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Five days have passed since Hiroki went to the dungeon at the bottom of the lake.

I don't know how many tiers the Lord is in, so I can't read the number of offensive days at all. I hear someone attacked this dungeon, but that information is scarcely out.

"Hiroki, I wonder if you're okay..."

When I squeal unexpectedly, I notice the person in front of me laughing dull.

Its opponent is Luli, a brave party wizard. A very strong and beautiful woman, hometown with Hiroki.

"Oh Lusha, are you so worried about Hiroshi?

"Sorry, if I did. I was having tea with Luli and the others now."

"You don't have to worry about anything. I wonder how long Hiroshi will be back."

It was the brave Len who followed me in the words I returned. From a gentle atmosphere, I can't imagine standing at the forefront of the battle and fighting.

Me, Rousha, with those two amazing people. Hiroki's partner, his profession is Archer.

Today I was invited to Lucia's Tea Party, and the three of us, Luli and Ren, came to her mansion. I'm nervous just to see him because he's a high status duke's maid.

Now I was led to the reception room first, and the three of us are waiting for Master Lucia.

"Me and Hiroki are not familiar with high-difficulty dungeons, are we? I wonder how many hierarchies there are, more or less?

"Well... I don't know how many dungeons there are at the bottom of the lake, but I wonder if the dungeons that Lotus and I did had about fifty tiers"

"There you are. I don't even have much strength yet, so I remember becoming a heck of a bitch. Now I think. Even though it's a wizard, they used to follow me all the way to the basement."

Ha... I knew you two were amazing.

Speaking of Luli, he returns "guts" to Ren.

I can't believe there's a dungeon with fifty levels, even though it's hard to just go down. I wonder how strong the Lord behind it was.

I just imagined it, but I'm going to tremble.

Have a sip of tea and I turn my gaze to the door.

"... Dear Lucia, it's too late"

"Right. I didn't wait so long when you invited me to the tea party before..."

Oh, my God, is it because I made a rumor? The door was just knocked, and Master Lucia and Master Ishmel, with a bunch of paper, stood behind it.

I heard Lucia was the only one who would have tea with me, but apparently that appointment has changed.

Lady Lucia, who came into the room, grabbed the hem of the dress and graced her gracefully.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Your brother just came home with the materials."


What the hell? If I thought so, I put a bunch of paper that Master Ishmel had in the middle of the table. Look, it says dungeon at the bottom of the lake.

"I got mixed up in a tea party, and I'm sorry. I was curious, so I looked into the dungeon at the bottom of the lake."

"Wow, is that true? Thank you, Master Ishmel!

"Nevertheless, it is known that…"

I immediately thank you and peek into a bunch of paper.

What was written there was the presumed hierarchy of the dungeon and the information of the demon, the Lord, who comes out.

"Wow...... Someone attacked the dungeon, but I heard you didn't know... so I'm surprised it even says about the Lord"

"According to this information, the Lord says Kraken. Normally I feel like a demon in the ocean..."

With that said, Luli sees me.

I don't know the details of Kraken, so I guess you want me to tell you. I've never actually encountered Kraken either, but my strong or dangerous opponents are checking.

"Kraken is a giant demon whose body is said to be as long as ten meters. They have a strong suction cup on the hand area that captures the adventurer and drags him into the water."

"If they take you into the water, you'll be at a disadvantage at once..."

"You can't breathe, and you're the one who wants to take them down before they attack you."

Luli and Ren shook their heads reluctantly saying they were perfectly sorry to be underwater wars. Of course I agree.

The maid prepared us a new cup of tea and sweets, the topic remained the dungeon at the bottom of the lake, and Lucia's tea party began.

I was thrilled at first to hear about the noble lady's tea party, but the topic became about the dungeon, which makes me very calm.

My cheap personality...

Sometimes the tea party organizer first, Master Lucia opened his mouth.

"Thank you for coming to my tea party, even though it was a sudden invitation. The truth is, I was worried about Master Sakurai when I was alone and I couldn't help but think that if I was distracted..."

"Oh, you're even more curious that I brought the information..."

"Yes! No, thanks for the info your brother brought...!!"

Apparently, Master Lucia can't help but worry about Hiroki when she's alone. I'm worried, too, and I know that anxiety is great for Lucia, who is unfamiliar with the battle.

Even me, isn't it time for me to come home? That's what I think.

Luli, who seemed to enjoy the exchange between the two, takes the material and reads out the kind of demon that appears in the dungeon.

"To Pyrania, Human De, Drilled Shellfish, Killerman...... pot octopus, Killer seal, Lake Turtle...... Just look at the name, it doesn't look that fast."

"No quick demons jump through, but every individual is strong as the hierarchy deepens"

"Yes. Where the hell did Master Ishmel get this information? I looked it up in the library, but there was no such thing."

As far as what Luli said to Lady Ishmel is concerned, I agree too.

Even the Adventurer Guild asked, because there was no information at all about the dungeon at the bottom of the lake. No, it was prepared exactly... but that was up to ten tiers.

There are several adventurers who are attacking this dungeon, and the Alliance is buying information from them. So some adventurers specialize in exploration.

Master Ishmel, while taking the dossier, simply briefly told him that it was "the Knights".

"That said, I didn't keep the materials. If I had asked a man of strength about the bottom of the lake, I would have happened to have this information. He was asking when he met a hands-on adventurer to try one day"

"You were. Thank you for all your listening for Sakurai. Dear Ishmel."

Luli bowed his head deeply, so I tell him "thank you" in the same way.

But Master Ishmel's expression isn't clear, and he looks painful in one way or another.

"No, it's my sweetness that originally decided that His Majesty Joseph would respond to the negotiations if I were Chloria. Besides, Sakurai is already in the dungeon, and this kind of material is useless..."

"No. I can give you an estimate of when Sakurai will be back, so that would just help."

The dossier states that there are 40 hierarchies.

With all this time, it should normally take quite a few days just to walk to the deepest end. Plus Hiroki doesn't have the strength, so he laughs inside that it's going to take a lot.

Master Ishmel seems to be calculating the number of offensive days with his hands on his chin.

"It would be pretty harsh, so even if we could really attack... wouldn't we need a month or so?

"A month......! Does it take that long?

After hearing the expected number of days, Master Lucia holds his mouth and blues.

"I can't believe I'm going through a dungeon on my own for such a long time..."

"Surely without a tough spirit, it would be hard. But this is just the number of offensive days I've estimated, so I can actually assume it'll take longer."

"What's more..."


Sure, I'm not going to pin how many days I'm going to need if they tell me I have 40 hierarchies either. Because I couldn't help but rely on Hiroki for these things, including making maps in the dungeon and such...

I may want to study it too because I may partake of it secondhand in the future.

... but I don't know, although I just don't feel like it's going to take a month.

If you look at Luli and Ren, they are leaning their necks a little like me. After all, he doesn't think we need that many days.

I smile at Lucia, who is worried.

"If you're Sakurai, you'll be right back. Plus, if it's too late, I'll pick you up!

"Dear Lusha..."

Bending his arms all the way to proclaim, the expression of Lucia, who seemed anxious, eased. When I was relieved of that, a knock sounded in the room.

When Master Ishmel welcomed him with permission to enter the room, the maid and Heroki arrived.

"I'm home. The lady at the Starling Pavilion told me that Rousha is here. Shizukuishi in the lake safely, I've gotten it - why such a shivering face?

The voices overlapped that they were all too early for Hiroki, who seemed to wonder.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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