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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

The adventurers dropped me off to work hard, and I came to a small island about fifty meters in diameter in the middle of the lake.

When I landed, it was soft soil with a lot of moisture. Grasshoppers grow, and the sprawl grows on the edge of the island stretches all the way into the lake.

Somehow, it's a lovely place.

And the main purpose, the entrance to the dungeon at the bottom of the lake - was the root of the tree planted in the middle of the island. In the empty space, there is a staircase made of dirt that allows you to descend underground.

Right next to you, there is a sign that says Dungeon.

By the way, I know more words because I'm learning to read and write from Rousha. Right now, I'm in the middle of focusing on words needed for adventure, etc.

"Then I'll go back to the other shore, won't I? When you need a pick up, throw the stones on the island into the lake. I'll check the sound and pick you up. Good luck."

"Okay, thank you"

I dropped off the soldiers and then went into the dungeon at the bottom of the lake.

◆ ◆ ◆

Following my sound of walking with a proper water sound, the loud sound of a shabu-shabu follows me perfectly. Coming out of this dungeon, it's a demon.


Where we are now, on two levels.

The demon that came out is Pyrania. Swimming in the water, he is following with a sharp fang of water. It's a red color, and my glittery eyes are a little scary.

"I thought you'd walk in the water all the time, but by the way, it's easy because there's land"

Once you're up on land, Pyrania won't follow you anymore. So I can reset it there once.

So so far, things are going pretty well.

"So far, that's pretty much the main road."

With the notebook and pen I got for Lotus, I'm going to do the mapping.

It's very easy to use because it's a paper and pen made in Japan, but I've been mapping all kinds of dungeons just so I'm starting to feel uncomfortable about the number of pages.

"When this is over, I wonder if I'll buy mapping tools for this world too..."

With that in mind, a staircase appeared to descend to the next hierarchy.

"Oh, good."

At this point, about an hour into the dungeon?

I want to pinch the break when it expires because the effect of the demon-free potion I drank when I entered is three hours.

Down to the next hierarchy, the demon that came out is Killerman.

Even though it's still a shallow hierarchy, a fiercely fierce demon has emerged... Well, it's easy to avoid, so there's no problem.

The effect of the exorcism potion is not 100%.

It makes it harder to find a demon about me. So unless you're such a strong demon, you won't be attacking me unless you look at me from here.

Passing while Killerman turned sideways, he was able to move on without being noticed brilliantly.

"But this way is going to take time..."

Or, if you don't mind walking and more than thirty demons become inevitable, there won't be a single one. If I had a map, I could calculate the distance and pull it out with a dash at once.

I wondered if I could help myself with all this, so I moved on.

Enter the dungeon at the bottom of the lake, five hours.

Occasionally I came down to the ten tiers, pinching a break. I'm just taking a break on the stairs of the hierarchy move now.

"Hmm... that's just hard to imagine having a boss here, huh?

Probably at least 20 hierarchies with a boss. It's a more difficult dungeon, so it could be deeper.

Let's just go a little further today and make it wild.

"The demon removal will expire in an hour, so that's the right time."

Looking at the mapped notes, I realize the mundane.

"... every time you go down the hierarchy, you're getting a little more distance."

Although that was normal in itself, that distance seemed to be constant and increasing. When that happens, the next hierarchy will be only getting more distance for the same minute.

I guess it was good that when I was mapping, I was also measuring the approximate distance while counting my steps.

If this were you, would you be able to proceed cautiously at first and have an operation running through at once in the second half?

"Yeah, let's go with that"

(1) Going down to the hierarchy, an octopus demon appeared in the oyster pot. He is less than a meter long and bashes the water on the ground with a long hand with a suction cup.

Doesn't look particularly quick, but do you have eight hands so you can have a high hit power for that...? Well, not if you're verifying that now.

Move slowly so that the octopus does not find it, mapping it as compared to the distance walked on the ten tiers. I walked about 80% of the distance in the previous hierarchy and I stopped walking cautiously.

From here on out, there won't be enough demons to be inevitable until the next hierarchy.

Then just now, the Octopus Demon came to me. Besides, two at the same time.


Miss! Miss!

"This is how easy it is to win."

And then there's how much octopus comes out between the next hierarchy...

With that in mind, an additional octopus just arrived.


There seems to be no particular problem, so we move on with the early walk.

Calculations should show the staircase leading to the next hierarchy in less than thirty minutes as it is. Though it feels like a little horror that a ton of canteens are following me.

Then walk ten minutes without worrying. When I turn around, there's one, two, three, four - one or six octopuses. Quite an increase, but we haven't had an attack yet.

Miss, Miss, Miss!

Miss, Miss, Miss!!

"It's time to see the stairs... oh, there it is"

After all, according to my calculations, the distance in the dungeon seems to be constantly increasing. Wouldn't it be pretty big to find out this law?

If you look back again before you go down the stairs...



More than 20 octopuses were attacking me with their hands flat. Massive octopus hands... don't look.

I rushed to the stairs.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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