"Answer me!

- Sort of.

I shake my head for a moment because if I piss you off too much, you may end up cancelling the contract. Even if there were consequences, the king doesn't seem to change the idea that healers should just recover.

I guess the stonehead is getting too heavy already and I won't try to think about anything else.

"Excuse me. That's enough bullshit, let's cancel the contract."

The king rose out of his chair and glanced right to the side.

"... Hmm. Court Mage, Previous"

"- Yes."

The man called wears a long hemmed robe and a monocle.

Guess the magical arm is best here to guess from that position. I observe closely what the hell I do.

"Now, Master Watanabe, give me an arm with a covenant bracelet."


Are you nervous, Lotus's voice nodded a little.

That makes me a little nervous. I realize that my back was sweaty and I was in a pretty tight spot.

A magician says some skill name on the lotus bracelet, and now he goes to the king. Then again, the same operation was repeated.

"His Majesty Joseph and Lady Watanabe. We have forced the bracelets of both parties' contracts to be activated. Your Majesty will announce the termination of your contract in this state and your bracelet will come off."

I was wondering if that magician was going to cancel the contract, but it didn't seem like it. After all, I guess it's impossible to remove the bracelet unless the person tells you to break the contract.

Come on, let's cancel the contract.

The king slowly, opens his mouth.

"… there are terms and conditions for terminating this agreement"

- Oh, hey!

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

19 Termination of contract